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Is it too much to cloth diaper twins?

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I am considering cloth diapering my twins. I did not with my first, but am interested in the idea now.

If you cloth diaper your twins, did you save money over disposables? Or was the money the same, since you tend to buy all the diaper covers, detergent, etc.?

With twins, was the washing just too much of a hassle to make it all worthwhile?

Any good and bad thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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Hey Savannah - You should cross post this in the diapering forum too. Lots of mamas hang out there all night (or so it seems). If they haven't Cd-ed twins they might have some good links for you. -Kara
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I'm a cloth diapering mama of twins...it's really not a big deal, esp. since I think of it as twice the diapers NOT going into our landfill...I got most of my supplies as gifts or handmedowns from other mamas, who were really supportive of my attempts. I also do laundry A LOT, but I would anyway with three kids...
I love the feeling of clean, soft diapers fresh from the line. I'm really happy I tried, it's worked out great. I do use disp. diapers when we travel, or when i just seem to fall behind on laundry, but I'm always right back to my cloths asap... i think you could make the argument that it's less work, ie no running out of disposables, no running to town to get more, no shlepping the giant boxes into the house and up the stairs (while managing three kids) LOL
hope this helps a little!
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I am a mother of twins plus a singleton, who has never used throw-aways. Yes, it does create more work for you, but once you are in the routine, it's just part of your day. It is important to keep on top of the washing though, as the thought of 3-day old ditry nappies will turn the strongest stomach!
As for the cost, you will save a lot of money, even if you use expensive detergents/soakers. I just used 1/2 a cup of white vinegar in the soak water, and a cold wash with my usual detergent.
Covers - I live in New Zealand, so I'm not sure these would be available to you, but I used Fluffies, which aren't totally waterproof, but do sort of hold clothing away from the wetness. These are made of some sort of synthetis material, which is (obviously) fluffy, and I just felt they breathed a whole lot better than the plastic waterproofs. You can also get them in wool, but they are more expensive, and harder to wash properly.
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I guess I'll be a slightly dissenting view here.

For our family, trying to CD 3 kids under 2 was way too much. *Could* we have done it? Sure. But when push came to shove, that was one of the things we shoved--though we are slowly returning to cloth.

But boy, let me tell you. Disposable diapering twins is EFFING expensive. Even if you have to pay diamonds for water, you will save money using cloth.

I have an unromantic view of CDing. I believe it's the healthiest option, but I don't get excited about fresh diapers or anything like that. It's just not me. So perhaps that's why it's more of a "shove" experience for me.

However, I notice that your oldest is older. So cloth diapering may not be that big of a deal for you. I suppose that theoretically there'd be more washing involved than diapering a singleton, but in practical terms there's not really. Most people wash diapers a couple of times a week, and you don't need to do it more frequently (unless you don't have the volume required for twins!).

So...I would say, go for it! But please don't beat yourself up if you decide to go disposable temporarily. We CDed our guys for the first two months, then decided to reprioritize. Now that our eldest is about ready to be diaperless, we will likely being going back to cloth for the boys (my oldest never even touched a disposable until she was 14 months old, and now only wears them occasionally). I used to feel guilty, then I decided it was silly to waste my energy on guilt.

I guess what I'm saying is that it is indeed possible to CD, and even thrive doing so, but keep an open mind and be flexible--because you are going to need it, mama!
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I agree with Kitty, probably b/c my eldest is young as well (although not as young as hers). We go back and forth between sposies and cloth b/c the laundry does get overwhelming with two in diapers full-time and one part-time. When I get way behind on laundry I use sposies for a while until I'm caught up, then I go back to cloth for as long as I can keep up - usually a month or two at a time. The laundry is massive, but so is the cost of sposies.
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We're cloth diapering our twins and I don't find it much work at all. We had some supplies left over from our first and bought more (we use Fuzzi Bunz). I do laundry every 2 days or so. We've bought disposibles a few times (for trips) and I am always amazed at the cost and the smell - they stink when peed in
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I'm on my 2nd time around having 3 in diapers. This time it's my 2 year old and twins. But I also had a year with my three older ones all in diapers.

I cloth diaper at home during the day. I put disaposables on them to go out. I find it's too much to carry around all the dirty cloth diapers for three children with me when I'm already having to carry so much stuff. But I also stack all my appts and errands - so when I'm out - I'm out ALL DAY.

I usually will put the babies in a disposable at night - though will sometimes do cloth. Part of the issue here is that I don't have my own washer/dryer. So I can only do laundry 2 days a week between 9 am and 6pm. So I just can't managed all the laundry for a family of 7 with 3 in cloth diapers all the time and get it actually done in 2 days.

oh and I mostly use prefolds in wraps with microfleece liners (just cut up the microfleece myself). I have had other mamas pass on covers and diapers to me as well and have bought a few used fitteds here and there.

For when the twins were nb I used washclothes tri-folded into NB prorap 2nds with the microfleece liners. Really cheap and really easy. I would put them together ahead of time so dh could just put them on like a disposable. In the beginning I used them all the time because they pooped every feeding so had to be changed anyway. Then I did 2 wash clothes both folded in half in small prorap 2nds with bigger micro-fleece liners. Now I have some fitteds that fit them (they are in Meds) and I also do infant sized prefolds folded into wraps.
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I cloth diaper my twins and don't think it is much work at all. I mean, I can always find the energy to throw a load of diapers in. You don't even have to fold them, just put the basket by your changing station. We spent about $75 total for all our diapering supplies by using borrowed and used diapers and covers, and can't imagine how much we would have spent on disposables.

Keep in mind, you can always start off slow and see how it feels to you. If you want to try it, I say go for it.
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I'm another full time cloth diaperer here of twins. I had dd using potty full time while I was pregnant so I'm happy to only have to do 2, but it's not a big deal at all. I wash everyday, but like someone said earlier, once you're in a routine, it becomes part of your day. I didn't cd dd until she was 5 months old and we had a lot of rash early on. The twins have never had diaper rash and they are 3 1/2 months old so that's good enough reason for me to do it. I have a pretty good system down and I always pack a sack full of cdipes when we go out. I'd like to think that we are not sending double the amount of sposies to the landfill and ocean like someone else mentioned.
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Is it too much to cloth diaper twins?
IMO that would be a big YES with an even bigger qualifying *it depends how old they are*!

I used sposies when dd and ds were newborns. OMG I changed 33 diapers one day (back when I was still doing diaper counts this was my "record number"!). Once they were a bit older and settled down a bit in their BF poopoos, we switched to cloth. We started with organic fitteds and MotherEase airflow diaper covers but I quickly learned I have zero patience for all that work with two wiggly babies (and dh HATED all the extra steps) so onto FuzziBunz (with JoeyBunz hemp stuffers) we went. That worked like a charm until dd and ds were around 18 or 20 months old and really really "on the go". We were always out of the house, running errands, and got on a stretch of vacations and overnight trips where cloth diapering was just so impossible. So we went back to sposies (hey at least we were using Seventh Generation *most* of the time). Well, then summer came and dd and ds turned 2, and I wanted A) dd and ds to be able to wear diaper in/out of the baby pool (no swim diaper better than a cloth AIO) with just a tee shirt in the backyard without worrying about their diaper expanding to 10 times its weight and leaking gel in the pool, and B) dd and ds to begin feeling "wet" again to assist with potty training. Sooo... in honor of summertime I invested in a bunch of absolutely adorable Angel Wrap Quick Dry AIOs and Baby's Bum AIOs in little sailboat prints, etc etc. So we do cloth diapers a lot during the day, but we still use sposies (and by now we've long since given up on the saggy gaping brown-papered bottoms of yore and sold out for some Pampers Cruisers LOL) at night, on the road, and basically whenever we won't be at home or outside.

I am pregnant with #3 and fully expect to have three kids in diapers -- dd and ds will be CDd some of the time as they are now, and little wee one will be CDd exclusively after I run out of any Pampers Newborn Swaddlers I *happen* to buy out of fear during my 9th month.

Edited to add: Remember... it's NOT all or nothing! You CAN use sposies some of the time and CD some of the time. You CAN try it and change your mind! And then change it back again! Good luck!
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Hey, CD-ing mommas! I cloth diaper mine full-time with prefolds and Proraps (and Aristocrats at night), which is economical, but not necessarily effiecient. I'm actually considering a major overhaul to pocket diapers, or AIOs, but I just don't know how cost-prohibitive it will be.

If nobody minds, could you all post your stashes/systems, and what seems to work the best for you?
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Sure! I'll go first. (Keeping in mind I'm an on-again off-again CDing mama!)

Stash that worked the best with 2 infants/babies:
I did a load of diapers every night, so I only needed enough to get me through one day plus a little extra "just in case" I was late getting things into the dryer so I'd have a couple the next morning.

* 24 FuzziBunz - all white so interchangeable between boy and girl
* 30 JoeyBunz stuffers (used 1 during day, 2 during naps or longish outings/cartrips, and 1 with a Polar Babies prefold at night)
* 4 Polar Babies hemp prefolds (for night - see above)

I prestuffed them all. I had a big stack for day, a smaller stack for naps, and one made up each day for that nighttime. NEVER a leak.

Stash that I love now with 2 toddlers:
* 8 Angel Wraps Quick Dry AIOs I adore these
* 8 Baby's Bum AIOs - these are great too and not very much $

I orderd an extra soaker for the Angel Wraps, which I rarely use. They are very very absorbant. Again, never a leak. (Keep in mind we use sposies at night, on outings, when we feel like it , etc. so not really a big test here either. I would definitely use the extra soaker at night!!)

I love these adorable AIOs. When we went to the beach, everyone was oohing and ahhhing over their adorable "swim diapers". And an AIO with a tee shirt and sandals is pretty much our backyard uniform these days.

What a fun thread!!
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NO! it's not at all...

I got that question a lot while pregnant - "why would you do that to yourselves" like it was water torture or something..

Note: DH helps out a lot and we did utilize diaper service with newborns.

I totally think it is feasible and easy, but that's just us.

Here is how I explained it to all the doubting nellies in the famdamily.

You can do it, mama! I can send you sample dipes that I sew if you want to test out diff types or types we have grown out of. twopeasinpod@hotmail.com
(for free - this is not advertising...lol)

cloth rocks.

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oh, for our "system", it has changed with age and wetness factor -

newborns got prefolds with little microfleece doublers and polarfleece wraps for their breathe-ablility

then we moved on to AIO's w/built in doublers and pockets between about 3-9 months

Now as toddlers we use hemp fitted's without a cover in the day, or hemp prefolds with polarfleece cover and I change them more often.
Overnight we use wool/fleece/PUL pockets with lots of my hemp stuffin' to stay dry.

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We combined cloth and disposables with our twins and used prefolds with pins and nylon pants and it was not a big problem although we did use disposable diapers at night and whenever the heck I felt like it.

We had a washer but no dryer and line-dried a lot of diapers I think hanging them like that was about my favorite part as they were so pretty and fresh-looking and it got us all out of the house in a relaxed way.

Diapered three when dd#4 was born too.

Compared to other aspects of baby twins, cloth diapering wasn't too hard IMO
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Ladies, I do not have twins but I want to say that I admire your fortitude! I've got two in (cloth) diapers right now, and I have to say that it's an incredible stack of laundry. :LOL If I ever have twins, I'll cd them too; (good grief, sposies are expensive!! ) it's good to know that people have done it already! I find it, somehow, very comforting.
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well, twins aren't easy period, so IMO CDing wouldn't make it any harder really. :LOL

I didn't CD my twins, and wish I HAD! I started CDing when my youngest was 10 or so months. We WASTED over $7,000 on diapers and wipes between the twins and him! :

What I would do, if looking to CD twins would be to get an easy-to-use and easy-to-clean system. We currently use fitted and pull-on covers. They're easy, they clean well and dry fast and we CAN throw them in with regular clothes washes if need be, thus not doing any more laundry than we would anyway (which is still plenty, even though my twins are 5 now ).

Good luck! Definitely think it's doable and wish I had done it!
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My system:
About a dozen Diaperaps diaper covers, large
three dozen Dundee prefolds,
some doublers,
and some Huggies.
I use a diaper pail without water; throw in the diapers with about 1/4 cup baking powder and some tea tree oil to control odor. I do a prewash soak every other day; that day that I'm soaking I throw in the diapers as we wet them, then at the end of the day I spin it out then do a wash with hot and then another rinse (extra). Works good for us, and whenever I'm out of time or diapers I use disposables, which I'm grateful to have sometimes!!! BUT they are not as soft, not as easy for me (we live way outside of town) and very, very expensive. So. My guys are 14 months, and whenever we hit "toddler" volume, I may rethink my system, but as I posted earlier, most of my things are handmedowns or shared, so my costs are low.
Just one mom's system, but it works for us!!!
Tried Dappis, Bummis and Prowraps, but they didn't fit my guys (long and lean) so that's something to consider--babies come in all sizes and some wraps/AIOs fit differently than others.
hope this helps!
Oh, when the babies were newbies we used only disposables, as we got so many for gifts....we started in with cloth once the babies were a bit older and ate less often (my babies were preemies and that was a lot of work to bring them up to good weights!!!) we started in by the time they were mediums, about three months old or so. As someone else posted, it isn't all or nothing---you can try, change your mind, try something else...plus babies change as they grow, so its important to be flexible!!
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I had twins and then another 15 months later and we CD'd - definitely doable

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