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Yo, Daednu, you're still doing your yoga...........bet it's getting tricky but still doing wonders for you.

2 trips to my new chiro have really wiped out all the pelvic pain I'd been having.......I'm so much more comfortable now than I was 2 months ago, even. So very glad that I tried the new guy.

Lena, I'm wondering if a muscle rub with something like arnica in it would help you? I've never tried it but have a tube of it a friend gave. Hikers and athletes use it quite a bit. I find that using a glob of Unkers (a menthol-based rub) and really working it in over a sore joint has helped a ton this pregnancy too. A local health-food store could set you up with either item, I think.

This babe has yet to drop and, according to my OB, most likely won't until the day of the EVENT because it's a second child. DD was so big that it never looked or felt like she had dropped because she took up absolutely all available room.

Where is Bears? It's been a few days, hasn't it? Or did I miss a post?

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Yup, what I'm still able to do is helping for sure. I don't have any back pain at all.
Don't you wish the baby dropped with subsequent children. Yes it sucks to make extra loo runs, but geeze that breathing space is excellent!

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Only have a second b/c DS needs me. Wanted to say that here, they say that menthol is bad for pregnant women and will not give them anything with it in it (such as Vicks, etc.). I know that in the US, those menthol items are about the only thing recommended for pregnant women with colds. Here, they go with straight eucalyptus. When I was pregnant with DS and was told one thing by my doctor here when I had a cold and then told something contrary to that by my doctor in the states whom I telephoned, I was pretty darn confused on what to do. I ended up deciding to err on the side of caution and not use products containing menthol. Since I'm just here for this pregnancy, I don't really have the conflict problem anymore.
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Originally Posted by Jlcampbellkidz
Ice and water are about the only things that sound good. I made myself take a few bites of taco salad last night but then reached for a cup full of Ice.
The chewing ice thing is what made my mw check my iron. She said that it's common for pg women to crave ice. Mine has to be crushed.

We are headed out to a soccer game with the kids. They slept forever so fingers crossed we will be there more than 2 minutes.
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Hi all.

Hope you'll forgive me for posting from babymoon land

I can't wait for someone to join me!!! I get my staples out tomorrow!! I lost one this afternoon, so I'm down to 15. With Libby I had 42 I think? It was a LOT. My incision is so small this time! I think it's about 8 inches wide? I don't know, it seems so much littler though

Katie nurses so nicely. She is a pro and just slurps away and then collapses into milky land. My milk is in super strong now, and I'm regularly flooding my shirts She basically is sleeping all day and waking every 2-3 hours or so and nursing for a good 45 minutes each time.

Libby is hilarious and just loving her new baby sister... she is also enjoying the attention overload of having her grandma and grandpa in town

Getting ready to upload more pics to: http://picturetrail.com/kimberlystamps in both the diaper and the katie folder

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I hate being sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am not one to take meds while pregnant but I am contracting almost non stop and I just want them to go away. I don't want to be sick and labor on top of it. I called my midwife and I will see her tomorrow. But for tonight she suggested some Robutuson and Tylenol PM. She said she understood that I don't like to take meds while pregnant but that if I were to go into labor I would be thankful for getting some much needed sleep. I havnt gone to the store to get it yet. I am still debating. Any thoughts?
: : :yawning: : : :Puke
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Laurie, you need sleep before you labor. I understand the dilemma but I'd be running to Kroger about now.

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oh, kimberly! you just post from wherever you are... you're our first mama to birth and we wanna hear from you as much as possible! and thanks for the pics... she's such a cutie!

last night we finally put up the tub indoors... worked out all the kinks between hoses, connectors, valves, windows, dropcloths... at one point i was so frustrated i was sure nothing would work, and just bust out in tears. of course it did all come together and i finally got in and just floated... but it's too shallow. it doesn't cover my belly unless i slouch down really far, and on my knees it doesn't even come near my back. it's too late to get a deeper tub (and would cost more than we can afford at the minute)... i'm really disappointed and not sure what to do. but it did feel nice, what was covered... and maybe in labor i won't care?

and i do have my outdoor tub as a backup... it's not screened, but maybe we could rig something up. i have all these way cool tye-dyed tableclothes from our wedding i could use... we'll see what we can come up with.

the midwife was called to a birth for the second week in a row during my appointment. i was a little nervous about not seeing her, but she's going to come to my house tomorrow morning. i'm not swelling or anything, so i'm not worried... but i did pay her a chunk of change to be making sure everything is copasetic, and right now is when i need her to be telling me i'm OK!

dd and i went out to a used baby-stuff store, and scored a diaper changing table (only one, though...). they did have another nice changing pad, so i'm gonna use that on the table upstairs... it's lower than i'd like it to be, but that's what we've got for now so that's what we'll use. still need some pad covers (guess i could use a receiving blanket if necessary)... and some of those waterproof pad things to go under the bum.

baby is waaaay low. this is my 4th pregnancy and i sure feel like i've dropped! baby is bouncing on my bladder and pelvic nerves... stuff like stepping off a curb makes me wince and cry out. and getting up at night... i stagger like a zombie because of my stiff hips and back! it's a wonder i haven't fallen down the stairs or something. i'd be out of my mind with the pain if i didn't have this tub to float in (the outdoor hot tub).... i think i've been out there in the wee hours almost every night this week. lena, get thee into hot water!

you all have my empathy... whine all you want, cus i sure am! dh has managed to mostly avoid my wrath, but i think that's because he's learned to be as solicitious as possible. the kids bring me little offerings of ice water all day long. i've been chewing ice like crazy, and woe betide the poor soul who leaves an empty ice tray on the counter!

all my kids are asking to have their friends stay overnight, and i have to give the parents the caveat that if i go into labor, they MUST come pick up their darlings immediately... even if it's 3 a.m.! man am i being a grump to these guys. still, you think they'd figure out that staying somewhere ELSE would be the thing to do these days... maybe they're in denial now.

enough whinging for the moment... but i'll be back with more soon, i'm sure!

hugs to all you creaky, cranky mamas!

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Laurie - I vote you get healthy. Knock yourself out and feel better. If I need to take otc stuff when pg (i.e. need to control a fever) I take less than the recommended dose. As someone who doesn't take meds a little goes a long way.
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Laurie, take them and get better. I do not normally take meds while pregnant and it took alot for me to go on the antidepressants but it has been so worth it for me. I still don't take tylenol for a headache unless I can't see, then it is only enough to take the edge off so I can sleep.

As one who was up all day no nap and then up all night in labor, get all the rest you can. You never know when you will really need it.
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It's funny that we're talking Tylenol. I never take the stuff, pregnant or not, but had a killer headache today and asked my midwife for some in the middle of our prenatal. I had the best day because of it. It had the unintended effect of relieving some of my other outstanding aches and pains, allowing me to finally have some real sleep. Now it's worn off and I'm debating running (limping really!) to the drugstore for more. Am I addicted? It's seriously all I can think about.
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kimberly, the diaper pics are great!

i agree w/ the other mamas laurie, i'd cave and take the meds at least once just to get some rest and relief...going into labor w/o being fully rested (or hungry in my last case) stinks!
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Thankyou to everyone for replying about the meds. I didn't get any Robitusun because all of them had extra stuff for symptoms I am not having. I got Tylenol Synus Nightime and Daytime box. I was still up several times to go to the bathroom and boy I had some major doozie contrax. I seriously thought she was about to poke her little head out. But I think the Tylenol did help some and I feel much more rested today. I also got some Chloraseptic throat lozenges and they are helping with the sore throat. Still don't feel much like eating and I have been having lots of waves of nautiousness. I am just making myself drink and drink and drink. I atleast wan't to stay hydrated.
I fell this morning in my kitchen. I was opening up the blinds to let in some light and tripped on one of my daughters toys. My belly went strait into a chair at the table and I stubbed my toe. Atleast I didn't go face or belly first into the floor. It ofcorse hurt my back but I broke out the handy double headed massager and leaned over my birth ball. That seemed to help.
I have a midwife apt. at 2:30 today. I should find out the results of the GBS swab they took last time. I sure hope it was negative. A positive would really mess up my "stay at home till the last min" plans. I just want as little or NO interventions this time.
WELL WISHES to everyone else here in these last weeks of pregnancie.
BTW.... sorry I don't remember who wrote it, but thankyou to the person who wrote the post about enjoying all the wonderful being pregnant things like kicks, movement, and hiccoughs. I really needed it and appreciated it.
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Originally Posted by Jlcampbellkidz
I fell this morning in my kitchen. I was opening up the blinds to let in some light and tripped on one of my daughters toys. My belly went strait into a chair at the table and I stubbed my toe.

I did that a few hours before my water broke. I still wonder if it was related. I tripped over Libby's toy mountain in the hallway and fell flat on my belly.

My milk is *in* in a big way. I was nursing Katie last night in bed in the middle of the night.... and she popped off for a second and I couldn't control the flow.... poor girl ended up soaked in milk. She was sputtering so hard!!

I'm having to pump off a couple ounces here and there, getting some borderline clogged ducts.... I'm giving Libby the pumped milk My bra was loose 2 days ago and today I'm bustin' out It hasn't been too painful though, because she loves to nurse so much

Well, I'm out the door to get my staples out. Every day I feel more and more human

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Originally Posted by Jlcampbellkidz
I have a midwife apt. at 2:30 today. I should find out the results of the GBS swab they took last time. I sure hope it was negative. A positive would really mess up my "stay at home till the last min" plans. I just want as little or NO interventions this time.

It was not mentioned before, but I will decline it today if offered. Even if I tested + I would stay home till the last minute. Especially since I hope to 'oops'.

We will have to compare notes tonight!
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Hi everyone! So do we think maybe Bears has maybe had her baby? She hasn't posted since the 19th.

My OB appt was OK. Basically no change from last week except that I lost a pound. I am working on packing my bag today b/c I figure this weekend probably starts the time period I think I might have the baby in, so I thought I should be ready. Who know, maybe I still have 2 more weeks or more even. We'll see.

Laurie, glad the medicine is helping. At this point you baby could come any day and it's good to be ready and rested "just in case" I know I've tried to take a shower and blow dry my hair everyday "just in case"

Feeling really good today. Those stupid pains just seem to come and go in cycles. Each time they come back, though, it seems worse than the last time. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one getting them, although I wish none of us had to have any pain. With DS is actually probably was feeling better in those last few weeks than I had in months after having 12 weeks of constant contractions and hypermesis before that. So this time is so different for me.

Kimberly, I love your posts. It sounds so wonderful. I can't wait to be holding my baby girl, nursing her, and gazing at her as she sleeps.

Everyone else, hope your day is wonderful and your babies are growing nice and healthy!

ETA: LOL, I posted this and just saw that Bears just posted on the Prayers please thread! Hi Bears!
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Feeling like a big weirdo today. It could be because of the weather (86˚degrees, feels like 91). Because we don’t have a/c or decent insulation, we try to lay low, sit in front of fans, keep the windows and curtains closed, and abstain from using the stove, washing machine and dryer. I’m also not leaving the house anywhere near midday.

Since I’m housebound, I thought I would dig out all of the newborn clothes. The problem is that I have way too many. I feel so overwhelmed that I have this insane urge to haul everything I have to Goodwill and start afresh with a few nightgowns and undershirts. Seriously. To compound this, the doorbell keeps ringing with deliveries of gifts, some for baby, some for us. For instance, my FIL was recently horrified to learn that we “still” didn’t have a DVD player so he took it upon himself to buy us one. It just arrived amidst the mess of baby clothes. The sight of another box to unpack actually made me cry. I really dislike clutter. My house normally looks pretty Spartan. That’s how I like it!

OK, I guess I should finish sorting the baby clothing before dd comes home. Hope all is well with the rest of you.

p.s. Magemom, I didn't realize that you were considering a freebirth.
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Kimberly: so glad to see you home and doing so well. Your Katie is just beautiful

I had my appt. today and got to ask all my questions ablout the GBS+ They will just put in a heplock, so I can still move around and even get in the water (which is great b/c I'm hoping to waterbirth) they found an antibiotic that I should not be allergic to and the baby won't require any extra tests, just a home visit the next day instead of in 3 days. Thats the good news. The bad news is that aparantly Chapel Hill is the GBS research capital of the US and their back up doctors consider a + test to be absolute. They are not flexible at all. So even if I do an herbal regimin and get rid of it, I am still considered positive. So that bites. Of course the mw said its really up to me whether to do the antibiotics or not. So now I have a tough decision. So, out of curiosity, if any of you found out you were GBS+ what would you do?

Oh and btw Caroline: even though the herbal treatment won't help me much the MW kept the info and said it was really interesting and wanted to share it with the rest of the midwives. So maybe it will help someone.

Laurie: Sorry you are feeling so crappy. I hope you feel better asap! Let us know how your appt. goes.

katje: sorry to hear the tub is too small. That bites. I say use the outdoor one, give the neighbors something to talk about!

Deadnu: I've been trying to send messages to this babe to drop already! Yeah, some breathing room would be nice!

I never dropped with ds, that I was aware of. Maybe b/c I'm 5'2" ? Not a lot of room in there!

Ok I should be going. Hope everyone is doing reasonably well today! Can't wait for the next baby to make an apperance!
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Hey Girls!
Leah-I'm here! Just away from the boards for a few days while my bro is in town. He's here just for a few more hours and then back home. It's been a nice visit. But honestly, I just want to hunker down and read all of your posts and catch up with everyone. I've been such a slacker-even before my bro arrived. DH going back to work FT a few weeks ago has really put a damper on my board time!

Oh-Kimberly-Katie is a real cutie. And I know we've all said our congrats, but I am so thrilled that she and you are healthy and well.

Lena-I put in a Bob the Builder DVD the other day for DS and promptly fell asleep for about an hour and a half! I never do this, and felt kinda bad, but DS was happy as a clam. Snuggled up next to me. If there's ever a time to give ourselves a break it's NOW! Oh, and I'm sorry you're in so much pain. I, too, have had so many aches and pains lately. I can hardly walk when I get outta bed in the morning. It feels like what I would imagine arthritis would feel like. All achey, sore everywhere. Sometimes I wonder if I feel like this now, how am I going to get thru labor when I already feel yucky?? I have to say that getting more sleep at night DEFINITELY helps. I don't know why exactly. But I got into bed at a decent hour last night and I am not so stiff and sore. Are you getting enough sleep??

Daednu-I'm so impressed that you've continued with the weight lifting and yoga up until this point. I'm sure that my aches and pains would be better had I been more active throughout this pregnancy.

Hey guys, I always thought that the baby DID drop earlier in subsequent pregnancies? I now know why I keep feeling things happening, but the babe seems to be in the same positiion.

Laurie-Sorry you're sick! And I hope you got to Kroger! And I hope your GBS came back neg. I, too, will get my results today at my OB appt., and I'm a bit nervous. Don't expect it, but who ever knows???

Katje-DH has felt my wrath lately. I've been very much like a dictator lately. He's so understanding. I'm wondering when I'll get a chance to give HIM some MUCH-needed love???Oh, it's all about ME right now, though, right ladies????

Well, I'm officially 38 weeks pregnant today. My bro keeps saying that I won't get out of July without having this baby. Just by the way I look, and move. And I've definitely felt "different" the past few days... Some more cramping, BIG mood swings, etc. I told DH to be ready in the next few days. Of course, I'll say that and this babe won't come until mid-August!!

We still have a few things to do. The carseat and co-sleeper need to be put in. And I have to wash some more stuff. After my appt. today I have to do a little shopping at the closest mall. I'm not looking forward to it. I really hate to walk right now. But I'm in need of a new bag, perhaps a robe, and still a going home outfit for baby.

Well girls, I really can't believe that this is the end of the line for many of us. So, so weird. I think DH is in denial about how close things really are. And I'm alternately overwhelmed and so EXCITED!

Thinking of all of you. I really miss hearing and "seeing" you all when I'm off line for a few days...
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Hey everyone-Not sure if you all have seen AP's post. You probably have been more on top of it than me, but if not, check out her thread in the general August section. Please send big hugs and prayers!
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