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I don't know about in-home daycare, but it's absolutely true that you'll pay less (at $5,000 per year) for the preschool you mentioned than you would for, say, individual child care (via a nanny, e.g.).

I moved dd from a nanny (very, very expensive - you're paying the person's full time salary plus taxes plus any benefits) to a Montessori preschool right about when she turned three. It has worked very well for us so far. Dd loves being able to socialize, likes her teachers, and enjoys the activities (largely outdoor time, self-directed "work" (which she calls "playing" ), and "circle time," where the children are read stories and sing songs in a group). OTOH, I've only been working part-time this summer, and so only have her in school in the mornings. This will change in a few weeks, when I return to full-time work. She'll also be moving up a class, so we'll see how all the transitions go.

When she's in full time, we'll be paying about $6,000 per year for her tuition (not including summer months and any extra babysitting time necessary for care during school breaks). We're just south/southwest of Houston.
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Just a quick comment. Think about where the money goes.
I was a pre-school teacher at a co-op in nc for six years. When I left I was making a little over 12.00 an hour. I had great benifits as well. Consequently, the school had low turnover and *most* of the teachers really loved their job. You want your children's teachers to be well compensated for the time they spend with your kids!
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Well we have been sending our kids to the Early Childhood Family Education preschool and that is $750 for the whole year.3 half days / week. No WAY $5000 is in our budget.I am very involved in the ECFE program and talk with the teacher before and after class. Quality does not have to be $$$.
You pay alot for a fancy name sometimes.
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Well, I'll be paying $500/month for Montessori. But I am already paying that for her preschool/daycare. In fact, Montessori will be slightly less than her preschool.

Another thing to keep in mind is how long are thse programs? My dd will be going for 6-7 hours/day 5 days a week. So that's a decent price for that much care, and in fact, as I said, it is less than I would pay in daycare for that amount of time.

I don't have the choice of staying home. If I were a sahm, though, I'd probably only send her to a shorter program of 3-4 hours/day for 3 days a week at this age, which is much cheaper, about $200/month.
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I choose to stay home and that would mean that I have to choose to take care of my kids most of the time.Paying for child care is not an option( $ wise and parenting style wise)
We have choosen to do a preschool program for our kids but we can't choose one that costs a ton of $ becouse I'm home. I feel a certain amount of guilt for doing it at all. We have really gotten alot out of the experience though
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