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well 10 of them were solids and the prints were geickos, trains, and spiders.........I agree all the mamas who have come forward are just fantastic. thanks so much
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That is so messed up!!! I am so sorry this happend to you! I know it has already been said, but look on every board you can think of and look on ebay.
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OMG! Why would someone steal a baby's diapers? Geez. We have some low people in this world. Once when we lived in apartments in so cali someone stole my favorite panties out of the dryer (I know they were there when I transferred the clothes from washer cuz I touched them) they were a satiny silk in dark blue that had a matching bra...the set had been a christmas gift from dh the first year we were together. I was SOOOOO ticked...I can only imagine whoever stole them needed underwear really badly.

PM me your address, I have pul, microfleece and aplix here I can make you a dipe...It won't be exactly like a HH, but it will help, I am sure.
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That sucks totally !!

And here I was pissed when someone stole a load of our towels out of a dryer once. I can't even imagine how upset I'd be if it had been diapers.
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That's just unbelievable! What's the count now for replacements? How many have been offered to you?
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Well I would like to thanks all the mama's who have offered the and diapers..... I did not come here to get people to send me dipes i came here to vent but let me tell you the support from the mama's here is just un real...... I told DH about all the offers and he is blown away that people we dont know in real life would send dipes to help us out........ So thanks again mama..... when I posted yesterday I just wanted to cry all day and now thanks you you wonderful mama's my boy will be able to stay in cloth....... thanks again......
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's mama! That is just awful!
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OMG!! I can't believe someone would steal a load of diapers... okay I guess I can. That is unbelievable though.

I've had a load of clothes "disappear" from the laundrymat but I think I'd go into hysterics if someone had stolen diapers or the kid's clothes. People suck sometimes.

I agree, be watching for a large lot or a bunch of HHs suddenly posted FS or on eBay.

I'm so sorry someone put such a damper on the end of your vacation.
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thankfully it was the last day of our vacation......... but yes it sucks.... leasson learned NEVER EVER leave your dipes at a laundry mat.......
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Christi, I did a rigged up job of it, but I packed up two medium FBs for you tonight. I wrapped them in about 4 plastic bags and taped them securely because I couldn't find any mailers. DH and I took out massive ammts of trash this weekend and I thought i'd thrown them all out!

2 hours later, I find one. DOH!

Anyways, I plan on mailing it out tomm if I can get to the PO. I know you are probably going nuts with only a couple!
The two i'm sending you were seconds from MOE, because they were miss-tagged as PTs. They are mediums though, I assure you
I lent them to another mama before my son outgrew his smalls, then he wore them a couple times...maybe. One is stained (dunno if I did that or she did...but it's faint, sunning would get rid of it i'd wager)

But both are pretty much new (less than a month of slim use) and work fine
I included a couple inserts too, which are very new as well.

Hope that helps a little!
Just do me a fav, and pass them along to someone who needs them later, ok?
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No worries.......... Thank you so much and as soon as I am done with them I will pass them on..... Thanks again mama
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People without morals will steal anything for kicks and for their own personal use. I dunno how people like that can look in the mirror because they must be so damn ugly the mirror breaks. I am sorry mama that you were a victim of a crime.
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That was my worst fear while we were gone. I'm so sorry that happened to you!
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I don't know, I don't think they are that hard to figure out- I think it could have been someone who knew nothing beyond prefoldas and plastic pants. I find more people in rural area use cloth diapers but the pins & pants methods b/c it is all they know. It is possible someone looked and new someone who cloth diapered or thought they could switch with those. At the same time in rural areas I usually feel safer, less likely to be stolen from.

We're going next week on vacation an we'll be staying with our diapers now. Sorry that happened!
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Yea what ever you do dont leave them...........
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Keep an eye on the mail tomorrow or Wed. at the latest
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