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Prayers Please **UPDATED**

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went to my homeopath today and she looked at *the lump* under my arm that has come back and she says she does not think it is the *c* word she says she is about 95% sure, but she cannot tell me it is not. She says I have 3 things going for me..pain, the lump is mobile, squishy, and we have treated it before .We treated this once with a remedy and it went away so we will treat it again but I asked her what she thought of a needle biopsy and she said if I need it for peace of mind then let's do it.
So I called OB and OB said not to worry and that it is probably my milk duct that is infected and that she will do the biopsy herself on Thursday. SO that makes me feel a little better that my OB will be doing this and not some mainstream doc that knows nothing about me.

I am feeling kinda weird about the whole thing and really just wanting to focus on my baby coming.

so if you do not mind could you all pray for me please that this will not turn out to be the *c* word......

it makes sense that maybe it is an infected milk duct I got early in the pg due to ds weaning then and now it is getting inflammed again b/c my breasts are getting ready for the milk again.

It also could be still from me shaving and an inflammed lymph node....

Don't know too many variables......but I *need* to know....

I will be 38 weeks tomorrow....

sorry to be such a pooper....
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How scary for you!! I'll def have a prayer for you!!
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Traci, you are NOT a pooper at all! I really hope this is nothing. You have my prayers. Your theory really does make sense. But, I totally understand the need to know.

Hope you find it's nothing at all!
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Oh momma I know that even if you know it's not likely, that chance even being there is scary. I will be praying for you. I hope you find out that it's nothing bad.
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tracy, as mammals we used to have milk ducts running from our armpits down our bellies (like dogs and cats do). once in a while, we still have rudimentary ones left over... sometimes down low, and they look like extra nipples... sometimes up high, and those get stuck where yours seems to be.

i've seen this in several of my doula clients (though usually after the birth, but none of mine were lactating when they got pregnant, either). it really hurts, it's scary... but it's treatable. it might need to be removed, but once it's out, that's the END of the problem.

i'm sooo sorry this is happening right now, when you need to be focusing on the arrival of your beautiful baby... but perhaps it's a blessing in disguise, so you have the opportunity to deal with it now rather than when you are wiped out postpartum.

i know this stinks, but try not to fantasize about worst-case scenarios. your body is doing precisely what it needs to do right now, and you are being wise to deal with it in a timely fashion. hang in there...

hope you get a quick resolution to this mess so you can get back to the real business at hand... getting ready for your precious baby!


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prayers and thoughts headed your way...i hope it's nothing serious!
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Stopped & sent up a prayer for you.I think its going to be ok! Hugs,Catherine
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traci - I have been nursing DD the whole time too and I have to say in the last few days my breasts have been full and sore - some places even hard as if the milk has come in and just waiting to be eaten up! I'll keep you in my prayers and thoughts as well.
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it sounds like everything will be fine and I will send my prayers just to make sure. Try not to worry too much. Good luck at your appointment.

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Thinking of you!!
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Traci: Hope the appt today goes well and gives you some much-deserved peace of mind.

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Thank you so much everyone...

I think I have worried for nothing: ; the remedy has really been helping and today even when I woke up the swelling has went down greatly and the pain is not near what it was a week ago.
When my OB looked at it, felt it, she said she really believes there is nothing to worry about and that she sees this a lot in pg women close to their EDD. My body is just ahead of my baby in making milk. She said cancer does not go away and come back and does not repond to a homeopathic remedy that quickly. She said we are just not dealing with that at all. Cyst maybe, but that doesn't even bother her b/c it drains and fills and responds to treatment.
She said she would put a needle in there if I really wanted her too but she said she would bet she would just pull milk.
Katje she did say that after the baby comes that it probably would fill again and we would put warm compresses on it and worry about removal if needed then.

So I finally feel relief and am very happy to be on my way to the last weeks of this pg being a happy stress free mamma...
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I'm so glad it is okay!!
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Traci, not worried for nothing. You had a legitimate lump in a scary place. That's something to worry about. But, how nice of your doctor to put it in such a terrific perspective.

So glad it's nothing! Yay!!!
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Good news! Hope you are enjoying your pregnancy now!
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Thanks you guys ..thank you sooo much.....
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I'm glad to hear that it's nothing sinister.
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