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Thanks for all the Hugs... i really need them right now.......I just called the laundry mat to see if some one had turned them in or had gotten them by mistake and so far nothing........ I did leave my name and number...
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Not to get your hopes up, but Linda does occasionally come to these boards.
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OMG how horrible!! I can't believe someone would steal a baby's diapers!!! WTH is wrong with people?!?!?!!?
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OMG........... It just makes me more and more mad every time i think about it........ i just got the HH stash and all the stuffers and then BAM they are gone.........
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Noooooooo that's so wrong!
I've always been worried about that happening to my clothes. When I had to deal with laundromats I never left my laundry. I was always to scared of mean people stealing.

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I am soo sorry mama, that just sucks!! I cannot imagine someone taking HH's without knowing exactly what they were.
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Well I just did the math and with the stuffers it is over $270 in diapers........... OMG..............
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I am sorry. I just sold the last of my medium HH's too otherwise I would send them to you.I can't believe someone would steal diapers.Did they get the shark one? If they did that will make me even more
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Pm me your addy.
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Pm me your addy too. I've got a few white med FBs that I don't really use. I've got a couple colors and lots of wonderoos, so the whites sit at the bottom of the pile.

Send me your addy and I'll send you 1 or 2 plus stuffers
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Oh man, that totally sucks!!!! I'm sorry that happened to you! I would be in tears too

I really don't understand people sometimes!!! They stole diapers! Doesn't that mean they stole from a BABY! :
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Man Christi that stinks so bad, let me know if you need to borrow some diapers, I have lots of prefolds if you need.
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Jamie .... no the thief did not get the shark one. he happend to be wearing it......
Shan and Kim I pm'd you thanks mama's

Erin I may have to take you up on the offer to use some dipes........ good thing you live so close.......

You mama's are so wonderful.....
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Poor mama! Some people are so RUDE! That's just awful, mean people. I'm so sorry that this happened to you. I told DH, who usually could careless about fluff and he said "Stupid people will steal anything- that's awful." Even DH feels your fluff pain. I don't have any HH, but I could part with a FB or two! I think I still have your addy
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Oh Christi, that is terrible! I'm sorry
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Okay I lied I have a medium I was keeping because it is my favorite print ever ~ Spongebob!!! I'll ship it out to you on Monday
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Joanne thanks so much......Tell you DH thanks for feeling my pain....

Julie I tried to call you .... but neither you or Erin were home.....

Jamie thanks you are a doll..........

what would I do with out you ladies........
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I have the pink Hawaiin Print in a Medium.. but I'm not sure your boy wants to wear a pink diaper...

Let me know, I can mail it to you ASAP.. I'm in SoCal, too.
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That is just wrong. Why would anyone steal diapers. I agree whoever it was knows about cloth. I would keep your eyes peeled both IRL and on Ebay. I already sent you a pm but just in case you check here first, send me your address lbyerline@cox.com
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Linda i pm'd you........ You mama's are so great.......... I Agree some one had to know what they were..... I mean to steal pockets diapers and inserts and not know what they are would not make sense......
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