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My neck is killing me!

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Earlier it was my back and now that it's fine my neck is killing me (too much computer time)! Anyone else??
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My neck ALWAYS kills me - I wish I could blame it on pregnancy. I know it's too much computer time!

A massage does wonders. With my first our massage school offered $7/hour massages if you were pregnant and it was HEAVEN!
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:LOL Hmm.. perhaps I should take a computer break! $7 for a massage sounds WONDERFUL!! I can't even dare to dream!
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No its always one of my shoulders from hunching over the keyboard while holding a squirmy 2yo :
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$7.00 massage....ooooooooooooo........heavenly. (Sorry, just a December mama doing a driveby.)
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Originally Posted by Past_VNE
$7.00 massage....ooooooooooooo........heavenly. (Sorry, just a December mama doing a driveby.)
:LOL Come visit anytime!

Well can I complain here? I'm hot, my back keeps hurting on and off, my side was hurting a minute ago, my neck still hurts, my tummy feels funky and I can't figure out what to do to make me feel better in general! I just got 4 great pieces of fluff and even they didn't cheer me up! I'm not unhappy.. just uncomfortable, kwim? I don't know if this is pg or if this is all in my head! :LOL
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Complain! I am sure many of us are dealing with the same issues

I'm hot too and we have no a/c save for this tiny window unit that doesn't do much. Its so humid and muggy that I still feel icky even after a bath!

Maybe after a good nights rest you will feel better
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Yes! I have chronic neck and shoulder pain due to an old injury. I manage it with weekly chiropractic visits...which I will continue to do through this pg, I highly recommend it! Cold packs work well if you have swelling!
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I see a chiro regularly as well. I don't have any chronic troubles, so I just see him once a month now. I'll increase the visits as I get further along.
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