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March Mama's week of July 18th

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I didn't see a thread started for this week and I've got some new news so I thought I'd start it. I don't have an updated list of mama's though.

Here's my news...
I went in for my ob appointment today and to get the first ultrasound (she does an early ultrasound on me to rule out multiples since it runs in the family). She searched around for a while and finally told me that all she saw was an odd shaped fluid filled sac and no baby. For some reason it didn't quite phase me, I didn't really believe it. I told her that wasn't exactly what I was wanting to hear.....so she started searching again and then finally found the baby at a very odd angle in my uterus...heart beating away. So all is well, apparently by the Ultrasound date I'm 4 days ahead of where I thought I was which doesn't make sense because it's right between the two possible spots that I ovulated. She says my due date is Feb 28th but I'm sticking with March 2nd for now.

I'm still really nauseous and plan on it for at least the next 6 months or so. I've lost 2 lbs...no big suprise. My thyroid is really low so my med is being dosed up again which was also expected (it always goes low when I'm pregnant).

We finally got all the new flooring in the house (due to a flood last month) and am still trying to get stuff put back together. I'm really enjoying my new laminate/pergo though, it's soooo much easier to clean up spills and with three young boys I get a LOT of spills each day.

March Mama's Arrival Dates for 2005
Ravenmoon 3/1
Cholderby 3/2
Luvmy3boyz 3/2
Ekblad 3/3
Doulamommy 3/4
OaklandMama 3/5
Finnsma 3/8
Fiercelove 3/9
Crayon 3/13
Jocmtl 3/13
Somewhere to grow 3/13
Ladyelmo1 3/16
Karennnnn 3/17
Joan 3/20
Patchfire 3/21
Mimim 3/21
Simplehome 3/23
Jenniebug 3/23
Morningtillmoon 3/24
Tomomma 3/25
JennInSeattle 3/29
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Glad your apt. went well! I can't wait to see/hear this baby's heart beat! We have laminate flooring as well in the living/dinning/master bed room...we love it! I'll never have carpet again!

Ooops forgot to add my update...which is not much since I just joined last week...I'm due March 5th...My son Elias is still nursing and I've lost 4-5" in the last month. I'm feeling pretty good...A little tired, sometimes HUNGRY! Sometimes not wanting to eat at all...luckily no morning sickness so far...Knock on my wood desk! I've located some HB midwives in my area so I'm going to be calling and setting up appointments for next week when my husband gets back from his trip. My Mom is coming to stay for a week and a half to help me get some work done around the house and take care of Eli while I sew orders!

Hope everyone is doing well this week!
Peace Mamas,
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Well, it's Monday....and boy is it Monday! I had my hair cut on Sunday, and the moron, after repeating what I said twice, and asking questions of her own, still did it wrong. So I had it blunt cut today, a bit better, I like it much better than it was....but I liked how long it had been..... The whole time while we were in the salon today my son was either whining loudly (only 4 other people in there) screaming, or crying. What fun. Now he's in his room refusing to listen to me all the while dh sleeps off a headache in our room...Sure I left him here right after he got home so I could return the library books, and get the film developed like I wanted this afternoon before melt down boy started up.


A pregnancy update, getting a little nauseas now...I was really hoping to pass this up, really really really hoping. :

I see a CNM on Wednesday, and will see my HB midwife sometime in the next 2 weeks. I'm still waiting on a confirmation on the date. Will update more after our first appointment.
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Pregnancy update... my breasts are still incredibly sore. Not so nauseous today, just some heartburn and the inexplicible cravings and food aversions. I'm outgrowing one of my bras, bleh.

Tomorrow I've got lots of people coming to my house so tomorrow I have to clean and I have to provide some kind of vegetable for the potluck. I have no clue what I'm going to do, as I have no desire to cook!

Tried to go down - well, actually, we did go down - to the MLK Jr Historical Site with my visitors and dd also. She'd had all morning to run around, but she still wouldn't shut up for the 10 minutes that someone was talking in Ebenezer Baptist Church!! She told me it was 'not fair' that she didn't get to talk and I said that what wasn't fair was her disrupting it for everyone else. Argggh.

First appointment with the midwife is 31 August. No planning on parallel care at this point - I think I'd scream, honestly, as I was thinking about all the things I don't even have to think about this time, lol!
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Okay, here's my update...

My breasts are enormous! They have been sore since June 26th, and it's getting a little old. I've been out of my regular bras since the day my period was due, and I'm almost out of the sports bras that I wore until I was 5 mos pg with dd. I'm not sure what I'm gonna do about that. I'm starting to think I may grow out of my nursing bras before March, and those are pretty big! (big for me, anyway; I'm not usually that well-endowed)

My belly's already popped out, too. I'm still (barely) in some of my regular clothes, but I'm not thinking that's gonna last long. I was going to keep it to myself until 12 weeks, at least at the new job, but not thinking that's going to happen at this point. I may be obviously showing LONG before then, if this keeps up.

Am I outside the norm here??? I know each one is different, and I know that these things happen sooner with a second baby, but this is starting to make me wonder.

T my last day at the job from h*ll is FRIDAY!!!!! So, I'm working like crazy, to prove to certain creeps that I am not a slacker. And on top of that I have 6 of my in-laws coming to stay at my house for the next week. They should be here tomorrow. Should be fun/interesting/exciting/tiring. Why, oh why does everything seem to happen all at once? Lucky for me I can still stand the smell of cooking food, with dd I couldn't.

Sorry if this post is a little shrill. I guess the stress is showing. Next week will be better.

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Hi Everyone!
We have an appointment with a HB midwife this week! I am so excited. I think I must have tested really early because the fatigue and nasty smell thing has hit full force. I am exhausted!
Good luck to all of you!
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Hi everyone! I can't there is a whole lot going on over here. I'm really tired. Not too much nausea though. My nipples are killing me, but I'm determined to keep BFing my DD. So far so good. I still have to call my dr and let him know. But I'm not in a super big hurry right now. Although I'm really looking forward to starting to prepare for another HB with him and my midwife again.

That's about it. Hope everyone else is doing well.
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Melissa - My bbs are huge too! They were already big because I'm nursing but now my nipples are even lower and Nathan and I are having to work harder to get them positioned correctly when he wants to nurse! My nipples are sensitive but not killing me, thankfully! However a few times a day Nathan grabs a nipple with HeMan strength and that's unbelievably painful! It takes all my patience to keep my cool!

I was on Weight Watchers prior to becoming pregnant and all of my clothes fit loosely but here I am no more than 4 weeks and things are tight, my belly wants to sit between my legs and I'm keeping everything unzipped with only loose panties! I wonder how much of this is in my head but I know some of it can't be because my pants/shorts/capris are uncomfortable!

Hi Rachel!
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Hi Jenn!

Yeah, my BBs feel bigger. (That is not a good thin considering they were HUGE before :LOL ) I'm also having to really work with Chandra to get her latch on properly. She has some not so great nursing habits that never bothered me until my nipples were sensitive.

I've actually lost weight this week (5 lbs ), but my pants don't feel any looser. So I'm wondering were the weight came from. Not the good ole boobies or tummy for sure.
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Well, my midwife appt isn't until next month, but when I spoke with her on the phone she informed me that her backup ob has a new policy for women over 40--they must have an ultrasound to rule out heart defects. We'll talk more at my appt. but I'm pretty pissed that the decision to have an us is being taken out of my hands.

I'm 5 weeks now...feeling a little light-headed at times, not very hungry, no weight gain, my nipples are very sore when ds nurses so I've been encouraging short sessions.

We told the kids and they're thrilled. My family also knows--I think being a grandparent has become old hat though because my parents are happy but don't seem as excited as they were the first couple of times. Sis and bro are happy for us. In laws don't know yet and we still have a few friends to tell.

I can't wait until I'm showing.
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Hi, I am Jennie, new to the group! I am 5 weeks due March 23.

I have a consultation appt tommorow with a HB midwife and I am calling 2 more midwives in my town to see if they do HB.

I have a lot of symptoms. Dizzy spells since the week before AF was due, nausea the week AF was due...ok its not even morning sickness its all day until the sun goes down sickness and then I am fine and wired. I can't sleep at night, I am getting up early in the morning and then I crash around 2pm. Of course I feel like crap right after I wake up from my nap so I am trying to not nap and go to bed earlier.

I am already having cravings, veggies, fruit and sushi mostly. My appetite (when I am not suffering the m/s) is HUGE! I can't seem to eat enough.

I started my vitamins this week, floradix. The stuff tastes putrid but it works the best for me and I am picky. I am also taking 200mg of B6, any less than that and my m/s is so bad i simply can't function. And I am also taking a folic acid supplement. Amzanginly enough one of my most common pg symtpons, sore boobies, has not happened. I am a bit jealous of you ladies who are already growing LOL

We told the 2 youngest kids and they are thrilled. The older 2 are at their grandparents for the summer so we are waiting to tell them when they get home. I know the oldest is going to be so happy as he has been asking me for a few months now when I was going to get another baby.

I guess thats it
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I'm a bit over 6 weeks now and feeling impatient. For what, I don't know. I guess I can't wait to show. I am still having almost NO symptoms. No nausea except for fleeting moments, no fatigue out of the ordinary, no sore breasts, no decrease in milk supply. The only symptom is that I'm craving much blander, more carb-filled foods than I usually eat, which I experienced during my first pregnancy, and I just have NO desire at all to cook. I know I need veggies but it's a struggle to force myself to make them; I just want to order out every meal! And I am starving FREQUENTLY.

Can it be that I might actually avoid morning sickness this time around? Or is it still too early to assume that?
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I'm doing pretty well. My fatigue isn't bad at all, a big change from last time. I am bursting out of my clothes like some of you gals are. I went through a bit of a "I'm getting fat" depression last week over it. So I got some maternity clothes, stuck a pillow in them, and realized I will probably look pregnant, not too fat. Though we'll see. I'm eating like a couple of working men.

I started eating liver. Ewww. It is palatable, but that's about it. It appears to be worth it though. My mom and I started it on Friday and both had really good days SAturday. My energy has been pretty good since, so I am pretty sure the liver has given me some energy.

I am looking for a doc or midwife. I've gotten the name of a good HB midwife in the area who also works as a doula, so I will contact her to get the skinny on VBACs. We're in the absolute sticks here. It may not matter -- I may have the baby in the car on the long trip to the hospital. LOL. That's my dream, of course.
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Rachel - Yes, Nathan could use some work on his nursing habits too! He's starting to do the taffy thing and he had just started pulling off quickly when he's ready for bed which can be painful. I think the hardest part is that I'm not sleeping well (I mean I'm sleeping but I'm managing to wake him up all night long) so he's nursing practically all night!

O/T - Nathan's 11 month birthday was on Sunday and he took his unassisted steps! He quickly walked from me to Dan! Very exciting!

As for relatives and their own excitement about the new baby, my mother couldn't be happier! She was afraid we might only have one baby because Dan has always been slow to warm up to the idea of children and since I was an only child until 10 she knows what being an only child means to the child itself. She has told everyone in church and half the family out of state already! lol Today I dropped Dan off at work and when I did I asked if he had told any of his friends at work yet and he said no. Last time (with Nathan) he told his friends before I said he could (actually asked him not too) that's how excited he was! I'm not sure what's up this time so I can relate with at least him not sharing in the overall excitement! Oh well, he'll warm up.

And I thought I'd share my dreams from last night:

First, Dan and I were at some kind of jewelry type store and Dan brought me over a hollowed out dragon egg that was painted very pretty with gold outside and it was hinged so it opened up. Inside was a huge colored diamond. He said it was worth $3 million dollars! I asked him why he'd bought it for me and he said because he wanted to! I ran outside and put the egg on the front seat of the car (but had a feeling I was being followed because someone wanted to steal it) and then quickly ran inside for no apparent reason. Security wouldn't let me back out to the car though, they thought I had stole the egg! I explained Dan had bought it so Dan and I proceeded to look for the person he'd checked out with. She was on duty but was getting off and just came through the door to explain the situation when I moved on to the next dream.

In the next dream I was with Dan at the hospital and they were trying to get me pregnant. They were using tiny tubes that remind me of what's used in acupunture. I asked what they were doing and they said that they had taken Dan's aliels (no real idea what that is) and assessed them. They then manufactured the exact same ones for me and were putting them in me. They had to match in order for us to become pregnant. They said that they did this to me last time too but didn't tell me.

At one point in the dream Dan changed from himself to being a guy who was tall and stocky and seriously sweet! lol I don't know what that was about!

Then I went back to the school I was going to (I'm not in school) and went to my classroom (where John Kerry was the teacher.. too much politics on tv?) and I was trying to stand out so he'd remember me.

Finally I was at my mother's house with Dan and I decided to let an ENORMOUS Black Mamba bite me because it was on the list of those with an antidote at the hospital. It had a nice long bite and then I pulled it off slowly. Then Mom looked on the list and said that it wasn't on the list of those with antidote! As I'm freaking out and trying to call the hospital Dan tells me that I never go to bed with him at the same time and he wants me to come to bed. I get mad at him for asking me about bed when I've been bitten by a Black Mamba but divy out a few squares of toilet paper to keep him at bay.

Umm... those are some seriously weird dreams!!! And just for fun, the first vivid pregnancy dream I had was about Aliens coming! :LOL
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Jenn - your dream was just as weird a mine was! Doncha love those ultravivid, ultrabizzare pregnancy dreams? I can't wait until later on when the baby starts to make his appearance in them.

City Girl - until this pregnancy, I never had any noticable symptoms at all until about 6 or 7 weeks, and then they came on gradually.

The fatigue is starting to set in for me! I was really really tired during the first trimester of both my previous pregnancies. I'm not looking forward to wanting to sleep 12 hours a day again, but it looks like it's starting now. My nipples are getting really sore now - they're almost at that 10 day old newborn soreness. My breasts are actually SMALLER this time. I think my milk supply is dropping fast. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good- I have a tiny bit of nausea on an empty stomach, but that's it.

I'm still kind of bummed that my HMO won't pay for the midwife that I met with, but I'm going to have an info consult with Homefirst next Friday and I'm feeling optimisitc about that. They're doctors (really crunchy ones) and I would much prefer a midwife. MY insurance WILL pay for them and one of thier network hospitals is 3 blocks from my home. So if I have to transfer (god forbid) it will only take one minute to get there!
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Pregnancy update-Well, I'm seeing my midwives this week, that's about it. Still almost no symptoms. I'm almost 5 weeks. My BBs aren't even sore like they were w/ my other kids. I just got some cute newborn diapers in the mail. Really makes me look forward to seeing my little one, but I don't think s/he will make an appearance till April.
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Oh geez i didn't see this thread and started a new one,ignore it please.Must be a pregnancy thing

Luvmy3boys will you copy and paste the due date list so we can have it on every weekly thread.Thanks
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Originally Posted by Ravenmoon
Oh geez i didn't see this thread and started a new one,ignore it please.Must be a pregnancy thing

Luvmy3boys will you copy and paste the due date list so we can have it on every weekly thread.Thanks
Sure....I got too anxious to post my news yesterday *chuckle*.
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I've always had one hang-up with pregnancy and it's soda. I cut back but still drink it....until now it's making me throw up. Every time I drink it my morning sickness gets 10 times worse.

On the plus side I read a wonderful little piece about how eating chocolate daily during your last trimester makes a calmer, happier, more content baby. True or not, it's the kind of story I like to hear
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Can I join the group??? My little one will be here mid march- but then again Rainey was due mid march and she was born March 31st..lol..

It seems so weird to be doing this all again!
Hope we all have lots of happy moments together! What a great trip we are on
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