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Originally Posted by JennInSeattle
Nathan's in a purple striped Little Caboose without the additional snap in and he's coverless. Oh and yes, he's sleeping for the night.
That's brave!
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Neeko is sleeping in a cuddlebuns with a infant cotton prefold with a bummis wrap...:Love
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The usual here: a Celestial Baby fitted with a fleece cover over it by Sweetiebums. I believe there is a Little Fishy wool booster under that soaker too My good old stand-bys
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DS (5 months) is in SOS hemp ftted w/ fleece topped doubler and SP wool. DD (almost 3 yrs!) is in a disposable, courtesy of her missing FuzziBunz.
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Braedons in the usual FB stuffed with an Infant CPF and a hemp doubler!

Woohoo, I can FINALLY play n this post, he has FINALLY fell asleep!
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Alek sleeps in fuzzibunz stuffed with an Indian prefold and a joey bunz type thingamajigger.
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Bright Yellow Wonderoo with JB
Big suprise there with the wonderoos hugh? lol
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Tonight he is in a Growing Greens Onesize with a pink fleece topped hemp doubler (lol) and a Orange Blossom Baby Turquoise wool cover.
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"Gotta love those 'crats!

Lilah's sleeping in a Sandy's fitted with a fleece topped hemp doubler and covered with our trusted Aristocrat too.


what she said

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Nighty Newts with a 'crat!
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Will is in a Happy Hempy stuffed with a hemp prefold and a Kiwi Pie oatmeal cashmere cover.

Jack just got changed - he's now wearing a velour outer/fleece inner, aplix closing Loveybum and a Loveybum wool aplix closing cover.

I love aplix for night. Can't handle a snappi at 2 am in the morning. :
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Ack! When I went to put Holden in his night time combo, a Night Light and wool soaker, I realized I never put the dipes in the dryer yesterday!! So I had to put him in something else - I used a Crytstal's Cloth fitted with a watermelon woo l soaker and hoped for the best. He just woke up and there were NO LEAKS!! I am so pleasantly surprised - yippee!
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My kids are up now but Pietey slept in a FB with one insert and didin't pee! And Aubrey wore a size 2 FCB red kanji and a simply sage soaker
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Ethan is sleeping in a Premium CPF lined with a fleece topped soaker from Apron Strings, and an extra Hemp doubler with Bummis Whisper Pants. In fact, he is sleeping in, so I am waiting for him to wake up now.
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A surprisingly absorbant regular side snapping Bee-Bo's with a pair of mama made longies.
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Daddy changed Amber into a diaper last night, AND he changed her diaper first thing this morning, so I don't even know!!
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DS wears an FCB size 2 Nightlight and a large crat! We this combo!
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she slept in a beccabottoms ut pocket stuffed with a nighty newt

the older babe slept on the couch with daddy with the tv on and popcorn all over the place. needless to say, he forgot the dipe.
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Aaron slept in a light blue FB stuffed with lg Joeybunz and a microfiber towel.
Now that he's up he's in a prefold and mom-made PUL cover (anxiously awaiting the morning poop so we can return to our regularly scheduled coverlessness).
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Phillip is sleeping in a turq. FB stuffed with a HH stuffin and micro towel. ( I can't believe he is still ) David was in the same thing size exlg but just got up to use the potty.
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