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I stumbled across this and thought of you:

ACOG. Informed refusal. Committee Opinion No 237, June 2000.

"Once a patient has been informed of the material risks and benefits involved with a treatment, test, or procedure, that patient has the right to exercise full autonomy in deciding whether to undergo the treatment, test, or procedure or whether to make a choice among a variety of treatments, tests, or procedures. In the exercise of that autonomy, the informed patient also has the right to refuse to undergo any of these treatments, tests, or procedures. . . . Performing an operative procedure on a patient without the patient's permission can constitute 'battery' under common law. In most circumstances this is a criminal act. . . . Such a refusal [of consent] may be based on religious beliefs, personal preference, or comfort."

You go girl-kick 'em where it counts!
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Thank you very much.

I do hope I don't need this -- I have found some good VBAC resources locally, just need to make sure they are up-to-date.
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Oh, and a member of the hospital board of the hospital I will probably deliver at, had a VBAC. About 45 years ago.!!!! One of the local doctors was bragging about how he probably performed the first VBAC and she said "oh really?" He was shocked at her story. She just showed up fully dilated. She was a WWII nurse with a huge amount of brass.
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That is great! If my husband hadn't agreed to see a midwife that was my plan as well. "I'm at 10 and I'm pushing. What the heck are you going to do about it?!?"
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