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Morning all, is anyone else totally not sleeping during the night?? I can nap for a few hours each afternoon and/or morning, but no matter how tired I am at night I just can't sleep.
I'm just waiting for my nurse to show up (she's late) so I can get pumped up and take Bedlam in to have a tooth pulled. It's busted off right at the gum line and should absolutely be killing her, in yet she is still chewing on bones with that side of her mouth.
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I'm sleeping in about four hour bursts. I'll wake up, use the bathroom, and stare at the walls for at least an hour before I fall back to sleep. It's very frustrating because I work full time...fortunately I have exactly 31 workdays (not counting weekends) until I quit! JOY! Maybe then I'll be able to take cat naps during the day (with the kitties of course). Until then I'm just a walking zombie and I try not to fall asleep at my desk...
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i've been awake since 3:30am. Had a lovely, preggo hormone induced dream that DH was having an affair and it was in the frigging newspaper. Told him about it this morning, and he said "wow, i must'a been good". MEN.
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Yes, aren't those dreams just the worst? I've never had such weird dreams in my life!

I was actually coming to say that I too am tossing and turning a lot during the night, and usually wake up once or twice to use the bathroom. I used to sleep soundly through the night almost every night, but starting around a month ago, I don't stay comfortable for long and have to reposition constantly. Thankfully DH is finally getting out of the habit of spooning up to my back. It wasn't bad before I was pregnant, but he is 6'1" and weighs like 175, so he practically crushes me without realizing it. I really can't sleep on my stomach anymore; not because of my tummy, but because of my breasts. They are so sore all the time! DH said, "they're not going to keep getting bigger are they?" I said, "yep, I'm pretty sure they are!" At this point I'm probably a full D. Anyway, they hurt.

Well I hope y'all have a better day today. I actually made cookies yesterday AND gave DH some sweet sweet lovin'. I even surprised myself!
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good for you Amy on the cookies and the loving!!

i thought the sleeping thing was just 'cause i'm anxious lately. i'm not sure it would be nice to say that i'm glad we're all in the same boat...i guess i'm glad that this is not some weird thing of mine. ds must be picking up on my not sleeping though because he has been up every night. it's weird how the minute he cries it's like my heart starts racing and i'm wide awake.

oh, monica, i am sooooo jealous. i work full time too and am totally miserable. i don't want to be here. i want to sleep and be home!!!

maybe i should quit....
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Well, I managed to get to the grocery store this morning. I haven't had to take my anti nausia pill yet today. I never realized how hard this job of being a mom is. I mean, if I am not on top of things 100% everything unravels. The house literally looks like a tornado went through it. There's laundry everywhere and ds3 has one clean diaper left. I'm so depressed I can barely function.
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oh, isn't the one clean diaper left situation the worst? i hate when we hit that (which is, for us, every other day).

don't worry ekblad, it seems like it's totally unravelled but it's really just a little messy and a little mess is ok now. just think how clean it will all be when we get our second trimester nesting energy!
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Originally Posted by tug
despite how crappy i feel (staying close to the bathroom here), i laughed out loud at this. HOW TRUE!!! esp. about the noise. i remember somebody wrote (wish i could remember who) that her ds thought that heaving was just something mommy does and that he was even imitating her.
My 21 month old son tried making coughy-gaggy noises a couple times, but for the last month he tends to stand outside the door and yell, "NO mama! don't sick, mama! "
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Do you all mind if I vent a little? I feel terrible doing this, when I know so many of you are going through horrible morning sickness, hyperemesis, IV's, cranky children/spouses, progesterone, etc. And I'm so lucky to be blessed with a comparatively easy pregnancy and understanding dh. But I'm just having a bad day.

I'm getting a big cold sore on my mouth. Which stinks, because I have to go back to work tomorrow (no kids) and Monday (with kids). Which makes me feel like I'm going to be saying "I'm your new teacher, please ignore this hideous growth on my face."

Also, to be honest, I am terrified to tell my boss that I'm pregnant. She is very intimidating, and will expect my job performance to be be perfect, no matter what. I need a good evaluation this year to get tenured in this district. My principal laid off a close friend of mine this year who had a heart condition (currently recovering from open heart surgery), a husband overseas (he shipped out in the midst of the school year), and a 2.5 year old daughter. I am also remembering when I got fired from my job when i was pregnant last time. So worried!

And, my dh's car is broken. he is at the shop now and I'm on my way there to pick him up. It sounds like it is the brakes, and it is going to cost $$$ that we don't have.

My vacation is over, my house is a sty, and i hardly got anything done this break.

Okay, vent over. back to our regularly scheduled programming.
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Lesley! You poor thing. Though I did giggle when you put that about your cold sore. That sucks! Do you guys do the 6 wks on 3 wks off thing at your school? It seems early for back to school. Hang in there.

I'm feeling a lot better today. I haven't taken my "pill" yet! Yippee. And I washed my floors and grocery shopped. You can't beat that. That's more than I've done in weeks! :LOL

I swear I feel this baby move. I know it's WAY early but I swear I feel it. Anyone else feeling it?
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Not feeling the baby, but I *think* I finally felt a fundus last night. Midwife appt is this afternoon... so very excited.

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Lesley - I'm sorry today sucks so much. Don't be worried. It will all work out somehow. I laughed about the first day back with kids and cold sore too. It reminds me of when i was teaching seventh graders. they are sooooo harsh, but it's kinda funny too ("ooo, ms urban, you got a run in yer panty hose," "ooo, look at those ugly shoes ms urban's got!" "ooo, look, ms urban's got a flat butt" -- yeah they really said those things).
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I have felt two tingly-twitchy feelings myself during the past few days. I think I've convinced myself they were just muscle spasms, but I've never felt them in that region before! This is my first pregnancy though, so I have no idea what it will actually feel like to really feel the babe move.

OK y'all, this is WEIRD but I am just full of energy and good happy vibes today. I mean, I feel like a fricking normal person. I'm not counting on it lasting, but I sure am enjoying it! Could this be the beginning of the second trimester better feelings? I sure hope so. I won't even tell you what bubble-gum 90s British girl-group I'm listening to and singing along with!! :

Lesley, don't feel bad about venting! I hope your first day and the car sitch aren't too overwhelming.

Tug, I'm dying to know where you live and teach. I lived in New Orleans (Uptown) for 7 years. I miss it, but not during the Summer!
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Amy - that is so fun! i live uptown (between nashville and jefferson at willow). i used to teach at st. louis cathedral in the quarter but the pay was horrible (14k a year) and i eventually went back to school and now i'm a lawyer for a non-profit public interest law firm. fun stuf and great people (and at least they have the decency not to point out runs in my stockings or my silly shoes!). st. louis was a mission school with some pretty tough kids from the projects -- knife fights, prostitute moms, kids witnessing drug shoot outs, that kind of thing. hard lives but some really neat kids.
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Thanks for the support. Well, it turns out that I didn't pick up dh after all, because I needed to get dd from preschool and I was running out of time. I went to meet him and he handed me the carseat and said, "They think my car will be done soon, I'll just meet you at home."

So I just got home (after stopping to get a smoothie with dd) and he just called and said, "They don't have the part they need. It will take 30-45 minutes to get here, and 20-30 minutes to fix, and then I'll be home."

AAARGH. My last day of vaction and we can't even be together as a family because he's sitting around the mall waiting for Sears to fix his dumb car.

Okay, since I can't do anything but whine and moan, I'm going to go play with my daughter now and try to feel better.
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Just got back from the midwives, everything went fabulously
We got to hear the heartbeat in the cord, and then went ahead and had her take a quick peek at the baby on the ultrasound and the baby moved around for us. It was really really cool. Did bloodwork, all my vitals are just fine. I really really like my midwife.
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Had a good day here. Couldn't find the HB, will try again next week. Eating shark for dinner, Yum!! Its been years.
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Yum, shark. OK, now I have to add that to my "must eat" list.
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wtchyhlr, glad to hear that you love your midwife and your app't went well. It is so exciting when you see the bean all moving and swimming!

weesej and ekblad, you're freaking me out girls! I don't think I could eat shark even when not pregnant! I have to admit, I have weird seafood issues though. If it smells, looks, or tastes "fishy" I can't eat it. But spicy tuna sushi? No problem! LOL, I'm so weird.

My dh really is a dear. He was gone much longer than expected, and he felt so bad he bought me this cute card of pregnant ladies sunbathing and a huge box of See's candy! Then he went with me (even though he was hot and tired and cranky) to the office supply store so that I could buy stuff I need for my classroom. Totally made my day better!

I have an appointment for my Nuchal translucency on friday afternoon. Which is a little nerve wracking, but I know I'll be so glad when it is over, esp. if my risk factor goes down a lot.

Have a great evening (night if you're on the East coast) everyone!
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weesej - I'm just curious so pleease don't be offended but isn't shark on the big no-no list of fish not to eat during pg due to extremely high mercury content? Shark, king mackerel, albacore tuna, swordfish... all the big long-lived top of the foodchain fish? Just wondering if you know this or if certain shark isn't bad or what.

I've been totally avoiding so many kinds of seafood - I mainly eat just certain shellfish, and small to midsize ocean caught fish (striped bass, cod, alaskan salmon, etc etc). And I looooooove all fish so these fish guidelines are pretty hard for me! Plus, I do sort of wonder how big a deal *ingestion* of methyl mercury is - and occasional ingestion at that - compared to *injection* of mercury (e.g., in vaxes). But I'm too freaked to test it.
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