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Kimberlylibby's baby Katie pics! - Page 3

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awwww, SO cute! congratulations kimberly! enjoy your babymoon
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Awww she is so cute and you look gorgeous mama! Congratulations! Now WHERE did you get that hat? I must have one for my yet-to-be conceived baby #2!!!

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I love the hat! She is beautiful, congrats!!
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aaaaawwwwwww, so cute! almost makes me want another one!
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Awwww - she's perfect! I'm totally getting baby lust here.
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Congrats!!! What a beauty! I love the dipe and hat!!!
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Oh, how is it possible that I already miss the tiny baby period. My little man grew so fast. He is the size of a 6 month old at 10weeks 4days old.

Congrats Kim and Keith, that is one beautiful little baby girl.

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Such a cutie!! Very cute hat!
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Oh, mom and baby look so beautiful! What a cutie--Love the diaper too

Congrats!!! She is gorgeous.
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She's totally precious!!!
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She's a doll!
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OH my - what a cutie-pie! :
Almost makes me want to have another one. . .
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What a doll!!! Oh, I have baby fever BAD now!
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What a sweet little girl! Congratulations.

And the hat is making me laugh--does anyone know what pattern it's from? That would be a fantastic baby gift.
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Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Congrats Kimberly!!
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oh she looks just perfect! what a cute dipe too! I wish I had started cding when my babes were newborn!
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So cute, makes me want to get pg right NOW!!
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