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vaxes and mastocytosis?

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Anyone know of a connection?

A neighbor's 1.5 yr-old was dxed months ago with mastocytosis and very recently with delays related to something on the autism spectrum. Given my own 2-yr-old's reaction to his 2-month vaxes and the sudden, subsequent on-set of severe multiple food allergies and knowing what I've read about the relationship of food allergies to various autism-related disorders (or the false diagnosis of such disorders), it just makes sense to me that there's some connection between the vaxes and this child's mastocytosis and suspected autism.


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Yes, it makes sense to me too.

I hope she researches vaccines before injecting more.


I will reseach it also and see what I can find out.

It is so sad that children are born healthy and then come down with more and more disease making them dependent on the Pharma all their lives.
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Hi there!


I know it's been almost 10 years, not sure if anyone even follows this thread. Has your child gotten better? How about your neighbors? I have a one year old who was diagnosed with mastocytosis at 6 months and I am certain it is a vaccine reaction. Would be very interested to find out the outcomes.



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Hello,  I was born scratching.  My mother was told that I had a reaction to the soap they cleaned me with (1967).  I continued to itch and itch and itch. My pediatrician sent me to a dermatologist when I was about 10.   He took a skin sample and I was diagnosed with mastocytosis urticaria pigmentosa.  This was about 1977.  He asked me if  would go to some annual dermatologist thing at one of the hospitals (in hawaii, I lived there) I sat in a room and doctors would come through and look at my skin and examine me so they could learn what to look for in their own patients.  It was weird but I knew I wanted to help others.  Anyway, he tried a few different things and found that Periactin and tagamet is what did the best for me.  I still itched sometimes and I did get a stomach ache.  I noticed I got the stomach ache when I got upset. So later when I was grown II realized that the tagamet was for the stomach (It was perscreption back then)  and I realized stress is one my triggers.  I grew of most of my skin issues but seen to have other issues.  I have breathing issue.  Told they were allerges but I know its the mastocytosis. Didn't start til I was 39 after a surgery and the purchase of a business within 1 month.  Bad business....... way too much stress.  Thats when the health started going.  Asthma / allergies.  I thought it was weird and my doctors even though I told them what I had they don't want to believe me.  I am in the process of finding a doctor that will work with me instead of against me.  I never go to the doctor unless I HAVE to.  But I think its time.  

What type was your baby diagnosed with and what type of symptoms?  

As for me I just itched and would get an acid like stomach (when I got upset).

I could look at my arm for example and could feel this uncontrollable itch but nothing was there.. no spot, no bug no nothing.  I had to scratch it.  I would scratch so hard that the skin would get swollen and bumpy and I would end up this an area of sores/scabs.  Mine would almost go in areas.  My 1st memory of my rashes was on my butt cheeks.  I would scratch in my sleep and I would wake up in the morning with blood spots on my underwear.  I remember watching an after school special with one of the osmonds in it, where he fell, the cut got infected and they had to cut off his leg.  It terrified me I thought that if it got infected they would have to cut off my butt.  Silly now but I scared me.  I did have one of my scabs get infected.  I bit my fingernails, so I had no  nails to scratch with but I just dug in.  My mom even tried putting my dads socks on my hands at night so I could not scratch.  It didnt work.  I ended up with blood on the socks.  The itch was uncontrollable. Then It was on my arms, then my thighs and when I was in 7th grade it was on the left side of my face /cheek.  I itched all over but  the uncontrollable itch that I had big areas of sores would change.  Don't know why.  I don't know if any of this helped.  

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Reginalc, thank you so much for replying!!!

I love hearing from someone with first-hand experience. I'm sorry you had to deal with that... My son was diagnosed with urticaria pigmentosa, so unlike you, he has noticeable dark spots all over except for the limbs. His also swell up and get red when they get inflamed. He's just one, so isn't able to communicate if they itch, but I don't think he's itching as much as you did when you were little. His anal area also has a large concentration of spots, which makes me think it's in the intestinal lining, too. It seems like masto is very related to stomach issues... We saw an internist and he told us that we're twenty years too early. I have him on probiotics and extra vitamin D but nothing has helped so far. I wish you the best luck finding a great doctor who will work with you. That can be quite difficult, as I am in the process, too, but no one seems to have any answers. Best of luck and thank you again for sharing your story!

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