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Hi all!

I just came back from my ICAN (International Cesarean Awarenesss Network) meeting, so I feel all pumped up about VBACing! The topic was "Healing from Traumatic Birth" and was very nice to talk thru with so many women. The meetings are led by my midwife, so it's also cool to see her too. We all went out afterwards to dinner and at 12:30am I am just getting home now! Cool to talk about homebirthing and AP and stuff with so many mamas!

Also, my MIL came over today with a great gift. She brought me a HUGE bag of old linens for our homebirth. All stuff that can get bloody and ruined....mattress pads, sheets, towels, blankets, washcloths, etc. I was so happy to get it all and not have to worry about ruining our things!

Hope you all are having a good night!
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Lucysmama: how wonderful that your MIL is so supportive! And, how empowering to attend that meeting!!

Ann: you know, I've never bought all that about not sleeping on your back, left side, etc. I sleep wherever I can get comfortable, and since that itself is a challenge, I'm not going to make it any harder on myself with more limits, lol!

Well, ladies, I'm sure looking big these days. I LOVE it. I'm also starting to relax a bit about moving. I realized I'll be 32 weeks, not 34 as I'd thought, and that's not so bad. I feel okay right now, just a bit slow. Still, looks like my Mum will fly out here and fly back with me and DD, so it will be great to have an extra pair of hands.

Can we talk emotions? I cannot believe how emotional I am these days. DH and I got into a teeny scrap the other night, nothing big, the usual stuff, and I wanted to just lash out and kill him (which, by my usual modus operandi means lashing out with my tongue - verbal assault! ). It was all I could do to hold in my words, which I knew would be mean and petty...then the next morning I was SO depressed. And I honestly couldn't figure out why. We made up via IM while at work, and at home last night everything was fine. But now I find myself reading some posts and getting really worked up and almost snarky. Like some lady complaining about her jerk of a DH and I'm thinking "ditch the bum". Not exactly helpful advice, kwim? Anyways, I'm just not like this usually, and I'm finding it interesting on the one hand, but very challenging on the other. I'm having to exercise restraint, and yet still I know I'm snapping a bit....sigh! Hormones - gotta love 'em!
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Katie - The workshop sounds awesome! I wanna go and I haven't even had a C-section. And your MIL sounds great. It's so nice to have another woman in your life who "gets it" (since you and I are in the same boat with mom's who are totally clueless).

I have to keep this short as I am soooo swamped. I fell asleep early last night and didn't get my readings done for class today so right now Alias is watching a movie as I try and skim the assigned articles. And I really need to get a shower in there somehow.
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26 weeks

You know, it's so weird to be so far behind everyone...DS was due near the beginning of the month, so I was always one of the closest to being due!

My dream birth? Well I'm hoping for it. Here at home, preferably in water (or at least in water for labor), DH, me, and my sister, with my mom and DS nearby (but probably not in the room or even in the house). No directed pushing, I don't want popped blood vessels everywhere this time....I'll push when and for as long as I feel like. Baby comes, goes right on me (perhaps even I catch him/her), nurses....wait to the cut cord....then eat some birthday cake and curl up in bed.

Piglet, I hear you on the strange emotions. Except I would almost say I am more depressed than anything else. I mean, not severe depression or anything, but just kind of down and blah about just about everything. Maybe the bedrest did it, I don't know. Plus most of the kdis' activities shut down here in July and August (at least he ones for tots) so we're pretty homebound and bored (play equipment at parks is much too hot to use here in the summer). And I almost cried the other day, when I was driving down the road and 3 of us about ran over a turtle, when I saw the first man drive back and take the turtle out of the road.

Let's see, what else is going on? Going to the in-laws this weekend, and also going up to my old university (an hour away from them) for a sorority alumnae weekend. I'm pretty excited, it will be fun. And I'll be spending the night away from DS for the first time...so I'm pretty nervous about that. He'll be with DH so it won't be so bad, but still. I'll be staying at the sorority house so it'll be a good time.

I can't think of anything I forgot to do before DS's birth...the one thing I did so, since I was having a hospital birth, was have my bag packed and ready at 34 weeks just in case :LOL

This morning I was going through my diaper collection, and oh my I have more than I realized! I was going to start making some more cuddlebuns soon, but after seeing what I have, I'm just going to wait to see if it's a girl first (to see if I can buy some cute girly prints to mix in with the boy ones I have). Such a shame to have most of that dipe shopping done! :LOL

Time to go take a nap, I'm beat!!
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28 wks, I believe

I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but because of a shoulder injury I have a really hard time laying on my left side. I was worried because "they" always tell preg women to lay on the left. So I started polling all the OBs and midwives I could get my hands on, both IRL and online. They all agreed that the bottom line is however you can get comfortable (and actually get some sleep) is fine. Unless you have a particular medical condition or your body protests (feet numb, back aching), however you can lay is fine. Left side is best if your bp is high, right side is best if you have heartburn. But sleep is sleep and very precious, so there is no need to get all worried about harming the baby if you wake up on your back. Even tummy sleeping was recommended to me, if you make a nest to fit your belly into. I've tried it and it takes some manueuvering, but I slept really well.
Just wanted to share my sleeping info w/ you all.
Hannah is clamoring for my attention...so bye for now.
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28 weeks

Wow, its been a while since I've posted!

Piglet, I've also been incredibly emotional recently. Like Truebluexf, I've just been a bit down in the dumps. We're not talking clinical depression or anything else like that, just dealing with more stress than I'd like which in turns leads me to feeling down in the dumps. My husband and I have been financially falling behind thanks to both of us having unexpected car troubles that are costing us big money. It also doesn't help that due to a mistake in filing the right papers for our property taxes our mortgage has shot up nearly $200/month (ugh- we could both just kick ourselves for that one!) not to mention that we're paying for our midwife out of our own pocket. I know that they say money isn't everything, but it sure would be nice not to have to worry about just getting by! Really, that is the ONLY thing I can think of that is much of a stressor in my life at all...every thing else is just hunky-dory!

Like several of you, I don't really worry about my sleep positioning. Even if I make a conscious effort to lay on my left side, as soon as I'm asleep I roll over to my back or to the right! With enough pillows, I've even been sleeping in a modified tummy postion...

QOTW: Since this is my first birth, I'm really not sure what to expect. I've really tried not to over-think what I want since I'm told that the birth and labor process never goes the way you expect it to go! The few things I know that I don't want- monitering, lots of interventions, etc- aren't really issues since I'm planning a homebirth. I'm going into this with the mindframe that I'm not going to have any specific expectations and that I'll just take it one step at a time when the time comes...

On a totally different topic, I love being able to put faces on many of you thanks to the yahoo group! I just got a digital camera and hope to figure out how to use it soon so that I can also post a couple of pictures!
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Hey everybody! I'm identifying w/ a lot of you this week, re: emotional rollercoaster. My midwife was just here this morning and she always makes me feel better. I know it's just hormones, but I had to choke back tears talking about my weight w/ her, since I've been gaining it way too fast. (this is due to eating dessert and cereal everyday ) She says to only eat one dessert a week, so we'll see. I mean, I really don't care cause I know I'll loose it fast like I did last time, but it's just that feeling that I'm not doing something right or perfect. But it's so hard to stick to a "diet" being pregnant when you feel like crap you know? Like, I'm on my feet running around w/ a toddler all day and I'm just in excruciating pain from the waist down by the end of the day, that damnit I just want some Cocoa puffs before I go to bed. Also, the baby is head down, so I hope he stays that way.

QOTW: I think I've actually planned my "ideal" birth, which is basically just at home, w/ midwives, my dh, and ds. I just hope it goes smoothly and quickly, but not too quickly. As long as baby and me come through it w/ no complications, that will be ideal. I get so excited about my birth when my midwife comes over. She brought her assistant for the first time, and this woman just radiates joy and beauty. I feel so lucky that I get to be surrounded by such great women when I give birth. And to have the luxury of being in my own home w/ out 18 different random nurses coming in to poke at me.

Logan and I went swimming on Monday, we're trying to make it a once a week thing at least. He's a little water baby, has no fear- which is scary for me. He sees all the other kids diving in and swimming underwater and he starts to do the same thing. I keep trying to explain to him that we can't breathe under water. So we've been working on holding our breath and just going under for a second, which he seems to be getting the hang of. We also hang on to a floaty mat together and just kick ourselves around the pool like a little boat. It's very relaxing for me. Then we go lay on the blanket and have snacks and juice. I'm really enjoying these last few weeks alone w/ him, oh lord I'm gonna start crying again.

I can't wait to see your pictures, Futuremama! Take care everyone
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27 weeks add me to the Third Trimester girls!!

Has anyone else's baby gone through a major growth spurt?! The last couple day it seems there is no room left to move around in there, it feels like Oakley is taking up my whole uterus now...he must have gained a pound I swear! Things I could formerly do, like bend over are becoming a challenge now.

I'm tired these days too, which is why my posts are fewer and far between...sorry guys, I am reading and mentally responding to your posts but I just don't have the energy to actually respond Hopefully I will find our camping trip relaxing, today and tomorrow I am running around trying to get all the things done for Sat. and we won't be back until Thurs. The men will be in charge of cooking which will be a nice break and I will be relaxing on the beach and in the water.

Had to add...Courtney, I'd say if you want the cocoa puffs...eat the cocoa puffs, I saw your picture and don't know what you could possibly be talking about re: weight
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like OakEmber said, eat the cocoa puffs and enjoy them! At least they are fortified, so not without some nutritional value, and the milk gives you calcium and protein. Rationalization will get you everywhere.
I have found my belly belt (support girdle dealiebob) to be invaluable lately. It was getting to the point where I could barely walk by the end of the day, and even w/ chiro adjustment, the hip (sciatic nerve) pain was intense. My belly just seems to pull and ache. Wearing the belly belt has made a HUGE difference. I'd recommend trying one out. Hopefully it will help you, too.
I do feel like Baby Cookie has just gone through a major growth spurt. I feel somewhat like a stuffed turkey. I wish we could grow taller as we gestate, make some more space.
I feel so cramped. Both physically and mentally. Like it's getting harder and harder to juggle all my roles. I'm worried about how hard it will be to adjust once the baby arrives. I know people have been doing this for eons, but I'm finding it hard to imagine in personal terms. I haven't been feeling too weepy lately, more like preoccupied and impatient. Snarky, too, at the drop of a hat. I'm ready for some of that glowing mother earth joyous feeling again.
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I got a dipe!!!! A FLAM off the tp! Its fish and sand pails. Its perfect b/c we were talking about getting the baby a pail and dh was talking about a board and frisbee.... when we went to the beach for our 6th : anniversary Sunday. The significance was lost on dh : but I knew that the pattern commerated the baby's first beach trip. (in utero) I'm soooooooooo psyched! I've been hangin out at diapering and the tp all day. I've visited the sites of the WAHMS who's lists I'm on. I reaaaaaaaaaaally needed some fluff! And now I have 7 dipes! : I've been buying a little at a time throughout pregnancy and then I got to buying mat clothes and somewhere in there got a soaker off the tp. I'm now at 7 mos and I only had 6 dipes and 3 covers I think. MIL gave me some birthday money and of course, its for dipes and after showing her my stash the other day, when she mentioned that she used real diapers on dh, unbeknowst to him, , I revealed I was using them too and how they'd changed. I showed her my stash yesterday and she went ! She them sooooooooo much and decided she wanted to change the baby with spb. She had me lay them out as I pulled them out and then she said buy $60 of dipes; because she doesn't shop online. She also told me I can't look at them. She wants to do something with them! This one is mine. I need to look at this one and pet it. I'll get those other dipes as soon as WAHMS stock. Here's the pic! http://www.picturetrail.com/gallery/...8&gid=4808964&

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Originally Posted by OakEmber
Has anyone else's baby gone through a major growth spurt?! The last couple day it seems there is no room left to move around in there, it feels like Oakley is taking up my whole uterus now...he must have gained a pound I swear! Things I could formerly do, like bend over are becoming a challenge now.
Me too! I feel like this baby is FILLING up my uterus now. I can't imagine it getting twice the size in the next 11 weeks. I feel things in my pelvis and up under my bra at the same time! I really feel huge.

Plus, my baby switched position a bit....still head-down, but now the butt is smushed against my belly, right above my navel. Its spine runs along my middle front belly. VERY uncomfortable. If you feel my tummy, you can feel this little hard round rump right under the skin!

I am getting SO tired. I have to sit down a lot, and by the end of the day I am totally wiped out. My back aches, my belly feels stretched out and a bit sore, and my pelvis feels heavy and full.

Ok, I guess that's enough complaining! I just can TOTALLY relate, OakEmber!!!!
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Thanks Ann and Piglet for reminding me of LaLeche Leage meetings! I nearly forgot that there's a meeting next Tuesday! I am so thrilled - from what I hear we have a great group here. Luckily, the 2 midwives also offer their assistance with breastfeeding, so between LLL and them, I'm hoping I'll figure it all without too much frustration!

Good advice, Piglet, about choosing a ped and knowing about C-sections. I think having a c-section is the one big fear I have about childbirth. I just hate hospitals and view c-sections as MAJOR surgery. If I had one, I think I would feel so guilty, no matter how necessary it was. I need to overcome that somehow.

Ann, did you buy frozen meals, or make them? I'm trying to think of what meals I could make myself. Probably lasagna, and um, ??? :

Yep, the baby always seems to stop moving when my husband puts his hand on my belly. We joke that he puts the baby to sleep, and hopefully he has that same effect on the baby in 3 months!!!
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I too am feeling so huge. Definately had a growth spurt here. I have noticed in the last week or so that quite a few of my maternity pants are either getting too small or that the elastic waist band is on the last few remaining buttons. I have a feeling that I'll be running to a couple of second hand maternity stores soon to pick up a few more pairs of pants. That and my shirts are getting so short. UHG! Why do they make the belly pannels on maternity pants so huge and the maternity shirts so short. It bugs me when the belly panel on my pants hangs out below my shirt. I know it's vain but hey, I've gained 20 punds so far, am constanly sweating like a pig and am chasing after a two year old. I just want to look nice and not have the belly pannel of my shirt hanging out. Ummmmm..... did someone mention hormones? Boy, anything will set me off lately.
Harrison has recently discovered what a good foot rest my rib cage is. He is small enough that he can move them in and out but I know the day is rapidly arriving that he will just push his little feet up under my ribs and leave them there. One of his favourite moves to do right now is to push on my pelvic bone and stick his little bum out as far as he can, all while stretching out his legs. It is probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences I have ever had. Having done this before I know that somehow they find a way to squeeze in there but it is hard to imagine that he's going to get bigger and stronger.
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Originally Posted by mirthfulmum
One of his favourite moves to do right now is to push on my pelvic bone and stick his little bum out as far as he can, all while stretching out his legs. It is probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences I have ever had.
OMG, Mirthfulmum, my babe is doing that, too! I remember dd doing that towards the end of my last pregnancy too. Just when you are feeling SOOO full and pulled taut, the baby S T R E T C H E S its little limbs out! I agree, that is SO uncomfortable!
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29 weeks 4 days

Mirthful, I totally agree on the maternity shirt thing. It REALLY annoys me too.

I am right there with everyone else feeling big, hot, slow, tired, and sore. I feel like I did during the last weeks of my pregnancy with Clara! My pelvis feels so loose and stretched out, After a long walk I hurt for the rest of the day (and the day after too). Anyway, I could complain and complain but I do have some great news to add. I met my midwife yesterday and got a tour of the birthing house. It was awsome (the appointment and the tour), the house is a beautiful old presbitary all stone and wood. It is set up like a big ole house on the inside with offices downstairs for prenatal visits and birthing rooms upstairs. My midwife seems just great; she was super easy to talk to, very knowledgable and overall a nice woman.

Anyway, this weekend should be fairly quiet. DH and I will be taking DD to the zoo on Monday! We can't wait.

Have a great weekend gals and try to stay cool and comfortable!!
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Jillerina - The birthing house sounds wonderful! And it's great that you like your midwife. Sounds like you are going to have a beatiful birth.

And I'm glad that I'm not the only one whose baby seems to be trying to push their way out thru some side exit. Alias was never this active. I think I'm going to really have my hands full with these two boys... can't wait!
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26 weeks 2 days

Yep we've had a growth spurt here too. Actually, a couple weeks ago, I grew 1 1/4 inches around in my belly in just 2 weeks!!! Our babies are now growing about 1/2 inch a week...isn't that amazing? Bending over is definitely getting more difficult, and this baby seems to move more than DS did. I haven't had any crazy stretching sensations really, but sometimes I feel really claustrophobic in my own body and can't breathe well.

I keep getting these urges to get things ready too...but in my head I still feel like it's a little too early. Like I want to wash all the dipes and buy baskets for them for the changing table...and I have to paint the changing table...and I want to wash all the newborn clothes from DS (lots of gender neutral stuff in there) and put them away....but I think 14 weeks is a bit early LOL.

We're trying to get DS into his own bed, and it is going ok. But I've decided now I'm going to have DH build a cosleeper like the Arm's Reach wooden one (that's like almost $300, yikes!! but we can build it for like $50) bc I'm a bit nervous about DS climbing into bed in the middle of the night and squishing the baby, or there being nowhere for me to safely lay the baby when he does come in to cuddle (we only have a queen).

Letia-- congrats on the FLAM score! Get shopping girl!! The Kissaluvs outlet stocked the other day....
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I've been trying to honestly reply to this post for several days now, and I find that I'm such an axious person that I can't even come up with my own dream-birth
As long as it goes as smooth as possible, and our baby comes out as healthy as she can be, that's what makes me happy...
And to all of you "medication-free" and homebirthing women: You Go Girls!!!
You all are my true heros!
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Ouch! I haven't gotten to that rib-poking, limb-stretching stage yet I guess! Luckily, it stays relatively cool and dry where I live, but when I go to the "flatlands" I can feel that humidity...ugh.

I'm trying so hard not to dwell on the uncomfortable-ness. This has been a long time coming for DH and I (two ectopic pregnancies, two emergency surgeries, only one lonely tube left.) so in light of all that, all I can feel is SO thankful that all of this is happening- the good and the bad. That said, I've still got 3 months to go, getting bigger and bigger... But still, what so many people would give to be in our position!

(OT, all that history is also why we're doing the hospital-thing. After basically saving my life twice, we got to know them all - doctors were amazing and the nurses...all I can say is, angels!)

Mandi, I've been thinking about preparing frozen meals, too. I was thinking about lasagne, this yummy white-bean-chicken-chili that we love, enchiladas, maybe some banana bread...that's all I've thought of so far. Other kinds of soups and stews would be yummy and easy, too. Also, when Mom and MIL come to town from WI, we'll put them to work in the kitchen!

Happy Friday everyone!

P.S. Check out Kissaluvs website for their outlet, just ordered some size 0s - how fun!
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Ahhhh!!!! It's going to be 100 degrees in Portland today!

I know this is nothing to those of you in hotter parts of the country, but let me explain something: No one in Portland has air-conditioning. Including me. Only malls and offices and theaters have air conditioning.

Hot weather is absolute torture for web-footed Oregonians! I want my rain back!
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