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I wish I lived in South Florida!!! What a great idea to have a demo for playgroups and birth classes. I can't find anyone around me doing cloth. The MDC gals I found are on the other sides of Atlanta, 45-60 minutes away.

Would it be safe to post my address on the boards directly, since I'm not yet on the Diaper Fairy list, so that anyone with samples or extras they would like to give me to help me get started and make my choices could send me stuff?? It would be SO GREAT if some new friends here at MDC could offer such generous gifts! Again, I don't know anyone here that CDs who could lend/give me their hand=me=downs...
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Please pm me your address and I can send you some of my Daiperaps--I don't have many to send, but they will give you an idea of what they're about!
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Did most of you find that your infant prefolds/small diapers and covers lasted the babies until they were at least 3 months old? My son was 41 weeks, 8 lbs 2 oz and a long, fat baby until he started walking. Probably my twins will be long as well. Nicolas is quite lean now, and still very tall. Do the mediums last a really long time? When do people typically move into large?

(I'll need this info to prepare dh for a sizeable initial infant purchase, then a second round of mediums (and premium prefolds then??) in a few months. Or do they make One Size AIOs that would be a better choice for that next phase? Is it possible to find cheap AIOs? I can't yet see buying all my dipes for $15 each and more!)

Another question: Do you have a changing area for your twins, or do you just diaper on the floor or couch/bed?
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what a great thread this is! i cd my 10 mo-old boys and have since they were about 5 mo. previous to that i used sposies since all my relatives donated a HUGE supply when they were first born and we really didn't have the money for the investment. : my boys were chunky little guys until just recently as they've started walking... now they're long and lean. i've been very happy with a supply of 24 size medium prefolds, 12 premium prefolds, 3 fleece covered soakers, 3 hemp soakers, 10 bummi whisper wrap covers, 2 dappi pants and pins. however, i do 2 diaper loads of laundry every day (small washer though!) and i do wish i had a couple more covers and now that the boys have discovered they can take their dipeys OFF, i'm wishing i had bought SNAPS!!! so, you might want to keep that in mind for your medium size supply. so far, the mediums have lasted me the whole five months and i'm sure i could have started them earlier and they fit fine now so i don't seem them moving into larges for a couple more months yet. i've never tried AIO's because of the price, so i'll be interested to hear others' thoughts on those!

as for a changing area... in the beginning i used a table just because we lived in an old apartment where the floor was filthy, but in our new place, i just have a basket with a blanket in it and all their stuff and i just carry it around and change them wherever.
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Hi, Strong Twin Mamas!! I wanted to update you on my cloth diapering adventure...

We ended up with a couple of GREAT deals on the TP and through generous gifts (mamasun - thank you!!)... Just newborn and small for now. I have a whole supply of wipes, liners, stuffers, pins and snappis; 30 infant prefolds; 31 various CUTE fitted diapers (includes a couple of Happy Heinys pockets); and 22 various covers. Most exciting of all ... The whole she-bang cost around $140!! All that's missing still are: diaper pail, pail liners, and tote bag, oh and lavender oil and soap or whatever goes best as wipes solution.

And I finally figured out a great solution for a changing station... Our vanity works perfect, and there are drawers and cabinets within reach. Here are pictures: http://share.shutterfly.com/osi.jsp?i=EeAM2TRszcsWz4Q

Thank you all for your encouragement and help! It won't be long until I'm joining you on this board instead of the September due dates club!
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we cd our twins but we did a few months with a service which was wonderful.

i think it's great to cd twins but if life starts caving in on you buy a pack of pampers and take a break for a day or two (that's about how long the pack will last :LOL ). if something must go make it to cd's, not the breastfeeding .
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