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Help!!!!! I'm about to lose it tonight.

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I'm usually very patient, but tonight I have to say I'm gonna lose it if DD signs that she is hungry then rejects what I offer one more time. At dinner she ate a little broccoli and a few bites of carrot and then she was done. Not ten minutes later (after I finished off what she didn't eat) she was asking to eat again. I went ahead and fixed some pasta for her since I thought she probably was still hungry and she took a few bites and well, just repeat the first scenerio. I will not offer another meal because I believe I would be encouraging picky eating which I have no tolerance for. Am I being mean, or should I stick by my guns? This is an ongoing struggle (all day long). Does anyone know the answer? Please share.

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How old is DD?

If she is old enough to get into the fridge or pantry, you could put a few healthy tidbits into each section of a muffin tin on a low shelf and let her graze throughout the day. I do that with my daughter and it works great! If she is younger, you could do the same kind of thing on a low table. Give her a little more control over the situation and her eating, so that you don't have to be at her beck and call ALL the time.
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That's a good idea. I guess in my desparation I left out a lot of details last night. DD is 19 mo and still breast feeds quite a bit. She is also teething (3 molars) so there's really more to the story.
She likes a variety of foods, but lately she only wants a few bites and then she's done (she nurses that way too). She's never been a hearty eater, in fact she looks at eating as more of a "social" tasting opportunity. When she's finished she dumps out her meal and fingerpaints with it until I take it away. I just get frusterated.
Do you have any suggestions for foods to let her graze on that aren't super messy? I appreciate your suggestions.

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I can't leave out messy foods (like yogurt) either, for the same reasons. (Our little scientists!) The trick is to leave out just a few bites of the messier things (berries).

Here's some ideas...

In the fridge:
chopped carrot (cooked) or grated carrot
apple slices
broccoli flowers
cole slaw style lettuce (no dressing)
plain cooked pasta

In the pantry:
a variety of dry cereal (cheerios, PB bumpers, corn flakes, etc)
small pieces of granola bar
raisins/dried fruit (only if age-appropriate)

Good luck!
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It's getting hot - a lot of us are feeling peckish lately. Maybe make meals that you find easy and offer small portions so there is less to play with?

My DD has a hearty appetite but she also plays with her food when she is done. Actually, I don't mind because while she is making that mess, I am busy cleaning up one or two others.

It is so darn hot here in NYC!
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