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Baaaad morning sickness

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Oh... I had forgotten everything about bad nausea during pregnancy...
I have not had bad morning sickness since I was expecting DD 6 years ago (I did not have so much ms with neither DSs)
I feel like puking from morning to evening and have to make myself eat!! Is anybody having bad ms yet??
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I never get morning sickness that bad. :nana:
But-smells do bother me and I would seriously kill for a nap!
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I am going in a nice cycle between nausea, gas, and heartburn. I am afraid of the heartburn the most, though, since it lasted up until dd's birth last time!

It is hard making myself eat sometimes, or at least stuff I know I should eat.
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My m/s is so bad! I started taking 200mg of B6 just so I could function but if I don;t take that much then I am in bed all day.

I have never had m/s so bad before. I just try to keep my blood sugar up by eating lots of high protein snacks and taking my B6. It is working pretty well!
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