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Hi Plantmommy
where in CT are you?

I found my widwife from www.birthpartners.com They are located in Madison CT called birth and beyond

I found 2 local ones in Groton/New London but I never called to see if they HB since they were attached to an OB office.
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I'm in Ridgefield, right near South Salem (NY). I'm not sure where Madison is... I think I found some that were about 45 mins. away from me, and I figured I'd rather add 15 mins. to the drive and just go see Martha, since I worked with her before and was very happy with the way everything turned out.

Going OT, but if you happened to know of any progressive peds within, say, a half hour drive from me, I'd be very grateful! I'm planning on driving to Mt. Vernon to see my old ped at this point.
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ladies and... uh... litttle nursling ladies + gents... the Great Klothos doth be in back labor...

** heading off to take a bath and hoping this doesn't last as long as my first...

please send speedy labor vibes!
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Madison is about 1hr 15 min from you

I can't help with a Ped since we don't even have one. The kids don't go unless there is an emergency, in which case we take them to the NACC which is the military clinic on base. My neighbor has had toruble finding a progressive ped as well. They seem to be few and far between.
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Speedy and gentle labor vibes being sent your way.

I'll be thinking of you all day.
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Klothos, woooohooooo!! Many gentle and quick birthing vibes to you!!
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Nikirj, we have a fetoscope and I use it occasionally. I don't remember exactly when I first was able to pick up the heartbeat, but it definitely wasn't as early as 17 weeks (and FWIW, it's still not terribly easy to hear, I have to be in a *completely* quiet room.) And if I remember correctly, I didn't start to feel anything other than "butterflies" until after 20 weeks, which I thought was weird too, but now at 30/32 weeks this baby is acting like it wants to come out through my abdomen rather than my vagina. :LOL

I'm not doing any charting. It just seems pointless to me. My weight gain feels normal, and I've checked my blood pressure at the local pharmacy 3 or 4 times. Just for curiosity's sake I've felt for the fundus -- I have a general idea of where it should be in each stage of pregnancy, a few cm. either way doesn't mean anything, so I don't feel the need to be precise. It's not something that I feel is necessary to do, though, as my belly is a normal size for me at this stage in pregnancy, and the baby is clearly growing and very active. I do pay close attention to how I'm feeling, and adjust my lifestyle accordingly.

Rachel, I do feel a sort of comfort in knowing midwives who are sympathetic to my plans. To me it is really valuable to have someone who I trust to consult with or be supported by if something happens that makes me feel the need for that.

Edited to add! GO KLOTHOS!
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All right Klothos!! Happy birthing!!
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A fast, safe, and empowering birth to thee, klothos!

the stork comes when she is ready!
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Yay Klothos!!!!!!!
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WOOOHOO! Wonderful, Klothos! I hope that all this waiting has been making big changes and that labor is swift and beautiful.

Jennie, if your neighbor wants to go to Mt. Vernon, Lori Semel is fabulous. She is ok with letting the parents decide everything, and is open to discussion to offer her opinion, but is fine with mom not accepting it, too. Her attitude is, and I quote "Its your baby! You decide!"
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Fetoscopes and charting

I have one from my last pregnancy, but haven't really used it yet. I think I tried once a few weeks ago, and thought I heard the placenta briefly, but that's it. I'm pretty sure I was at least 20 weeks before I heard the babe with it last time.

I am charting some things. More for fun than anything else, though I did buy some pee strips to check my urine. THis was because I was feeling extremely unwell about 6 weeks ago, and had been feeling a lot of toning contractions that were concerning. Plus my urine was cloudy more often than I was comfortable with. (I suspected maybe an asymptomatic UTI- asymptomatic in that it wasn't typical burning/ urgency/ etc.) Turns out several of the readings were abnormal. I still think I may be struggling against something, though it's impossible to know exactly what. But testing my urine helped me to get a better idea of what kinds of supplements I wanted to take.

I'm keeping track of my weight, blood pressure, and periodically checking my blood glucose levels. I don't think every woman needs to do these things, and in fact, most probably don't. But I think I need that little bit of external pressure to keep me on track and taking care of myself. SO my reasons for tracking these things... Weight- keeps me in check and discourages me from binge eating. Blood pressure- I've had issues w/ blood pressure in the past, and that's something I always do anyway- I check it at the drugstore whenever I pop in, and if it's been a while, I'll make a special point of stopping in to check it. Blood glucose levels- This one is multifaceted. My dad is diabetic, and it runs very strongly in his family. I try to eat a good diet in general, but if I see a few unusually high readings, I'll know I need to up my activity level and work harder at getting the best food in me. Plus, my second dd was very big and had sticky shoulders. I want to *know* that I did what needed to be done to prevent that again, and if it does happen, I'll know that sometimes, stuff just happens. I got a lot of, "Oh, she must have been undiagnosed GD" after Nova's birth. Sometimes babies are just big, but I want to know that that's the case, and not me eating too much crap, ykwim?

Okay, I've written a book, but that's my unusual perspective.
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plantmommy I think she has just about sworn off all doctors after how the Ped treated her NB 2 weeks ago. But I will give her the name and local of that Ped, she sounds great!
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Happy and peaceful birthday to you, Klothos!! I await your birth story with great anticipation!!
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klothos...whoooohoooo!!...sending happy, gentle, quick birthing vibes your way!!! Can't wait to hear your birth story!!

Jenniebug...Yes I remember you!! How have you been? Congratulations on your pregnancy! I have joined the cbirth list but have been a lurker. I'll be introducing myself to that list tonight or tomorrow.

blueviolet...yeah, I think I would find some comfort knowing there would be a midwife to call if I just wanted someone to check on us...instead of an unneccesary trip to the ER. (I'm thinking if I needed stitches or a shot of pitocin or something, although in my previous 3 births I have not needed either one (did have an episiotomy with the 1st though ) , so I don't anticipate needing them at all this time either! ) I'm not sure I'll be able to find a midwife sympathetic to UC when we move to PA. We'll see.
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Gentle peaceful birth Klothos...I know you have been waiting!!

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Originally Posted by gr8fulmom
Funny how things work out sometimes...when I went into labour yesterday, we did call our midwives, but they were busy at other births and as it turned out did not arrive until a full hour after our beautiful new son, Lucas was born.


AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME JEN!! Congratulations to you and your family and welcome little Lucas!!

That's such an inspiring story!
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yea klothos!! enjoy your beautiful blissful birth!
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Originally Posted by nikirj
A quick question - do any of you use a fetoscope? How early did it work for you? I'm getting nervous not having felt any movement at 17 weeks. I was pretty handy with a stethoscope while we were doing body function sounds (I was premed for a while...) - I really just need to know if it would be worth my while to get one, and where I could get one.

Oh, and for those of you doing UP, are you charting weight, fundal height, etc? I've been roughly paying attention but not recording, plus I haven't been actually measuring fundal height, since I'm confused - I have a severe abdominal muscle separation, and on the sides of my abdomen, where the muscles are still in place, the measurement is a good inch larger than in the middle, where I can essentially just reach down and feel my uterus.
I just have a regular stethoscope and I wasn't able to hear the hearbeat til about 28 weeks... I am 31 weeks now. With my first baby I didn't feel movement til at least at the earliest, 18 weeks... it was really 20 weeks or so before I really was sure of it. With this pregnancy I started feeling flutters at 15 weeks....but do not compare yourself with others... Is this your first? If so the "average" is 18-20 weeks and I bet for even second and third babies it can be the same as well... its all different for each womyn and her child.

I probably wouldn't go get a fetoscope, but if you want one: Cascade Health Products (online) has them. Sounds like you are having some doubts and TBH the fetoscope might make things worse...might make you worry more, but that's JMHO. I would say meditate, look deep within and think how do you *really* feel about the baby and try to seperate your fears from actual instincts. I know its easier said than done as I struggle daily with it too, but I think that the only way to get rid of the fear is to recognize it, think on it, and release it.

As for UP, yes I am doing that. About 23 weeks I was just curious to know what I was measuring...all of my friends joked that I was having twins cause my brother and sister are twins, my mom was a twin and my best friend just had had twins so the twin theme was in the air... I was pretty much measuring right on. Those measurements are really subjective too though because if dh does it he could place the tape measure in a different spot and get a few contimeters difference then if I did.

I measured a couple of times for curiosity and to get a sense that I am not like 8 weeks ahead...usually the dates are 1-2 weeks ahead and I know that is normal and fine. Heck, if I was having twins I am not going to do anything different anyway, so I decided just to measure as a fun thing to do...same thing with the heartbeat.

I found it once for me and once for dh but haven't listened ot it in over a week...I know baby is fine, he/she moves tons and I feel content with him/her inside--i.e. I know he/she is ok. I haven't taken any blood pressure readings either...mostly cause I don't have a cuff and again not sure what it would tell me anyway. I am not having any swelling, my pee is clear and my blood pressure was always fine with my dd#1. So I don't worry. I also was at the beginning of this pg going to use the cuffs that they have like at walmart/pharmacies but I heard they were grossly inaccurate .

So that's my story... sorry if I rambled for so long!
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Announcing the birth of Elyssa Marigold on Friday, July 23, 2004 at 11:20am

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