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essential oil quality?

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I have been trying to use and learn more about using essential oils and have read to use quality oils. I have bought some aura cacia and NOW oils. The NOW are a pretty fair price, I think. Is this a good quality oil? What quality oils do you use and where do you purchase them? store? online?
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To be honest, I don't know that much about quality. But, I have bought some oils at a terrific price at http://creationherbal.com/ and used them in all sorts of applications. They smell good and seem to be good oils to me, and the price can't be beat. But, what do I know?

ps: If you do order from them, be aware that their shipping is sometimes really slow...
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i don't know about the now oils, but aura casia is a good company that's been selling essential oils for many years. there are lots of newcompanies out there now that aromatherapy is gaining popularity. there can be a big difference in quality and extraction methods. i'd be leary of really inexpensive oils - esp. if used internally or topically. best wishes!
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I am a henna artist, and I incorporate EOs into my paste for smell and for consistency and for terpineols that are in some EOs. In searching for EOs, be sure that it does not say "perfume oil", "aromatherapy oil", or any type of "blend". As far as quality goes, it really depends on what you're using them for. If you're just going for the aromatherapy benes, follow your nose! But if you're using them for something topical, get the best quality. For use internally, I would definitely seek out the advice of a naturopath/herbalist before using anything. Some EOs are quite poisonous, and some of them sound and/or are spelled a lot like something harmless.

Where I get my oils:

Tea Tree oil -- believe it or not, I get it at the evil Wal-mart. (Yeah, I know). It is a very good quality that they have in their first-aid section, near the glycerin (which I NEVER buy there). It is also about 1/4 to 1/8 the prices I've found anywhere else, which is good, because I use up to an ounce for a day's worth of henna paste.

All others -- either at Fresh Fields (aka Whole Foods, aka Wild Oats) or through my henna supplier. Fresh Fields isn't the best place to shop, but they do have a really decent selection of Aura Cacia and a couple others, and they're right down the street. The rarer ones that I sometimes need, I get direct from my henna supplier, Maison Kenzi

Good luck
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Depending on the use, it is best to buy cold pressed, ORGANIC oils. Oshadi is great, not much more expensive, but good. Young living is also good, but multi level marketing so I don't use really. Make sure you are getting pure oil, not fragrance. The better the quality, the truer the scent, and the better it will work.
Web search ess, oils and read more. If it is super cheap it is probably questionable. Good Luck!
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