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I love reading, but have pretty much given up hope trying to keep track of who said what and replying to individuals. I'm trying not to spend as much time online, so I'm not able to be as thoughtful replying, so my apologies all around!

For dying the prefolds, I use fiber reactive dyes (like Procion dyes from Dharma Trading) and use my own slap-dash adaption of a Low Water Immersion technique (LWI) that makes kind of a crackle dye look. If you look at Dharma's website ( http://www.dharmatrading.com ) or google for LWI, you should get some more info. If you want more detailed info about how I do it, let me know and I can send you some more links and/or type up a brief how to. I'm far from an expert, but it's a pretty forgiving technique, with plenty of room for improvisation

We too are thinking this will be our last baby. As has already been mentioned, I'm feeling a really lovely sense of completeness, and generally can't imagine myself with more than two kids. Honestly, I'm concerned about being spread too thin with this 2nd child (as excited as we are to be having him). But having an only for 4+ years has kind of "spoiled" (for lack of a better term) all of us! I'm sure we'll cope and be fine after some initial adjustment ... but more than two kids sounds like too much for *me* ... I really admire the moms that seem to do it so gracefully ... or even the moms that just embrace the chaos and roll with it. I'd be a basketcase :LOL

Not having famillial support really sucks, I'm so sorry for those of you that are dealing with stuff like that. My only sibling had his first child about a year after Ethan was born, and our relationship became very strained after that. They're really into Ezzo, and scheduling, and CIO, and spanking and punitive discipline. Needless to say, our parenting styles and philosophies are on either end of the spectrum, and it can definately create tension at times. It's gotten better, but it's still really hard at times. I've gotten so much better at not taking what other people think to heart, be it my brother, or my parents, or my in-laws ... it's hard b/c on one hand I feel so conditioned to at least *consider* their input, etc. But I'm pretty much entirely comfortable now telling them "Topic X is not up for discussion." End of conversation. I know we're going to catch some flack for not circ-ing this new baby (E. was circ'd ) ... but it's honestly not something I'm willing to debate. If they're legitimately curious, I'm happy to share information, but that's about it.

Off to clean out the pantry ... I'm not sure if I'm starting to nest, or maybe my house just *really* needs it (both maybe? ... ) but I've been on a super-organizing streak lately. Weird :P
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Thanks so much Piglet for the information on the wrap. I found the website, it was very helpful. I never would have thought that making a wrap was so well easy! I think even I can handle finding and buying the right fabric of appropriate length. And, I am totally a non-sewing, non-crafty person, but I think I can do that. I can't wait to get to the fabric store and pick out a fabric! .
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Okay Now It's For Real This Time

I've double checked my counting and yes... I've made it!

I am at 30 weeks!!!! :

10 weeks to go, give or take a couple of weeks of course.
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I'll be joining you tomorrow Mirthfulmum! How can there only be 10 weeks left??????
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Hey mama's! Just got in this evening, so I'm jumping right in here.
Oh! Miles was an angel in the car. He sat and looked out the window for the whole trip. He liked looking at the Mtns. and farms. Very cool

QOTW: The vision for my birth is to labor in the evenning (alone), hop into our hottub out in the gazebo with LOTS of candles and hopefully by that time we'll have found a good price for a chiminea which will be roaring. I plan to labor in the tub until I feel the urge, and then shimmy into the sunroom to birth.When I imagine it, I see myself squatting with my hubby squating opposite me. MIles was out in 3 pushes, so that's what I invision this go round. Then a feast and a family NAP!

oh mama's is getting so close!
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Welcome back momadance. Glad you had such a great trip.

: I shouldn't even be here... I'm supposed to be working on my paper.
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