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Why would some one steal diapers.....

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Well we went away for a week up to the mountians and we went to a laundry mat to wash Ryans diapers and when we came back they were gone... :cry It was a load of 13 medium happy heinys and the stuffers... Mostly solids but a few prints in there........... now i am out a ton of diapers......... Why would some one do that.............. I ask the lady who worked there and she said she didnt know what happened to them....... they were not left any where or thrown away or in a dryer they were just GONE...............I do not have the money to replace these diapers right now............. So some one stole 10 solid color happy heinys and 3 prints....... and all the happy heiny stuffers to go in them...........we were only gone 45 minutes........... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRrr : where is the :cop:
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dude!!!!!!! that blows! i would be soooo mad. that's insane. i don't understand why people are like that.
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OH no Mama - I'm so sorry. That is just AWFUL.
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I am so FURIOUS on your behalf!!!

I don't understand~~who in the world even knows what they ARE?? It must be someone that knows abot CD's. That is just insane!! I feel so bad for you.
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I had a young looking lady maybe in her early 20's ask me what they were when I was putting them in the wash and i am now wondering if was her........ I just said cloth diapers........I didnt explain them to her or tell her any thing about them.......... this is like taking a kids cloths.......... I am still just in shock.........First he stopped fitting in all his large diapers so i had to replace them with mediums and now i am out 13 dipes..... OMG.........
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I agree that it must be someone that knew exactly what they were stealing. Maybe keep your eyes peeled for them in large lots on eBay?! I'm planning on using a laundromat when we take a vacation in a week or so and you can be sure I won't be leaving them there unattended after hearing your story!
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no what ever you do dont leave your dipes. sit on the washer if need be......... We went for lunch.........
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Oh, no!! That is just horrible!!! I would be angry and sad and very frustrated, too.
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That just blows : .
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That's terrible!
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MEAN PEOPLE SUCK : I can't believe someone would steal diapers!!!!!!!!!!

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My SO and I just had this conversation. We are moving to NYC where there is laundry is the building rather than in our apt. We debated being able to leave clothes and diapers and time it. Now I will leave my clothes--who cares if they steal em. But not my dipes. And of course I am saddened by the fact that I will have to sit and watch my dipes wash and dry now. SOme people are classless--they will steal anything. Does not matter if they need it. However it seems someone knew what they were stealing--it seems odd to steal dirty old diapers (not to you of course but to someone else).

I am SOOOO sorry. I have no HH but if there was something else you could use, maybe I could send you something. That stinks. That person's karma is RUINED
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That is so LAME! I'm really sorry that happened to you. I would totally be in tears.
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That is just awful.

I feel so sorry for you.

I don't get people sometimes.
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Originally Posted by mamaBlue
That is so LAME! I'm really sorry that happened to you. I would totally be in tears.
I am in tears that was half of my HH's............I hope who ever stole them is loving them........ and needed them....... i hope a person would only steal something like that if they really needed them..........
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That is terrible! Did you leave your name/number with the laundromat just in case they turn up?

I'm so sorry...that is just an absolutely rotten thing to do! I can't believe they even knew what they were. I wonder if it was the girl you spoke to. Definitely watch eBay...
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Oh that is horrible! I wish I had one to send you. I have TONs of large FBs ooo and 3 wonderoos I dont really like.
I'd love to send you one
I mean your out 13 that's so much money, one for me is nothing, plus I got it free any way
Let the fairies go wild
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I cannot believe someone would do that! mama.
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What a poophead.

Seriously, that's just rotten!!!

I'm sad for you mama!
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That is just plain awful!! I can't believe someone would steal cloth diapers. I wish I had some Med Happy Heiny's to send you.
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