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Joy, I had 2 showers for my first baby. I am British and that is not a British custom, so I felt very awkward, especially since the first was a surprise shower given by girls that I worked with who I'd only known 6 months. It was awesome though, so much fun and got some really cool stuff, especially since none of them had any children.
My second shower my mil threw for me, and many of her friends came too. After the baby was born I was so overwhelmed with all of the gifts that people sent to the house. So what I'm saying is enjoy it, as everyone wants to celebrate the arrival of your baby!
Ekblad - I hope that you are feeling better and am sending hugs your way, and to Shannon too. Karma is a b*tch, so they will get it back 3x as bad!!! Ha Ha !
Kate - Last pregnancy I had I felt so pregnant right about now, but with this baby, I still can't believe that I actually am. I am just tired sometimes in the afternoon, and go to bed kind of early! My breasts did feel slightly tingly for about a week, then that has gone too. I have noticed an increase in sex drive though, which is awesome, and makes dh pretty happy too!

I am really sure I felt the baby move on Monday. I am sure it is too early, but the fluttery movement was something that made me go" oh yes, I remeber that feeling! " so I am thinking that it really was the baby bean!
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Hi all.

Yes, I'm still here, and still doing well...just extrememly busy at work, and don't want to be anywhere near my computer when I am home...

Sorry to hear so many of you are still feeling so horrible...(((hugs))).

Trying not to talk about how fine I've been feeling...:

I have been seeing my TCM practitioner for acupuncture every week, so who knows if that's what it is, but it couldn't hurt, if anyone feeling icky wants to try it out...! I am comforted also by her confimation that my pulse continues to get stronger every week (and she feels a second part of it due to the pregnancy - cool, eh?). Otherwise, I might be fretting more over lack of symptoms.

I don't see my m/w until Aug. 5 - hope we're a good match!
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Hi Hevea -- so glad to hear you're doing so well!

I wanted to thank you ladies for the comfort you provided for me yesterday. After my brief freak-out, I got over it and realized I'm okay (my large, sore boobs have returned too!). So, thank you -- you ladies are the greatest.

Ellamakes3-- I loved your "fluttering" description -- how wonderful...

Joy, I say go ahead and enjoy each shower! They sound wonderful!

Welcome Gretchen!!
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Rough rough day. I'm not sure what happened, I felt fine (well, you know) after I had my gravol but about 1/2 hour later I was feeling really rotten, figured it was cause I hadn't eaten yet so grabbed some cheese as it's been sitting well lately. Took one bite and spent the 45 minutes puking in the most painful way. I was shaking and shivering and crying I thought I was gonna die. My eyes are completely bloodshot and I'm only just now getting off the couch. Lucky Steve was asleep or he'd have been freaking out.
Heve, glad you're doing so well, Kate, glad your boobs are big and sore again
Ok, my couch is beckoning to me, must obey the voices in my head....
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It's like 100 degrees here and muggy as heck. I feel awful still. Why oh why must it be like this? I managed a few errands but am back here about to get back into bed. Dh is working until midnight tonight. Argh
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Me again. There's blood when I wipe. I can't deal with a loss on top of everything else. I think it would send me into a downward spiral. Don't know what to do. Dh is working til midnight. Gotta get through bedtime.
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ekblad - is it bright red or brown? Cramping? Please call your mw/doctor is there is. Otherwise - when I wiped brown, I was told not to worry, but to call if it became bright red. s and !!
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Ekblad... call the OB/MW... get some reassurance....
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It's kind of a mix. WTF? I never had this with any of my other kids. Now twice with this pregnancy already? I'm not up for it. I'm just not....
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It's kind of a mix. WTF? I never had this with any of my other kids. Now twice with this pregnancy already? I'm not up for it. I'm just not....

Praying for you.

Did you have intercourse last night?

Is it enough blood to need a pad or just when you wipe?

Any cramping?
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Ekblad, I'm sure it's alright, especially since you've already had it once in this pregnancy. My OB seriously wonders if my bleeding wasn't caused by all the vomitting as I always have a bit of spotting the day after a bad bad day.
If there is cramping as well, call your midwife as soon as you have time.
Keeping everything crossed for you (which doesn't bother me as I feel far to crummy to have sex tonight anyway--even though it's dh's night off and we haven't had any in almost 4 weeks.)
When you have everyone in bed, lay down, put your feet up and do your best to relax and know we're all sending sticky thoughts your way!
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No sex in at least a month. The baby will NOT go to sleep. A little cramping but nothing big and I'm still sick as a dog. Will update in the morning. Thanks for all the kind words.
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Ekblad, sending lots of sticky-baby-vibes your way. I know it's impossible not to worry when you see blood. I'm thinking of you...
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ekblad - hoping to hear from you soon that everything is ok.

hope everybody has a good day. my m/s is slowing down so i am hoping that it will go away in the next couple of weeks.

have been pretty down this week (i really know what you mean about the dreams, amy) but am feeling a little more optimistic now (it's friday).
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I'm feeling good again today, even went for a short walk since it's so pleasant outside. I didn't have any horrible dreams last night; that makes such a difference. I think I actually slept well last night too.

Ekblad, you are in my thoughts.

I hope everyone has better days today. This has been a rough week for everyone, it seems. Maybe we're almost over the hump!
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No blood this morning. I'm wondering if I scraped something when cathetirizing? Anyway, I still feel sick as a dog so lots of pregnancy hormones are going on. That's good and bad, KWIM? Anyway, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the support. Dh didn't get home until well after midnight and Jackson would NOT go to sleep. It was nice to have this place to come to.

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Ekblad, I just caught up with the thread. I'm so glad your bleeding has stopped and I will send you tons of healthy, sticky vibes. How scary!

I am so tired today I can hardly see straight, so I won't write much. I'm back to work which is kind of overwhelming. I told my boss which turned out not to be so bad at all, she was very nice. I have my nuchal translucency today. I had the most bizarre and disturbing dreams ever last night. Pretty much it.

I hope everyone is feeling okay, and there is no more freaky spotting!

Shannon, how are you feeling today, hon? I'm sorry about your terrible experience yesterday.

I'll check in again soon.
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ekblad - so glad to hear the bleeding has stopped. I hope you're feeling better.

s to everyone feeling icky.

shannon - what's your status? Hope you can start enjoying this pregnancy soon!!

I'm off this aft for a weekend at a cottage, yahoooo...ahhhhh...haven't swum in a (near) northern Ontario lake in ages! It's been quite the week at work, so I am sooooo looking forward to it! Even if it rains (which it's not supposed to, yahoo!) - just to commune with the lake and trees and loons....read...

Have a great weekend all! Feel better soon!
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Heveasoul, can I come with you? What I would not give for some time away from my life.

I have not kept food down in 2 days so I am off to the doctor this afternoon. They don't have anything stronger than Zofran so I am not sure what they are going to do for me. Why isn't the Zofran keeping me from throwing up lately? The nurse on the phone gave me this attitude like "just put up with it, it gets better in a few weeks!" She made me feel worse. I am weak and hungry lady! I need food!

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ekblad I'm glad the bleeding stopped. What an ordeal though. The vomiting and/or the catheterizing could be causing it. I hope all is well.

Joy, I say have your 3+ baby showers! I think baby showers are wonderful... a kind of link to our tribal past. I always love going and who doesn't love buying or making a baby present (however large or small)?! When people really want to throw a friend/coworker a party, I almost think it's ruder to decline.

Heve is there room under your : for me? I'm feeling pretty good too.

Everyone else i WILL catch up on this thread one of these days and reply to everyone. I am sooooo behind at work dh has kids at the zoo (actually they should be home and in bed by now... buuuut... dh isn't known for obeying nap schedules!) so I can sit here in our family room and crank away on this stupid proposal, oh yeah, and check MDC every 30 min. :
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