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Oh Nancy...hope you are planning on spending the day at the mall then! It's gonna be really hot here too (but about 5 degrees cooler) but thankfully I will be able to hide out in the house or go for a dip in the river to cool off.

Kaite- Thanks for pointing out that our babies are gonna double in size yet I had been conviniently forgetting that fact

Know what makes you feel really far along?? The May 05 board is up, how is that possible...

Truebluexf- I too have been getting major nesting urges, and honestly I don't think I even had them with Ember! I too want to wash my CD and was wondering if it is too early...will they get all dusty between now and then? Then again, the more you wash them the more absorbant they become right, so maybe we should give into that urge only to rewash again closer to Oct :LOL I actually did some rearranging in the kids room the other day and paid for it for 2 days, not a good idea to be moving furniture around
We are also thinking about building our own co-sleeper and I have in mind that it will be more of a sleeping space for Ember than Oakley as well. Then again, I am thinking about finding a way to make it more long term. About getting her to sleep in her own bed, I don't know if that's gonna happen anytime soon...I thought that maybe she was getting closer because the last couple days she has been talking about sleeping in there (on her own accord) and wanting to have a sleepover with Daddy in there (too cute) but we tried it out last night and there was no way, Daddy got the boot within minutes and she wanted Mommy ( ) but she wouldn't even sleep in there with me! She wanted the whole family together

It was so cute yesterday too...Ember and I were alone and she says "Mommy, do you think having a baby is going to be fun?" It was so sweet. Then later she was telling my mom about how big of a helper she'll be...she's gonna change diapers and everything It was nice because then my mom and her had a conversation about how I was a big help when my sister came along (I was 6).
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Amie - Sounds like Ember is going to be a great big sister! Best wishes for a smooth transition!

MtnJenny - Sorry about all your difficulty getting/staying pregnant. It took us 1 year and 2 miscarriages to get pregnant with this baby. I feel kinda guilty about complaining too. I'm very grateful for this healthy pregnancy!

Jillerina - YAY! So happy you like your midwife and birthing center! Have a great birth!

I feel like someone kicked me in my pubic bone. I guess the baby's head is pushing on it, cause it is SOOOOO sore. I woke up this morning and had to hobble into the bathroom. Dd and Dh and I were going to go hiking/camping this weekend, but I don't know if I am going to be up for it. We might have to do something less strenuous where not a lot of physical acivity is involved.
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Katie - I've been having pubic bone pain a lot, too. It's so difficult now to stand on one leg while putting on clothes, getting in and out of the car, etc. Someone suggested to me it may be pubic symphisis disorder. He's a link.


(BTW, it has nothing at all to do with being "plus-sized" or not.)

I plan to ask my CNM about it at the next prenatal, on Tuesday. Hope you feel better soon!
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Hey everybody!

Letia: I can't believe "ye who scored a Blue Skies Fuz" is now, at this point, still only proud owner of 7 diapers, LOL. I've actually pretty much completed my stash. I'm just waiting for 2 Posie Patch covers and some small diapers, oh yeah and I have to get those backup prefolds before we move...but otherwise I'm done.

And I hear y'all on the nesting thing, although since we are moving there is nothing to do but wait. Still, I don't see why you can't start washing, folding, and loving those diapers now - as someone said, it's nice to get a few washings in to soften them up, especially if you are using prefolds.

Growth spurt: yup! I understand baby is about 2 pounds now - amazing that he will triple in weight before he's born!! I do feel huge, but so far still not restricted in my movement, just my overall level of stamina is down. Also, on days when I do data analysis I'm sitting in a chair for 8 hours and that is really hard on my butt. But it's also partially my own fault for not getting up and walking around every now and then - I get too caught up in my work!

Jillerina: your birthing center sounds so lovely - congrats!!

Hey, all you mamas talking about feet in the ribs and bums in the gut...how do you tell??? I was this way with Emily too - I just cannot picture what is what. I get some kicks up high, some in the middle, some low - I don't know what is hands or face. Last time I had to ask my OB at my checkups to tell me where she was, etc...I feel so lame compared to you guys!!

Courtney: eat those Cocoa Puffs. I, too, was thinking about your photo and that you needn't worry. I basically eat cereal every night before bed (organic honey nut o's...but let's not deny they are full of sugar!). I also eat a chocolate bar almost every day. Enjoy it! I, too, know it will come off after baby is born, although I'm pleased with my weight gain these days. I've gained a total of 23 pounds now, which is pretty much right on target for me. If I keep gaining a pound a week (which I've been doing so far) then I'll have gained 35 - my goal, and what I did last PG.

gottaknit: I can't imagine!! I'm from Vancouver, and I know how it is with the air (as in, nobody has it) - that's going to be a tough one!! We have had our A/C on for the last two nights as it's been quite warm here at night. We barely use it since we're just not used to A/C (and I get cold easily), but in Cleveland it is a "necessity"!

mtnjenny: so sweet to hear how hard you worked to get to this PG. While I am so very very thankful for each pregnancy, DH and I have not had any troubles conceiving. My heart goes out to those who do, and how very extra-special it must be!

Hmmm, DD has been up late the last few nights and I was this close to saying to myself "That's IT, I'm weaning!". I'm not enjoying nursing lately. I used to like nursing her to sleep but lately we're going back and forth to bed and it's NOT comfortable! I can't wait to have milk in my breasts again: it feels so good to nurse when you are full, but my empty breasts are NOT having fun! Thank goodness she is mostly sleeping through the night without nursing these days.

Is anybody here having a hospital birth with a toddler at home who has never been away from you overnight? I'm starting to get really anxious about this. I had a good idea last night - when we get to Vancouver, I'm going to have DH start "attending" bath time, first as a spectator, then slowly having him participate with the hopes that he can take over. I have been bathing DD for the last year or so, and she won't let DH do it (I think mostly b/c he doesn't know the "routine"). I'm having a lot of faith that this will work. She doesn't mind him coming to visit us during bath time, so hopefully after a few weeks of this he can take over. I think with me being at home and with the baby, and him out working, it would be better if he could take over that duty.

I'm also really worried about nighttime. DD will not often be comforted back to sleep by Daddy, and if she does want milkies, she gets more and more distraught if she can't find them (she sort of half wakes and searches for the breast, muttering "milkies"...then if she can't find them, she wakes up more and more and gets more distressed). I don't know what we can do to prepare for this, and yet I don't want to just do it "cold turkey". Bad enough that she'll wake up without me there for the first time in her whole life, but then we won't be together much during the day since I'll be in hospital!! I'm just really starting to worry...this is going to be such a shock for her, and hard on both of us.

I just hope if I recover as fast as I did last time...I can probably check out the morning of day 3, so I only have to spend two nights in hospital...

Thanks for letting me vent my worries...for some reason this has just really been on my mind: I'm feeling horribly guilty for what I'm going to "do" to Emily by leaving all of a sudden.

...there's those hormones again...(courtney your swimming story made me get weepy, too!!)
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Okay, as if I haven't posted enough, Letia's diaper talk got me excited and I wanted to share my stash with y'all...

This is what I have:


8Loveybums sherpa fitteds
6Nanipoos sherpa fitteds
2Sugar Plum Baby hemp fitteds
4Kind Hearted Women hemp fitteds
4Bitty Buns cotton fleece fitteds
2Baby Soft Wraps AIO
1Hidden Pearl WIO (+3 shrpa/hmp skrs)
1Snapdragons sherpa fitted
1El Bee Baby xsmall hemp fitted (not here yet)
12preemie CPFs (not here yet)

4Loveybums PUL
4Very Baby PUL
2Snapdragons PUL
1Hidden Pearl NZ wool soaker


3Bottombumpers hemp fitteds
2Sugar Plum Baby hemp fitteds
2Baby Soft Wraps AIO (PUL + hemp)
6 Snapdragons hemp fitteds
expecting to get 12 El Bees in half small/half medium
12 infant prefolds (not here yet)

4Loveybums PUL
1Loveybums wool
2Very Baby PUL
1Bitty Buns night fleece
1Bitty Buns day fleece
1Hidden Pearl NZ wool soaker (pull-on)

I probably need more small dipes, but will likely make it up with some ME Sandy's. And I have about 2 dozen ME One-Size that may do the trick as well.
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Girl! I *know*! : I was just buying here and there and then I was almost in my third trimester!!! I can't believe it myself! I've been buying maternity clothes on ebay and that soaker from the tp, layin low and then I am 3 mos from being due! I got the FLAM off the tp yesterday and I feel better. Mil told me to buy $60 worth too and I have money from my birthday, so I can do $90 on her. I did a IDDSO on the tp today and I've been stalking it and ebay. And wanting someone who's group I'm in to stock. Berry Patch will stock only 7 smalls tomorrow; but, I need to get some nb first! I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally don't want to use prefolds...but I guess I will before I use a sposie. And, like Katie, I wish that Candi would stock before baby is born. *sigh* But, yeah, I *think* I have....

4 sbps
1 mama made fairy
1 FF that Joaida send me last week for my birthday, er...for the baby
1 stacinator compliments of Joaida
the nb felted soaker from the tp
blue skies fuz easy
flam off tp on the way

fuz melon
fuz strawberry with seeds

I'm trying not to stress out b/c I'm such a planner. Wow! did my time run out!

This headache...I hate them. I don't get em.

Heartburn anyone? I've take waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more tums than I've *ever* wanted to. There's gotta be a better solution. : There's mineral oil and *talc* in them and I got the undyed!
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26 weeks

Oooh oooh my turn! Since I can't buy anymore I'll share!!

24 Kissaluvs 0's
1 Snapdragon
2 FLAM's
2 Nanipoos
2 Cuddlebuns newborn
3 Fuzzibunz xs
3 random from a consignment store

4-5 proraps newborn
4 fleece Stacinators
1 premie Bumpy
2 NB Bumpy's

As far as smalls go....kind of a mish-mosh of stuff left over from DS (it used to be lots of kissaluvs but when he outgrew them, I sold them unfortunately)...
2 Kissaluvs
9 one-sizes I made
1 CB
1 Muttaqins
1 FCB Nightlight

Lots of covers..
4 Featherlites
2 ME Airflows
1 Sugarpeas small
2 Bumpys
1 fleece Stacinator
1 wool Stacinator
There are more, I can't remember LOL...I HATE running out of covers and they always disappear on me!!

What I'd really like are some RB wool and/or fleece when we know the gender.

Maybe I WILL start washing soon...especially if it can keep me rom wanting to buy more, which I don't need to do!!! Must wait til I can buy fabrics and sew!!!

Piglet -- honestly, I had to nightwean DS well before I got pg, I just couldn't take it anymore...I kind of used a modified Dr Gordon method. It was rough for a few nights with some tears and such, but in the end it was better for us all. And I knew he was ok bc he was crying in my arms, etc and not alone.
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what a stash,Amy! I of course will be buying...maybe everybody's done and more for me!

I would like a RB wool shell too....
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29w 5d

Originally Posted by Piglet68
Hey, all you mamas talking about feet in the ribs and bums in the gut...how do you tell??? I was this way with Emily too - I just cannot picture what is what. I get some kicks up high, some in the middle, some low - I don't know what is hands or face. Last time I had to ask my OB at my checkups to tell me where she was, etc...I feel so lame compared to you guys!!
Well I know that Harrison is head down because the midwife could feel his head just above my pubic bone at my last appointment a week or so ago. And when Harrison does his pushing thing I can feel a small point of pressure on my pubic bone, much to small for a head, and I feel a lot of pressure focused under one of my ribs. Since I know he's head down I'm pretty sure they're his feet (plus I felt the exact same thing with Alias and a late u/s confirmed that they were his feet). That combined with this small bum shaped bump that protrudes from the left/upper side makes me pretty sure of his positioning.

And yeah I'm nervous about leaving Alias when we go to the hospital. It'll be very hard but we are leaving him with friends so we know that he will be well cared for. Plus Alias is weaned so I fortunately don't have to worry about the nursing element.
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THANK YOU Nancy, for posting that link about PSD! Unfortunately, it describes to a T what I have been going thru lately. I've gotta get my butt back to the chiropractor! Hopefully I can do something about it!

Piglet -- my MW showed me which position the baby was in just a week ago, and how to feel for what. She showed me what the butt feels like, and what the head feels like, etc. And as fas as knowing which side the baby is laying on, try this: lay back on your back in bed. Push down firmly on both sides of your belly from your ribs down to your pelvis. One side should feel "fuller" than the other, which is the mass of the baby's torso. The other side will feel less full, and maybe a bit lumpy, because that is where the limbs are. You also will feel more kicks on the less full side cause the feet are over there. Sometimes I feel kicks/punches right in the middle of my right side, and I don't really know if those are from the baby's arms or legs, but mainly I feel stuff either very high (feet) or low by my pelvis (hands). Hope that helps a little!

Oooh, I can't wait to share my stash! I am still in the process of putting pics of it onto a website, and I will post the link.

Letia- I don't think Candy will stock BBH again while we are still pregnant. She took a bunch of customs a few months ago, and she is running REALLY behind. I am one of the last people on the custom list, and she just emailed me to tell me it would be several months before my order is completed. So, I changed the newborn AIOs I ordered to smalls. So keep your eyes peeled on the TP for some! I was lucky enough to score a few and they are great. I loved them for dd, too. BBH rocks!
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25 weeks 6 days

hi! happy friday!

first off, thanks to all those who sent my dog deek their good wishes. we got the pathology results yesterday and are so relieved. the mast cell tumor was low grade, stage 1 and the surgeon got it out with very clean, wide margins so it's about 90% chance it will never come back. deek is doing great and hardly seems to notice the 4" incision and 11 big pink stitches on his side. i get all mushy thinking about how relieved we are.

to all those who are feeling uncomfortable. i really don't have any complaints right now, except for an inflamed taste bud which has nothing to do with pregnancy. well, maybe i was extra hungry and eating furiously so i bit my tongue.

had a great 26 week appointment with our midwife today. everything looks wonderful, right on track. baby was kind of sitting in my left uterus today. it moves around so much still. just last night it was so far to the right my belly got all uneven and i think i felt its butt sticking out of my side. i haven't felt the big stretches yet but i suspect they'll come along with the too full feelings and kicks in the ribs once i'm a bit further along.

the belly panel thing bugs me too. my main pants are a pair of jeans that just have a thick elastic waist. they are so comfy and i love them. i also inherited a couple pairs of full panel pants / shorts and i gave up on trying to cover the panel with my shirts. the funny thing is that i don't like how the panel feels on my skin so i also fold it down under my tummy which looks extra ridiculous.

although my pants situation is less than optimal, i LOVE reading about everyone's diapers! we are going to start out with a service so we don't have too much yet. the plan is to try stuff to figure out what we like and then probably start washing ourselves. now we just have maybe 8 covers, 2 dipes and 1 AIO. of course, i bought 3 covers in the wrong size (i got small litewraps instead of newborn and they are big) so i need to at least get those in the proper size.

gosh, i want to reply to everyone individually but i really need to get back to work and finish reading these last 20 pages.

also, sorry for not having joined the yahoo group yet. i'm a bit slow with some things. i feel very close with you guys anyway.

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Flitters-so glad to hear your good news-after all-pets are part of our families too!

Diapers...don't get me started...I have 3 lg rubbermaid totes full and just got a few more in a swap today-I seriously have to weed things out. I'm covered on all sizes but for newborn I have:
20 Kissaluvs 0
1 doz premie UBCPF
4 Liz's Cloth size 1-these may be big until 12 lbs
about 10 various wahm AIOs
about 6 various newborn fitteds
6 NB proraps
2 NB Biobottoms wool covers
2 NB cotton Nikky covers
2 NB wahm covers
lots of fleecetopped doublers
I don't even think I'll use this stash for long since this babe will probably be close to 9lbs-I have a full small stash though so no worries-mostly AIOs (Baby Softwraps, BBH, Bumkins)since I'm lazy.

I carried the first 2 transverse (sideways) until 36-38 wks so no surprise at my appt this week that the dr said this baby is transverse now. Not worried though-I got the other 2 to turn down so knock on wood...

Have a great weekend everyone!
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Well this is my last night of my second trimester and I couldn't be happier I am ready for my third to start tomorrow. Yesterday I had a prenatal check. Every time my np would find him to check the heartbeat, he would move just as she put it on my tummy. Then when she finally found him he kicked it--it was pretty funny. She and I both started laughing. He is getting more and more active, especially since I posted my concern of his lack of movement a couple weeks ago. Well it is a whole new deal now and I love it!!

We are leaving Monday to go up to dh's sisters in northern Minnesota. He has the week off so we are going to crash and relax with the inlaws. They own a cozy home on a beautiful lake. Will be a fun week of boating and tubing--I am really looking forward to getting away. I may still be able to check in with you all. SIL has a computer so I will try to hop on and say hi to everyone.

CourtneyandLogan--you just keep on eating those coco puffs--you look really good. I have no idea what your midwife was seeing.

Ok--I am off to bed. Hoping to get a good nights' sleep tonight :
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29 weeks (as of Saturday) ...

about having a hospital birth and a toddler at home ... well, I guess Ethan isn't quite a toddler anymore, but I'm still a bit worried about the transition for him. We've talked about what will happen, and he's expressed some frustration that he won't be able to be with DH and I the entire time we're in the hospital. I explained that sometimes it takes a baby quite a long time to be born, and depending on what time of day it is, he may or may not be able to be there for the actual birth. We talked about how it's a lot of hard work for me, and that Daddy will need to be able to focus on helping me, etc. etc. He'll be staying w/ my mom and dad, which he usually loves and jumps any any opportunity ... but I'm guessing it's anxiety about the whole new-baby-thing, plus excitement to miss anything adding up to him being not too thrilled with the idea of being away from me.

I have my dipes packed up in rubbermaid for the moment (I had them all spread out across the guest bed so I could admire them periodically, and go fondle them when I was getting the urge to buy something new :LOL ... but I've since packed them up until we bring up the dresser/changing table from the basement). So, I don't know exact numbers, but I'll try to give a general idea of my stash ...

aprox. 18 newborn/xsmall fuzzibuns w/ hemp inserts
2 dozen preemie prefolds, hand dyed by me
a handful of NB wool wraps, misc. PUL wraps/covers, and the sweetest little wool soaker and pair of longies you've ever seen.
aprox. 12 various fitted NB diapers

~18 various fitted small diapers
~6 various wraps (both wool and PUL) and covers
~2 dozen infant prefolds (still need to dye these, it's *so* fun!)
~18 small FuzziBunz w/ hemp inserts

Hoping to knit up a few small soakers before baby comes. I'm 1/2 way through my first soaker, and I think it will be at least wearable, if not a work of art
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OK, brace yourselves. There is a serious : coming on. Feel free to skip this if you don't want to hear a grumpy, hot, pregnant lady rant.

I just got off the phone with my sister, who is six years older than me. We've always been pretty close, but this pregnancy is driving a wedge between us and it makes me a little sad. She is unmarried, but has been living with the same guy who makes her miserable for almost 10 years now. Early on in their relationship she got pregnant and had an abortion. She's been waiting ever since for him to make a commitment, but well, it'll never happen. Pretty classic story. Her "window of opportunity" to have children is basically closed / quickly closing. It's made her very bitter and it's very frustrating for the entire family (dump him already!)

So she just read some article in some stupid women's magazine (Fitness or Glamour or whatever) that was very pro-elective C-section. The reasoning behind this was because the author's first delivery had been a classic hospital horror story: epidural and hours of labor flat on her back, followed by episiotomy, forceps, vaccuum suction, and finally c-section. The poor woman had all sorts of complications that eventually led to reconstructive surgery on her colon (?!?!), and she and her DH couldn't have sex for a year, blah blah blah. So this woman decides with baby number two that childbirth is barbaric and that everyone should just have a C-section without even attempting a vaginal birth. That was the take-home-message of the story. Don't even try.

My sister said she never knew that having a baby was so horrible and told me I shouldn't even attempt it and should just schedule a C-sec now. (I'm planning a homebirth with a midwife.) Oh yeah, and if I attempt to endure this barbarism at home, I'm going to die.

As an aside, I want to mention that I think C-sec can be a wonderful life-saving medical procedure, and I know some of you are planning to have one for medical reasons. I am really not trying to be offensive or denigrate your decision. It's the idea that women shouldn't even try to give birth vaginally that offends me about this article.

Anyway, my sister went on to ask if we plan to co-sleep, because guess what, the baby will die of SIDS if we do. And she thinks having a baby would be horrible for the husband because he gets ignored for months and I'm going to be so tired afterwards and breastfeeding will "ruin my breasts".... And on and on and on....

Sometimes I can't believe we even came from the same family.
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Nancy, what a bummer! I am so sorry you had to deal with that! Your sister obviously doesn't have the facts on her side and is talking from a place of ignorance on the subjects. I know family fights can be SO stressful. to you.

I have really enjoyed seeing everyone's diaper stash lists! I finally put (most) of mine in the album, and here it is:


If you click on a pic, it will show you a larger version! I am still waiting on a few things, and I am looking to get about 10 more fitteds in small and newborn sizes.
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Katie, your diapers are the cutest!!! And so is your daughter!

I took pictures of my dipes tonight and plan to put together a little show-and-tell, too. There aren't very many, though. Only 9. (My mom is getting us diaper service for the first few months.) But get this, I counted tonight and I have 45 wipes from about 10 different WAHMs!! Is that excessive? This will be one very clean, if naked, baby. :LOL

I just talked to DH and vented about my sister. I feel better now. I shouldn't have ranted so much. Mostly it just makes me sad. DH pointed out that my being married and pregnant is probably really hard on her, and maybe these birth horror stories make her feel better about missing out on it.

Glad to hear everyone else is nesting, too. I've had all sorts of weird urges lately. I wake up in the middle of the night in a semi-panic that we don't have anything yet (except 45 wipes! : ) Can we make that next week's QOTW? "What have you done to prepare for the baby so far?"
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Nancy -

I don't think 45 wipes is excessive at all!!! Cause really, you will use them for SO much, so often. At least we did. When the baby spits up all over you, when the baby drools on your clean dress, when you have to sneeze and it's the only thing you can reach quickly...we used ours constantly! I think we had 35 or so when we started which was OK, but the dryer ate half of them! :LOL We are down to around 20 and I definitely don't think that is enough!

Glad you feel abit better! Feel free to vent away, that's what we are here for.

: <--This is me. I have UTI symptoms again, so I am using a shot glass to do shots of unsweetened cranberry juice with Uva Ursi. (an herb for urinary health) It's the only way I can get it down! Hopefully I can get on top of this one quickly!

Ok, time for me to go to bed! It's 1:30 am here.
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Sorry you're getting those UTI symptoms again Katie, I hope it resolves quickly, that sucks.

Um, we just bought a window unit A/C from Sears tonight since it was 103 today, and after we spent 2 hours trying to install it in the window, we find out it's busted inside. I've been sobbing for like 30 minutes now, cause everything is closed. Apparently Wal-marts aren't 24 hrs here in Portland. I'm gonna kill someone at Sears. I feel like I'm suffocating. I barely slept at all last night because of the heat.

For the record (re: my rant about weight gain), I don't care what I look like, even my midwife said I looked fine, it's just that I've gained 20 pounds in 9 weeks, instead of say 10. And I'm currently eating Cocoa Crispies, instead of puffs. Anyways, I'd just like to slow it down to 1 pound a week, that's all, otherwise I'll be a whale by the end of this.

I'm a bit envious of everyone's stashes. I don't have any extra money lately to buy diapers. I'm not even sure if we're gonna buy newborn ones, since my babies tend to get to 20 lbs in like a couple weeks. There's a store in town that sells Kissaluvs, so I think I'll probably get some from there in a month or two. I must admit I love disposibles. : Though I did use prefolds and covers w/ Logan for the few months before he potty trained.

Piglet-I've had a lot of the same worries and concerns as you about my little nursling. I also can't wait to have my milk back. Logan has been pretty understanding though, all in all. Once my milk vanished, he stopped night nursing. He's actually content to cuddle instead, which blew my mind at first. It was rough for a while, but I just had to tell him it hurt me and offer him a substitute. Even if it didn't really hurt, it just made me want to jump out of my skin. I keep plenty of water by the bed, cause most times he's just thirsty. I always give him water or juice before every nursing session, which helps tremendously, cause he's not so ravenous. I'm just rambling incoherently though. I have a feeling Emily will come through all of this just fine.

I'm off to throw bricks at Sears.
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26 weeks 1 day (STILL not in the third trimester)

Well, I haven't been keeping up much. We have been sooo busy and stressed here. We are having a huge moving sale this weekend, (yesterday and today), and basically selling all our stuff. So, far we have done pretty well, and I am fairly pleased about the money we have made and things we have sold. But, it is a pain. Then we are moving on the 30th and driving 20 hours to my parents house where we will stay for about 2 weeks until DH gets a job (he is a teacher, so he should find something by the middle of Aug) and then find a new place to stay and move again! Aaargh!

I am jealous of you all with your newborn dipe stashes. I haven't bought anything for this babe. Mostly because we can't afford it. All the newborn or small diapers I have were given to me. I have tons of prefolds, more than enought of those and about 18 covers/AIOs. I am going to wait and see what else people give us before we buy anything, so I won't be buying diapers for quite some time! But, I am pretty proud of myself for resisting the temptation to buy! We are really trying to save our money and be very frugal, so I am not making any purchases and really bargain hunting and shopping. The only thing I am torn about is I want a new wraparound carrier. I know someone else said that they are harder to learn, but I love they way they look, and I love my Kozy (which is kinda similiar so much). I know I can learn it easily enough. It is the only thing I feel really secure with a baby in. I know a good carrier is worth it's weight in gold, and I want something I can nurse easily in, and be totally and competely hands-free. I have an OTSBH, but I could never wear it while doing anything besides shopping or just walking around. It wasn't hands-free, I always felt I needed one hand on the baby, but the wraparounds look sooo secure, and I know I will be wearing this babe a lot more than DD, since I will also have a 2 1/2 old to chase around. I am torn between the Moby and http://www.mamakangaroo.com/poswrap.htm. The Moby seems to be cheaper, but I am not sure because the MamaKangaroo site is Canadian and the prices are Canadian dollars. I know that an item will be more Canadian dollars than American dollars. How does it work when you buy something from Canada?
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