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**DONE** End of July, The Babies They are A'comin Thread

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Here's a new thread. Think it'll hold us through the rest of the month? I doubt it actually.

I will review the last one and then post a list of ongoing topics.
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I actually posted a novel on the old one--you must have snuck in that post while i was typing mine.
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Yep, we cross-posted. Sorry about that. I will cut and paste your post below.

Christeeny's Post:

Ha! Ha! That is hilarious. What nerve for that woman to be rude to you like that. That is exactly the type thing that would get me upset. You deserve a gripe.

Yall I am so excited for Kimberly. She has put up with so much--she must be so relieved that it is over.

I just completed my last Monday as a student teacher. Yeah.

My feet are so swollen. It is upsetting because I have made it this far without that problem and now suddenly they're nasty. I'm sure it is the over doing it and the heat and the lowness of the baby--I think he's on some vessel that cuts off blood in my legs.

My trip went well and I saw many of my family that have never met my husband of 2 1/2 years. They are kinda pretentious (sp?) and couldn't believe I traveled there (only 3 1/2 hours and one state away mind you) in my condition. Yeah driving that long made my feet swell, but staying overnight in a hotel with no whiny toddler to wake me up at 6 AM was kinda nice. Like a mini vacation. I missed Ben alot but felt really comfortable with him being at his grandparents. I know he's in great hands. For example he woke up at 3:30 and couldn't go back to sleep in his pack and play so he slept in the bed with them. how sweet.

I wanted to say to you all that when I bought a dress at motherhood the other day ( I know it is so soon to due date, but I need something nice fore graduation!) I recieved a gift bag with a Avent bottle in it. I know most of us think bottles are the devil here but you never know. (I know I'll be leaving new babe with a bottle of expressed milk every now and then) and if it has to be a bottle, I really do like Avent the best AND it was free! So go check it out. Maybe there would be some nursing night gowns or bras that you could get and get a little gift bag or something. Unless you think bottles are the devil and then you can give your bottle to me! (he he just kidding)

Pregnancy symptoms today.... back ache back ache back ache and groin pains like someone else had mentioned. Hmm.... wonder what it means. My maternity clothes are pretty tight. I don't have much time left in them.

Cleaning.....I keep a pretty clean house in my defense, but last night.....I Saw a MOUSE! We caught him and got rid of him but still. I'm totally mortified and disgusted. I WILL be sanitizing the entire house tonight. Vaccuming behind all furniture, moping all floors, bleaching out and vaccuming out cabinets and behind washer and dryer. (that's where he came from) I want to be sure that i don't find any evidence of him having any family or friends in my house) I don't mind bringing a baby home to a moderately messy (lived in) house but I REFUSE to bring him home to a house that a mouse has been running in. No way

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Topic Review

-our first “August” baby, Katie, arrived (Congrats, Kimberly!)
-who will be next? The debate is on (I say Lena)
-unwanted baby gifts, e.g., blankets when all you need is dipes (I can relate to this, I have already rec’d several things that I will probably never use from misguided but loving grandmas)
-poo – maternal, too much and too little
-back labour
-more lemonade
-concert-going and the pregnant lady
-contractions galore
-GBS+: What to do?
-Dhs telling people that no, we don’t need anything (mine does this too)
-Rude people yelling at military wives
-And, finally, mice.
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I think that I will rename this thread the Dodo thread and monopolize it mercilessly.

I'm surprised that none of you have mentioned strained marital relations. I can't help it. It's no fault of his own. I don't want to be around dh at all right now. He in return is making snide remarks suggesting that I go alone into a dark forest and not come back until I have a baby (this is in reference to a birthing class we dropped out of when expecting our first).

I bought a new baby carrier today. It's a wrap made in Quebec. Affordable for me at 50$ CDN. Would be a steal for you Americans. Check it out:
Mama Kangaroo

My diapers are hanging on the line! My bassinette is assembled. In fact, dd (almost three) slept in it last night. Sign of trouble ahead? Nah...
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I will jump in on the marital relations...I almost killed dh the other day. I have a horrible relationship with my mother, and pretty much don't speak to her (had lots of abuse, etc. growing up). I made it clear in the last few months that I am separating myself from my family. Well ds mentioned that he missed grandma and wanted to play with her trucks. So dh let him call her, but she wasn't home. So she saw the number on the ID and called back. I was unaware of all of this until ds was talking to her and I asked dh who was he talking too. Then he starts, Hey do you want to talk to your mom? And hands me the phone. I should have just hung it up. BUt no, like an idiot I talk to her. And then I hear it about ,"Why are you having a homebirth? Your brave. You know anything can happen. " She even told me that she was anxious to have the baby come and told me I should try jumping out of a chair or something. My mom is really stupid. But it really upset me. And it really, really, really pissed me off that dh would call her and not tell me. Men are so stupid sometimes. REally. And then I think, he is supposed to be my support person in labor? How the hell am I supposed to trust him when he does sh*t like this? So I have had to spend the last few days calming myself down and getting all the crap my mom said out of my head, and getting back to a positive state of mind.

On his side, after he saw how upset I was, he has been really nice and letting me relax more. He wasn't doing much, and I told him, "you know, how many times in my life am I going to be nine months pregnant? I need to be treated a little like I am special, and not have to ask for every favor."

A friend is taking ds to the carnival on Thursday and dh and I will go to a movie/dinner. Hopefully that will help patch things up too.

That was a long gripe! Sorry! Hope everyone else is hanging in there!
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Well, I've been in a foul mood lately. Does that mean anything? I've got 4 weeks left, and I'm a major grump. I ache all over, I'm having near constant contractions/BH's/whatever the heck they are, and in the TMI department I can't tell if I'm constipated or about to have diarrhea. I feel constipated for a while, then have to run for the potty. Anyone else have this peculiar symptom? Babe is still riding high under my ribcage, transverse, breech, all over the place, but never vertex, GRRRR!!! But, I guess that means there's still room in there to move around, so that's a good thing, right?

I have a doppler which I bought when I was pregnant the first time, and I've hardly used it this pregnancy until the past couple of weeks trying to find where the actual heartbeat is. I keep praying it will be below my belly button, but it keeps staying high, so that's why I'm pretty sure we're still breech. I can almost always find it in seconds now, feel for the head, and then approximate where the heart would be and it's always where I think it is. I'm surprised I'm using it so much, honestly, as I'd vowed to not do much of that sort of thing now that I'm more educated about pregnancy. But, this niggling little fear that the Babe won't turn keeps at me.

I did manage to get some cooking done this weekend. I've got three chicken pot pies, 2 mexican lasagnas, one very large italian lasagna, 5 containers of dirty rice (which I beef up a lot so it's a main course), 6 containers of spaghetti sauce and I'm making meatballs, taco meat and something else with chicken tomorrow. I also have a couple of frozen containers of entree style soups from various cooking sessions through the past few months. My goal is to have a month's worth of meals. I know lots of people who do monthly cooking, but I honestly can't stay on my feet that long, so I'm just going in spurts. We'll get sick of the same dishes over and over again, but I know a few friends of mine will help break up the monotony, and we can always order pizza (although nobody delivers near me, so we have to pick it up...)

We got the crib put together this weekend, finally! And, it works sidecarred, which I was kind of worried about. I'm so glad all the pieces were together. It's been sitting in our garage since our move, and I was sure it would be missing something.

Now, I just have to finish going through the baby clothes, but I'm feeling less pressured than I was before.

Anyone else becoming a total hermit, too? Here's a typical day for us: up at 8:00, I put on PBS and try to doze a little while longer while DD watches the formerly very infrequently watched television, out of bed whenever I can't stand it anymore. She normally has breakfast with Daddy before he leaves for work at 8:30, so there's no big rush for me to get out of bed. Then, we lay around and read or play for a while, and around noon we put on our swimsuits and go to our next door neighbor's pool. Swim for an hour or two, home to shower, maybe take a warm bath (if the pool was cold, like today) and then nap (naked) from 2:30 to 4:00. By this point, I've decided that there's just no point in getting dressed (besides clothes are too uncomfortable anyway) so I just put my PJ's on when we get out of bed. I don't always get to sleep with her, but I do try to stay in bed and read or do something low key. Then, we're up playing for a couple of hours before it's time to get dinner ready and Daddy comes home. They play for an hour or so, we eat, then put her to bed and I collapse on the couch. What the heck is so exhausting about days like that? Tell me, cause I just don't know. But I'm worn out. I truly haven't left the house (other than the chiropractor, grocery store or the neighbor's pool) in at least a week. And, I used to be the kind of person who had something to do every single day of the week! We always had activities or playgroups, or something going on. How come I'm not completely stir crazy? I guess this must be nesting, huh?

Anyway, this is getting long.

Sorry about your mouse, Christeeny. That must totally freak you out. And, I must confess, I'm one of those that think bottles are the devil. I'm completely shocked that Motherhood is giving them out. Well, shocked is the wrong word, but dismayed or disappointed might be closer. I just don't understand why bottles have to be the universal baby symbol and they tick me off. But, that's my peeve.

It's not surprising that many of us are having marital issues right now. It's a hard time for sure. A dear friend of mine today pointed out how appropriate it is that as our time approaches we become more globe like in shape. As though nature is telling the rest of the world that we must be revolved around. I like that concept! More men should understand that. Thankfully, my husband is being pretty patient with all my garbage. I go off on him for the least little thing and he just takes it.

For example, this one has really been bugging me. Sometimes he forgets to put the toilet seat down in our bedroom bath. Now, I'm fumbling around in the dark, trying not to turn on lights for fear I'll wake myself too much and not be able to fall back asleep, rushing to pee five million times a night, and wouldn't you know? SPLASH! I need a shower. Ticks me off!!! Just when I thought I had him properly trained...

Okay, that's really long enough now. Catch you all later...
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CONGRATS, CONGRATS, CONGRATS! Kimberly I hope to come and see you at the hospital tomorrow!

Who will go next: Thanks for the vote Lena! But I have my bet on you. My doula called me today and said that unless I go into labor on the weekend when her DH can be home with her kiddo's she prob. can't come. ( I have to add that she is also my best friend. We don't have a contract or anything) But I can't imagine doing this without her, so please pray!!! Her mother is a real witch sometimes and has now at the last min. pulled her offer to watch the kids when I go. So I am now praying for a weekend delivery or for her mother to have a change of heart.

Marital Probs: Urgh..... I don't want to get started there. But hubby is driving me nuts. He was such a huge help last pg. but this time he expects too much of me and does little to help. I even think it may take longer to have this baby than I'd like because I get so stressed when he's home. :

I don't have much to report. It's been a while since I last posted. Went to six flags Saturday morning for about 4 hours. Had some really good strong contrax while there and then again that afternoon while relaxing in the pool. Everything stopped when I got home to husband.....(see above paragraph) Sunday I just wanted to sleep. I did manage to get about a 30min. nap after church but mommy duties called soon after the cat nap. Today I woke up full of cleaning ambitions and actually got everything done that I wanted to do today. Cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom, same in our living room and finally got my daughters room cleaned. I can actually walk in there now. Then I made brownies for my hubby (he's been hinting) and made taco salad for dinner. I didn't feel like it, but I had to cook the meat before it went bad. All in all, no nap today and I am really tired now. DH did get some brownie points tonight by giving me a good long foot massage. Baby is being active and now having BH's about every 5 to 7 min. I would guess. Not painful, just uncomfy and causing lot's of low pressure. I am sure they will putter out as soon as I crawl into bed.
I am with Lena. I feel ready for baby to come but I don't want to just sit and dwell on it cause then Every day that it doesn't happen will be long and frustrating. I have a midwife apt. on Thursday. It should be pretty boring. I don't plan on having her check me again from last time. Just knowing that I am already atleast 2cm was enough encouragement for me that my body was acting properly so I imagine the next internal I will have will be apon arrival in the labor delivery unit at the hospital.
Oh BACK LABOR: sorry I don't remember who asked. But it's caused by a posterior baby. It is much easier to get the baby into an anterior position pre labor rather than in labor. Check out some optimal fetal positioning sites. Good posture and sitting with back higher than belly or leaning forward are always good. Good Luck!
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Okay for me to whine and moan and b!tch to you all? DH and I got in a fight this morning when it has been quite a while since we fought. The fight was about a sponge. There have been two sponges on the kitchen sink for a while, so he decided that the green one was for the floor and the yellow one was for the dishes. Only he never moved the green one to another place to designate it as a floor sponge. I've been putting floor sponges in the bathroom, but that's outside and he says it's not convenient enough. I had tried in the stinky cellar under the stairs, but the floor is dirt and rolley polley's started eating the sponges. So they had just been out in the bathroom. Anyway, he says I'm the one who has been screwing up on the sponges because I'm the one who hasn't been keeping them straight, using both as dish sponges and to clean the stove top, etc. This is an disagreement that goes back 11 years. Initially, he didn't feel the need to have a designated floor wiping sponge and a dish sponge. He brought a girlfriend of mine into the dispute because he thought she would take his side and she took mine, thinking that yes, you do not do dishes with the same sponge you use to wipe up spills on the floor. So he accepted it as something he had to live with (his brother, though, uses the same sponge for the floor and dishes -- so disgusting especially when you consider how dirty French streets are and that the French wear shoes in the house) and has tried to remember not to use the dish sponge for the floor. But since we hadn't ever agreed and talked about the location of each sponge in this house, it was sure we would fight about it sometime. And since he has been doing more around the house for a bit because of the amount of my pregnancy, it was sure to come up again now.

So, after we fought and was already in a bad mood, I got to speak to the neighbor because our stupid dog keeps going over the wall (he's re-building it in a way different from when it was originally built and not making it very high) there to poop. The neighbor thinks it's because our grass is too long. Just the conversation I need to make my morning just so bright and happy. DH has talked for a few days about cutting the grass, but hasn't done it yet. So I need to go talk to DH about making sure to inspect the neighbor's yard for poop each day and about cutting the grass and maybe about seeing if we can close our terrace so that the dog can't get out. For the past week, the neighbor's gate to the street has been open most of the time and the dog keeps crossing the wall and going into the street. But she's so stupid she just will lie in the road and there has been one incident when a car stopped for her and she gets up (standing in front of it) and looks at it for several minutes like she's trying to figure out what it wants.

So, there's my vent. Take care all - Madrone
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Hi all, good morning. I feel good today. DS and DH went to bed together last night so I had the house to myself and got a lot of cleaning done Oh why does that make me so happy now? Crazy.

On marital relations, ours is fine except that I have a short fuse and will get frustrated with him easily. He's doing a good job ignoring me. Madrone, I'm glad that you vented, but I have to tell you that your fight had me laughing! Sponges! I remeber DH and I had a fight once during my last pregnancy about eggs. I think it was about the correct way to put them in the fridge. Anyway, all the eggs ended up smashed on the floor. Isn't it silly the stuff we fight about?

Laurie, and everyone else voting for me, this will be me 2 weeks from now: :LOL :nana: LOL. I just feel like I am going to be one of those "lucky" ones who hang there on the brink of going into labor for forever. I should keep count of hom many times I have to tell people no baby yet, but you know, there's a whole 4 weeks span...

Caroline, yes being in a foul mood means something. It means you are really pregnant and your body is just not working right anymore! ANd I'm with you on the TMI thing. I get contractions where I swear I have to poo, but I don't, but then I find myself running to the toilet several other times a day. I never had this problem with DS. Actually with him I never had any of this prelabor type stuff going on. Hope that baby turns for you. I've got my freezer stocked with stuff too. Spaghetti, lasagna, mac and cheese, chicken and rice dish, chilie, fajita filling, chili, ect. I told DH that if the people at his work ask us what we need for the baby to tell them GC to places like Applebee's where we can just go pick food up. Goodness know we don't need anymore blankets, stuffed animal, or cute little girly outfits.

ilove- sorry about your mom. That must be really hard. I really dislike my in-laws (b/c they think I'm evil) but that's nothing compared to having problems with your mom. I hope it works out for you on the supportive DH front.

Dodo, you crack me up! Can't believe your 3 yr old slept in the bassinet. Did you get a picture? My parents bought us a swing and DS keeps climbing in it. He asked to take his nap in it yesterday Thanks for starting a new thread, and if you want to rename it an monopolize it sounds good to me! You'll have me laughing!

Okay, this was a super long post. EVeryone else, hope you are doing well. Happy baby growing vibes!
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sigh, i can relate to the marital grumblings...i'm a butt to be around lately...not so much because i'm mean, but because i am so whiney and hormonal...i cry over everything it seems. my dh doesn't help the cause, he's not the most helpful person anyways and it just seems to compound things that i'm panicking over having to take care of three kids and a house by myself and he just keeps on in his own little world lol...sigh, oh what i'd do for a long vacation (w/o him or the kids!!!) w/ a big fat adult beverage lol! i feel for him though, i can be hard to live with...i feel like it should be "me" time right now though, i don't understand why everyone else doesn't feel the same lol!
re: who's next?...hmmm, i don't think it'll be lena either...she's not near mean or whiney enough yet lol...i'm excited to see who it is though, i can't believe we're in the home stretch!!!
we haven't had a shower for the last two babies (shelby and ian) and don't really need one...if ppl have asked what we need, i've been telling them food lol! i'd much rather set up a list of nights for people to bring dinner than have more baby nonsense lol! i'm sure mil will help out a ton though
i'm waiting on the swing she bought the baby to arrive as well as the double stroller i just won on ebay to arrive before he can come lol...i figure that's at least two weeks and i know he's not due for 5, so that'll keep me occupied waiting on that before i get down to "baby countdown mode" yk? i'm going to finish washing diapers and clothes today, i didn't wash the smalls yet and i feel like i should as big as he has measured all along. i'm afraid the newborns may not fit!
well, my dryer's finally fixed (been a wk coming) so i need to do some laundry! i'm actually caught up since i used mil's dryer the other day, but i feel the need to do some now that mine is fixed so i'm going to finish baby stuff lol!
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hi all!

Caroline: thanks so much for that info on getting rid of the gbs. I printed it out and will be bringing it to the mw practice on thurs. I found some good info online and have a bunch of questions, so hopefully I'll feel better about the whole thing after I talk to them. As it is right now, this whole gbs+ thing is depressing me. Trying not to dwell though.

magemom: A free 311 concert! Too cool, now that is something I would have dragged my huge self too! We are a big fans here.

and kate: LOL at the contact high from the roots concert! I had the same thought about the 311 concert (are you guys fans?) but ds seems to be ok

Add my DH to the not-helpful list. I have to repeatedly ask him to give me a break and he excpects to be able to come home from work and take a nap! Yes, he gets up really early, but hello! 9 months pregnant here! Oh, at the store the other day he was carrying the basket of groceries and ds asked him to pick him up and he says "could you carry the basket, since I'm carrying ds" all annoyed at me. I'm thinking, well I am carrying the baby 24/7 why don't you take a shift there?! grrr, men! I am sure my current hormal state has nothing to do with it, its all him! lol!

I don't feel ready for this baby at all yet, so I don't think I'll be next! My diapers have to get here first! I think I may clean and install the carseat today. Clean ds' while I am at it. Its pretty nasty.

Well, I am thinking today is a stay home all day kinda day. Not feeling like dealing with people or driving. Its too hot anyway! Have a great day everyone!
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I woke up full of energy this morning but don't have anything to do since I cleaned like a mad woman yesterday. I hardly sat down at all. I was supposed to have my two daycare kids today but she cancelled. I could rest but amazingly (and for the first time in quite a while) I don't want to. If I had a car I would take DD to the nice covered park we have about 10 miles from my house and then maybe go swimming this afternoon. I really hate not having a car. Why is it that when I finally have a great big gob of energy I have no where to exert it. URGH....... My mom wrote me an email saying she had some housework to do this afternoon when she gets out of school. I was hoping to spend some time with her. So I wrote back and said I would help with the house work. At least I'd be putting my energy to good use.
Well big sis just called and wants to take the kids to the free summer movie so that will atleast get me out of the house. I write back later. Have a wonderful day ladies!
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As Paul Simon says, "break down call it a shake down" here today. DH was sick digestively speaking all last night and then poor DD didn't really want to get up this am, hung out on my lap for a few hours, and finally puked down my shirt at 8am. Called my in-laws to say that they probably shouldn't come over to visit today b/c it looks like we have a bug. My MIL ever so politely suggested that perhaps my family is ill b/c my house is such a mess, referring to this round of puking and one that happened a few months ago.

Good grief. My house is bad, but I don't think it's that bad.

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: MIL's! My mom does daycare and all the kids, all my family, and all the kid's families (everyone but my mom) has the exact same thing. I guess there is some virus spreading super quickly but the worst symptoms are supposed to be passing fairly quickly. Hope they feel better and I hope you don't get it!
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Ugh, add me to the out of sorts list. I feel like a monster to be around and I hold a lot in. I find myself snapping over stupid things, crying over nothing, raging over things and just plain irritable and grouchy!! I find I need more little breaks from DH and DS or else I would crack. Fortunately, I'm home alone right now for a few hours, so maybe I can either get some stuff done or just mellow out for a while.

DH helps...but he does what he wants. If I ask him to do something, he grumbles and groans and half the time doesn't do what I ask. I'm grateful for what he does do (especially emptying the compost as I physically get sick doing that), but it would be nice to get help with the things I really need help with as he does things that dont' have much priority in needing to be done and can wait.

Yesterday was the first day in ages and ages I felt pretty good. I couldn't believe it!! Of course by evening I was back to my painful, tired, grouchy self, but it was so nice to have a small window of feeling "normal".

I'm just getting so antsy waiting. This pregnancy has gone by quick but I am ready to be a mom...again . I'm not a "good" pregnant woman. I'm also having some moments where I'm scared something will go wrong, but I'm hoping and praying all goes well.
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Darn it! I just had a nice post typed up and it's disappeared.

Madrone, I have to laugh at the sponge fight. We have it all the time. We've come up with two solutions. One, I cut the corners of our old sponges, and they become floor/toilet/bathroom/outdoor sponges at that point. Eases the confusion. And, DH found this one, he used to never squeeze a sponge when he was done, so in a day or two, they would smell so disgusting I couldn't even walk in the kitchen. Now, he does the dishes at night (isn't he terrific!) and his final step is to put the squeezed out sponge in the microwave for one full minute. I think it kills the bacteria or something. Whatever it does, it's working, cause now our sponges last more than 2 days without becoming really stinky!

Jillybean, glad to have that info for you! I hope it helps somehow.

Laurie, please send some of that energy this way! I could totally use it!

Leah, OMG! Your inlaws sound dreadful. What a terrible thing to say to someone. I just don't know where some people get off. You could tell her "actually, I think the concept of *you* coming to visit may have been the trigger, but we'll never know..."

Well, I'm not feeling so well today. Up half the night with abdominal cramping. Probably not the virus that's plaguing everyone else, but somewhere along those lines. I'm exhausted. Need to get back to the couch...
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man, you guys have been chatty today... i don't have a ton of time 'cus i have to pick up my ds1 at the airport in a little while. now i'll have all three kids and dh home! it's been over a month... i've missed having the whole clan here.

last night i had about two hours of 10-minute-apart contractions. i used some herbs to try to stop them (it was after midnight!) but they took their sweet time. i wound up floating in the tub for a bit... the contx kept coming but i relaxed enough to quit caring about them so much. i also listened to one of the hypnobabies cds and that helped.

this morning they're back to the random b/h. i woke up all acidy and nothing tasted good... finally threw up about an hour ago and am just feeling funky. wish i could go back to bed but there's noone else to pick up ds.

dh helped me make the bed this morning with an extra layer of sheets and waterproof tablecloth, so we're ready for whatever leaks.

yes, i'm also in hermit mode. i probably talk to you guys more than anyone else these days!

in some ways i just wanna get this labor done with so i can play with the baby and get down to nursing... that part i can do well! and then i can enjoy food again, and my hips will work again...

and in other ways i am SOOO not ready! you ladies with all the dinners in the freezer just blow me away. i feel woozy just boiling noodles these days. i dunno what we're gonna eat after the baby arrives... probably the same thing that we've been surviving on for the last few months. fortunately my kids are old enough to graze and help fix meals.

i need to be focusing on the positive... my hemmorhoids aren't bugging me, no sciatica, very little swelling, active baby in vertex position (though s/he is spinning anterior/posterior, but i think mostly staying anterior), birthing supplies ready, lots of diapers and little onesies clean and waiting, carseat here, MIL being good, my mother complaining to my sister but keeping quiet to me (yay!), sister coming in on monday to help for 2 weeks, house in relatively clean condition (sister will sterilize the place once she gets here, though), a/c working, dh still speaking to me, plenty of sponges, nobody sick...

hang in there, ladies!

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Thanks Lena! Thanks, Caroline! You really made me smile with you MIL remarks. My MIL isn't that bad.........she just has absolutely no tact. I'm pretty used to it b/c DH too has no tact (wonder where he got it?), but today her timing was completely, irrevocably off. Gotta say that I did some pretty good venting as I bleached the heck out of the kitchen following her phone call. And this all from the woman who just advised my husband to not let me go crazy cleaning when the desire hits b/c it means I'm about to go in labor. Ooooooh. She really wants this baby born soon. Maybe this is her covert way of achieving that?

Must maintain a sense of humor, ladies. Someday, I too will be a MIL and the torch will be passed.

Which of us has the MIL that always washes all laundry in the house when she visits?

Katje, so you've got the crew back! My, what a change in pace that will be.

Who asked about the home-made lemonaide? Joy of Cooking does it this way:
2 c sugar, 1 c water, peeled rinds of two lemons and pinch of salt: boil for 5 minutes to make a syrup
Juice and strain 6 lemons: add that juice to the syrup once it's cooled a bit
Add the finished product to taste to ice water or spritzer. Made about 1/2 qt jar of syrup for us. It's pretty tart, but that's the way I like it (might explain my current disposition, huh?) so I'm thrilled. I think too that in these last few weeks of pregnancy, the extra dose of vitamin C can only do us good.

Did you see Kimberlie's pictures? They're wonderfulllllllllllllllll!

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