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So when did you conceive?

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Everyone seesm to be so much further along than me. I only just found out I was pg and I thought I was pretty on the ball! My boobs are only minorly sore and other than that I'd never know I was pg. (Oh yeah, except for the lack of AF )

I KNOW I conceived July 2, but one book said I was due April 7 and the calculators all say about March 25.

So tell me when you conceived so I can see if the due date calculators are lying to me.
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I think I conceived around the 25 of June. My last AF was June12. I am due on March 20th. Does that help? Congratulations!

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Yes, that makes perfect sense since my last AF was about the 16 or 17th.

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Hmmm... Good question! I have just NO IDEA!!!
It was the first period after DS weaned. AF was March 25th, and when I took a test June 23rd it was negative and then negative again June 25th I had spotting June 28th (implantation probably) and when I took a test the 3rd time on July 6th it tested positive.
So what I am guessing is that I conceived much later than one would assume looking at my cycle.
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That is too funny, polihaupt. I only had 2 cycles since last babe, last period was May 26th, and when I tested on the 4th of July it was positive. Sounds like we are neck and neck!
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I'm not real sure. I think I remember feeling some O pains around June 22-23. So I'm just guessing I'll be due 3/16. My LMP is no good since I have long cycles and usually O late.
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Well I'm not sure exactly.. in fact I don't even know when the only period I've had in 20 months was (although not that long ago). By the darkness of the test I estimated I was 11dpo when I tested positive so that puts conceiving at July 6th for me and I'm due March 29th.. does that help?
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Last AF started June 16th and I felt O pain around the 29th-30th. I think it happened then. I have the "average" 28 day cycle w/ ovulation half way through. :LOL I'm due the 24th or so.
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Originally Posted by JennInSeattle
By the darkness of the test I estimated I was 11dpo when I tested positive ...
Huh? You can tell that? How? Do you have a fancy test??
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Originally Posted by TOmomma
Huh? You can tell that? How? Do you have a fancy test??
I'm an old pro! lol I've probably taken 50 pregnancy tests in my life! FRE (First Response Early) is the one I always use for early detection because it doesn't give false positives or evaporation lines. With my m/c's the line was so light you could barely see it even in a lot of light! With Nathan I tested postive at 10 dpo and it was so light I had to take the test apart! But each day it got darker. This time the first positive was at the same darkness as Nathan's was at 11dpo and continued to get darker daily which leads me to believe that I tested postive at 11dpo. I've taken 4 pregnancy tests so far and I'd have taken more if Dan hadn't banned them from me (and it didn't show a lack of faith)!

Everything's a science to me! :LOL
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You are hilarious! Talk about a science.

I'm not feeling pg anymore so I'm going to go get another test at lunch just for fun. I think I'm still trying to convince myself I made a mistake. I want to be pg but dh is sooooo pissed. *sigh*
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:LOL Jenn I did the same thing. I just felt pg so I tested on the 4th, it was super light. Looking back at when I felt those O pains I'm thinking I was about 10 DPO. Then 2 days later I took another, it was darker but not as dark as the control line. Then at my estimated 15 DPO I took another and it was very dark. I'm glad I'm not the only HPT scientist.
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LMP 5/28, ovulations 6/10 only 2 days for conception 6/10n and 6/13

yesterday u/s only showed sac, so the doc thinks I'm not 8 weeks but perhaps 6. I am just hoping that the baby I'm growing is just small!!
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Lise - So how'd re-testing go??

Rachel - That's hilarious that you did it too! We'll have to see how accurate we were when we go in for our u/s's! :LOL

Amanda - Don't forget to give us an update!!
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Well, I'm still pregnant. It was fainter than before, but it was a different brand of test and the middle of the afternoon, so maybe that's why. My pants are tighter around the middle ALREADY and I've been eating less, not more.
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UPDATED...got Wednesday's hcg count

I updated in the weekly thread as well. I called for yesterdays numbers it was 8,232, so hopefully tomorrows will reflect a progression of pregnancy. I won't be able to get thoes numbers on Saturday though. Unfortunatly I will have to wait until Monday
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Oh lordy, I've probably done 20 pregnancy tests over the last couple of months.
I bought the cheapies from the Internet, so 20 of them was about $12.
I tested like EVERY day and then after I knew it was positive I kept doing them just for fun!!!!! I must be insane.
Then when we were at the dollar store I picked one up for fun as well. Got it home and the box was empty. Someone must be telling me something lol!
I think part of it was that all of the tests were rather faint and just once (or maybe five times lol) I'd like to see that positive line come up immediately rather than sit and stare at it for five minutes or longer.
They're everywhere. I've tried throwing most out, but my son finds them and thinks they're toys or something and of course I take them away from him lmao!!!
Take care,
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We conceived on Father's Day June 20th, I believe.
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My LMP was June 14th and I too KNOW we conceived on July 2nd! I got a very faint positive test on morning of July 12th then took another test on the night of the 13th a little darker and then took one more test on the 16th that popped up right away! I just wanted to be sure!:LOL I think I might go take another before I go to bed, since I have one more test left and it has been almost a week!:LOL
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My LMP was June 18th and we conceived 12 days later on the 30th or 14 days later on the 2nd of July. Are you all going off the day you conceived or your LMP for your due dates? For now im going off LMP so i guess that makes my EDD March 26th 2005. I have my first visit with my midwife on Tuesday!!
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