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Hannah (2 yrs old) is sleeping in a toddler CPF with a premium folded in thirds in the middle. I Snappi it shut, and put a large Bummis velcro wrap on her. She's not a heavy wetter, so this works well for her.

Kayla (3 mos. old) is in a premium CPF with a homemade doubler in the middle, Snappi-ed shut with a medium Bummis snap cover on it. She IS a heavy wetter, so I usually have to change her as soon as she gets up.

I don't know what else to do. DH doesn't want me buying too many more diapers. Any recommendations for AIO's or good night time pocket diapers???

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Still sleeping in a Nighlight and Toot Sweet wool.
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Mollie, defintely something hemp and a wool cover. You can get an inexpensive fitted from a place like Sugarplum Baby and an Aristocrat won't break the bank either. A sugarpeas wool flannel cover would be nice too. My heavy wetter sleeps in a hemp fitter with at least 1 Joey Bunz and additional doubler and a Toot Sweet wool cover. The diaper is always sopping wet but we never have leaks.
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A HH stuffed with a Nighty Newt.
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Sean just woke up a little while ago... he was in a pair of wahm-made cotton trainers with a stupid gerber "waterproof" trainer over it ... you can tell that Daddy got him ready for bed! He "forgot" to use the wool soaker and Mama ended up waking up in a puddle next to Sean... (funny how he never pees in Daddy's direction!)

Someday when I have lots & lots of time, I will think up a better night-time combo for my day-trained but night-challenged little one...
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Last night, Luke slept in a SCC marble batik fitted with a bifold soaker and an extra hemp doubler and microfleece liner, topped with a navy and red reversable wool-on from littlebums.
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Eden is napping in a birdseye flat.
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Aidan is napping too...CPF and Bummis SWW...like usual.
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William is in a Firefly sleep tight covered by an Aristocrat. Parker is in a Kissaluv sz 0 cover by a FMBG cover.
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Well my boys are up and changed now but Johnathan slept in his Nightlight covered with a ME Airflow. Brodie slept in a Fuzzi Bunz stuffed with a hemp prefold and microterry insert.
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night was her firefly with fleece-topped ducky buns under a ME airflow. Now napping in a fuzzibunz with 2 joeys inside. definitely our nap standby!
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ok, I'm late, but Breanna is napping in a yellow Snapping Turtle pocket with orange sherbet fleece inner and a JB insert.

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Missed this last night, but both kids slept in Soft Landing Stuffers stuffed with Samuel's Soakers
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Well he's up from his afternoon nap... an hour early! A nap is not 25 minutes! Everyone else is asleep in the house... DH, DD, the cats... the dog...but not DS and me...

He slept in one of his many Mudpie AIO (DH changed him for his nap) and he's now sporting a old Luke's Drawer Cotton Kiss AIO in a primary Lennon print. It usually gets really wet really fast but I love it so much and just can't part with it.

He slept last night in a ManyDucks hemp diaper (2 doublers) and an Aristocrat. Our "boring" but totally reliable night combination for Mr. SuperSOAKER!! It's amazing how much that boy can pee and he doesn't even nurse at night anymore.
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Well, I didn't know last night to post, but Vinny spent the night in a PWP Elfin Under with a Cashmere Kiwi Pie on top. This did not leak. I was surprised. Then he napped coverless in a FCB fitted, he took it off and didn't wet the bed.
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last night he wore a premium ubcpf, and craftier by the stitch soaker shorts
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muttaqin currently-- coverless. He wont get his real night diaper til I go to bed around 1 or 2. But at 8pm i'm not sure he's down for the night.
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