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Cramping and etc...bad??

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Am 6 weeks and 2 days along. I have had cramping pretty continuously since about when I found out I was pregnant (4 days or so before period was due). It comes and goes some and is worse during activity so I've been careful.

Yesterday I went shopping (can't fit into any of my bras!). Spent about 4 hours out of the house. SO drove 1/2 mile to outlet mall. I pushed myself some in my wheelchair but that increased cramps so he mostly did it (all flat cement and some carpet). I tried on some tops and some shoes and bent over a bit but mostly asked others to do it (like getting a clerk to read shoe sizes on bottom row of rack). I didn't lift anything and didn't carry anything heavier than some clothes and--going back to the car--two pairs of shoes. All the bags were on the back of the chair. SO carried everything. Last half hour was video store and I stayed in the car with the seat reclined. This is not major activity!!

We watched a DVD and then I didn't eat dinner because there was nothing that appealled to me and all SO made was brown lettuce with dressing (not kidding) so I ate a carrot. Too sick feeling to try to make something real for myself.

Went to bed and the cramps started. Was doubled over and whimpering in pain on and off for about an hour. No kind of pain that would send me to ER. Cramps seemed to be a combo of waves of nausea plus hungry tummy plus sick tummy plus horrific diarhea so intestinal cramps plus back spasms plus bone out in lower back plus uterine cramps.

Woke up this morning and took my basal temp. I stopped taking it after 18 days cause was too scary but my post implantation temps were in the 98.6+ range. I did take it yesterday cause I have been having slight fever (up to 99.9) few days ago. Yesterday it was 98.8. This morning it was 98.3.

I am freaking out.

No blood, not even the slightest hint.

Boobs still hurt but they are filled with lymph and would hurt for a few days anyway. Some mild cramps off and on (normal for me). No nausea but haven't been up for much more than an hour and haven't tried to eat yet. Am very hungry but not much desire to eat. Never can eat in early morning anyway. Too early to tell if there is fatigue (my other preg symptom).

I know there are no answers beyond wait and see. But!!!!!! Help?
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The only thing I can think of is to rest, keep hydrated, and feed your body the best you can...if eating is becoming hard try suplement drinks like ensure or ovaltine. If you have a midwife or OB give them a call on Monday...take care!
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Thanks. I left a msg for the midwives. Was supposed to have first prenatal visit on Thursday. I can't eat junk food but I have protein powders, thanks.

Still no bleeding but breasts are almost down to normal size (had gone up about 2 cup sizes) and are only moderately sore. Cervix is low and firm and not obviously open. No nausea, no pregnancy symptoms aside from mild cramps and slightly sore breasts.

I use Progest cream as my basal temps dip in luteal phase without it. I forgot it the day before yesterday. Could that 1) cause a MC?; 2) cause these symptoms/lack of symptoms but no MC? Had full blown preg symptoms all day yesterday.
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Unfortunately, this really is one of those situations where only time will tell. I could explain your concerns away one-by-one but I think the best thing to do right now is rest, try to eat something, and stop taking your temperature. Forgetting your cream one day should not cause a m/c, so don't beat yourself up over that. Cramping is extremely common and can be on-and-off.

Best of luck to you.

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CyndiN -

I have, oh, about 4 weeks of conscious experience being pregnant (so I'm no expert) but I have noticed that if I force myself to eat something, anything, even if I don't want it that I will feel better. I have read many places that you shouldn't eat anything that doesn't appeal to you but when I get hungry NOTHING appeals to me. If I don't eat, I have horrible cramps and an upset stomach but if I eat a little something then I feel so much better (and can go on to eat a normal meal).

My prayers are with you!
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Thanks to everyone who offered (or thought) support.

My basal temp has gone back to normal. 98.7. Some of the pregnancy symptoms have returned. I admit I'm grateful not to have waves of nausea but not if it's a bad sign.

My best guess is the cramps came from the outing (dehydration doesn't help) and the low basal temp and ceasation of symptoms was from forgetting my progesterone. I normally have dips below the coverline during my luteal phase and the cream (small amount of progesterone that it is) helps them stay nice and high. I was wondering if I still really needed it now that I was actually pregnant and I guess the answer is YES!!

Yes, I've also discovered that forcing myself to put a little something in my stomach really keeps the nausea down or even away. Even if feel worse while eating it, I feel better after. I haven't seen a correlation between eating and cramps but I have between dehydration and cramps. I am prone to dehydration normally and am doing my best to keep it at bay during pregnancy, but it's very hard when you don't feel like swallowing.

I'm not out of the woods yet (or as my SO puts it, out of the womb) but the signs are good. Toni Weschler says a single dip in basal temp is not necessarily a sign of a MC but continuing low temps are for sure. Fortunately, mine was just the one day.

Thanks again,
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