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Sorry so many of you didn't have a great day today.

I had the BEST DAY!

We got up early, and wow, I felt MUCH better than normal (for pregnancy). I hit the grocery, got some fruit and we headed out to the water park. We spent the whole day there, and I am just feeling a bit tired.

It wasn't hot out b/c it was very overcast today, but I still got sun.

It was also great that I could eat a ham sandwich, and it was DELICIOUS!

Hope you all have a great day tomorrow!
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Well all the no-nos are only bad if you do them ALOT KWIM. So having shark once during my pregnancy is ok to me, cause I eat seafood rarely, however I wouldn't eat those fishes weekly. Same thing for coffee, once I feel well I will probably have a cup 1-2 times a week, but having it 5 times a day isn't good. All in moderation
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Oh Coffee, I miss coffee so much. I love coffee. Never started drinking it until my fifth child was born but then I was hooked. I can't wait until I can stomach it again. I know it's : but I'll enjoy a cup here or there.
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Y'all, I am kind of a mess today. I had more weird dreams last night and woke up feeling sad. Since getting up, I can't fight the urge to cry! I have this intense feeling of lonliness (DH is at work) and I have this feeling of missing my baby so much; it seems impossible that I have to wait 7 more months to see him/her. Have any of you experienced this? It gets especially intense if I dream about the baby, or if I watch those damn Birth Day or Baby Story shows (which I can't seem to stop watching). Ughhh I'm just an emotional wreck. I think I am going to give myself the day off and take my dog to the park for a while.

I wish we weren't all at so profoundly at the mercy of our hormones! :
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Ekblad, I have never been told not to drink coffee. I have just been told to limit my caffiene intake to what is equal to 2 cups of coffee. Here's the link to caffeine comparisons. http://wilstar.com/caffeine.htm

Amy, I am so sorry that you are feeling so down today. I had a horrible time off and on through my 1st pregnancy. Talk to the baby and go to the park with the dog. DO NOT watch those crappy birth shows, most of them are just negative energy anyway. I hope you feel better.

As for me, well, outside of the strange headache I have right now, things are much better again today. I am 11w 1d and I don't feel as run down.

I hope you all get happy soon!
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OMG, you guys. I want to crawl into a hole and die. I was feeling crappy today and layed down with the baby. Anyway, my oldest came up to tell me someone from our homeschooling group made us dinner. I told him to tell her I was laying down, accept the dinner, and say thank you. Fast Forward an hour and dh comes home for lunch. He comes upstairs and says "so and so is cleaning our house". I didn't even know anyone was here. So I'm laying in bed crying. He tells me to come downstairs but I just can't. I'm so freaking embaressed. I feel like a complete loser and a fool. I don't even know this family that well. I am grateful but feel stupid all at the same time.
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Ekblad... what wonderful friends you have. You are very blessed. I wouldn't feel embarrassed - just know that they know that you are very busy building a baby.
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Thank you. I don't know why I feel like such a fool. By pure coincidance my house wasn't even that bad today but I feel like such a big loser.

Still, I know I'm totally lucky to have these women in my life.
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Oh, Ekblad, HUGS! I am sorry that you are feeling overwhelmed/embarrased about your friends helping you out. It's so very sweet of them to do that.

WOW! What a great thing to do for you.

If you don't feel up to company, then just drop a thank you in the mail, but do NOT be embarrased that someone wanted to help. It's a good heart that makes people do things like this.
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Oh, Ekblad, I agree. Try not to feel embarrassed, I'm sure your friend was happy she could do something for you (could you send her to my house next? )

I just got back from vacation and reading this thread has made me feel sooo much better. Though I'm sorry everyone is having a tough time, you've so helped to normalize and validate my feelings. (I thought it was especially interesting to read that we're expending the same amount of energy as running 26.2 miles! That explains a lot!).

I, too, am quite unmotivated to do things around the house -- my big successes this week were grocery shopping and vacuuming (yea for me!).

This pregnancy has been very different from my first 2 (where I m/c'd). I'm so dizzy, nauseous, tired, and emotional. Last time I remembered describing myself as "drunk on baby love and pregnancy bliss." Yeah...I haven't felt that yet this time around. I haven't even been able to read anything baby related, think of names, or make baby plans. As soon as I start to feel excited, I simultaneously start to feel terrified that I'll lose this one too. I truly feel like I'm living in constant fear 24/7 -- and that expends a lot of energy. I'm cautiously optimistic (esp. given my symptoms) but I just don't dare get too excited. I'm going on 10 weeks -- hoping I'll feel more confident in 2-4 weeks.

Coming back from vacation, we were on a ferry with a very pregnant woman who also had 3 other little children (one little boy was talking to her belly saying "Are you naked in there?!"). I turned to dh and said, "I'm so insanely jealous of obviously pregnant women, that you wouldn't even know I was pregnant myself," and started crying uncontrollably. I just wish there was some guarantee, KWIM??? It's so hard not wishing away this first trimester...

Okay, enough about me.

Shannon -- so happy to hear you're feeling a tiny bit better. I feel for you about your pet situation. I have 2 kitties and often wonder how they'll adapt to a baby when right now they're our babies and get our undivided attention.

Amy, I have similiar messed up dreams like that -- and I know the negative feelings can stay with you for awhile. I hate those dreams! Baby dreams, though, I can't get enough of those!

Kater -- I hope your headache is gone. I used to get awful migraines, so I know what it's like. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better besides that, though.

Lesley -- you have a very sweet dh. I hope you were able to enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Wtchy -- so great you got to hear the heartbeat!!!! That must have been music to your ears.

Tug and Weesj -- hope you're doing well!
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Well, call me pissed off!!! I went to my mothers so she could do some measurements for the new maternity clothes she's making me. I didn't lock up the truck as I wasnt' about to close up all the windows in this heat (especially since the air in my truck is broken)
Anyway, I had a pile of cash sitting in my console, very tucked away, you wouldn't be able to see it unless you got in the truck. Anyway, I stopped to get gas on the way home and went to get my money and it's gone! There was about $200 there. I seldom lock my truck as where we live, nobody does--I don't even have locks on my house. I generally leave the keys in the truck in case someone needs to move it (we share a driveway with a farm next door and when the cow trailer comes in the place where I park my truck doesn't have alot of room for maneovering (how the hell do you spell that???), another reason I never lock it is that there is usually a great big dog or two in there.
Anyway, so now we're out $200 bucks at a time when we don't have 2 cents to rub together.

Ekblad, I would be embarrassed too if it were me, but from the outside looking in, I'm thinking this woman already knew you were in rough shape, that's why she brought dinner and saw an opportunity to do some extremely usefull to you. Someone that selfless and sweet likely never even thought that it may embarass you. KWIM??
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Shannon I'm so sorry about the money! That is awful! I never lock my car or doors either. I know I should.

Dh's job told him he could stay but he has to take a 25k pay cut. I guess that means no homebirth for me and we'll have to move. I'm at such rock bottom right now I don't even know what to do.
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Shannon and Ekblad
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Somebody help me! I've been more nauseous than ever today, but all of a sudden my breasts have shrunk and they're not sore right now. I just cried my eyes out in the shower 'cause I'm so scared!!! Anyone else have waxing and waning of pregnancy symptoms?????
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Oh yes, Kate St. Yesterday I felt fabulous; no pain, no nausea, nothing. Today, however, is seriously the crappiest day of my entire pregnancy. Regarding your breasts, mine looked like they shrunk about a week ago. It only lasted about 24-36 hours, though, and then they looked full again. It kind of freaked me out too. I really think that hormones fluctuate so much, especially at this stage; I never know what kind of day I'm going to get when I wake up every morning.

Big big hugs to Ekblad and Shannon. That totally bites. Thieves are assholes. Ekblad at least you won't have to worry about losing insurance, right?
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Shannon, that bites. Any idea when it might've gotten stolen? your DH didn't grab it and forget to tell you did he?

Ekblad - thats a HUGE paycut. Good grief. Don't suppose instead of baby gifts, you could ask people to help pay for a midwife/homebirth>? Not sure how much they are in your area. We talked with our midwife yesterday and if we pay her by 20wks, its only $1800 (whereas if we wait til 37 weeks it $2700). I'm sure it varies widely, tho.

Kate - my boobs did that too. Was so odd. now they're back to straining the biggest bra I have (i am so going to have to go get bigger ones again. my boobs are bigger than they've ever been in my frigging life).

Oh, I stuck the ultrasound pic from yesterday out on teh baby's page... if you look hard enough, you can see the baby's face . www.babiesonline.com/babies/b/babychams
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Add me in- Found out on Friday baby is due 2/18 Is that a President's Birthday or something? Sorry, preggo brain.
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Nope, hubby didn't take it, I stopped on the way to my moms for a cup of tea, it was there then, the only time there wasn't a dog in the truck was when it was in my mom's driveway, it definitly got stolen while I was in my mom's place. It was stupid, I mean my mom lives in a townhouse complex, I'm just used to living in the country where a stranger draws alot of attention. I figure it was likely my mom's neighbors kids or one of their friends. Not that there is anything we can do about it, but my mom is going to go tell the neighbors that something was stolen in order to "warn" them--hopefully that way if they notice their teenager suddenly has extra cash..... who knows.
Ekblad, that is a huge paycut, will he continue to look for something else while he stays there??
Kate, I've had a few days like that, then the next day when I'm feeling crummy again I curse myself for not enjoying the good day while it lasts. But I know it's impossible not to worry . Just remember what you said earlier about this pregnancy being so different than the others.
Gretchen, congrats and welcome, you may want to pm Lesley with your due date information so she can add you to the list.
Heveasoul, where are you???? Are you alright????
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am i being dumb for worrying about this

So, my boss's wife has now announced she'd love to throw me a baby shower (i adore her, thats not the issue)... she is the 3rd person to volunteer to throw a shower for me and i'm wondering what etiquette says...

so far, they fit nicely into the 3 groups that are my life - work related, social, and spiritual groups. However, is it tacky to have 3 showers? I know I want the spiritual one to be of the blessingway variety, but that leaves me with 2 official showers. Im not even 11 weeks yet, I am going to end up with 9 showers at this rate.

Someone who's btdt, please help.

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Gretchen, I will add you to the list.

Joy, with my dd, I had 2, and that was fine. Maybe the spiritual one you can make a "no gifts" request and set up an activity instead, like a belly casting?
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