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DecemberSun and Solsticemomma you have beautiful babes! It is nice to put names to faces.
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:LOL i addes two new pictures too. they are the last two on the site. i will add some from our florida trip sometime soon i hope.

i am always oohhhh'ing and ahhhh'ing at our babies pictures. so sweet and beautiful.

let's see...where to begin....

language development- this is definetly the area where dd is the slowest in her development. she is talking now more, and reading aloud to herself or others, but the language is not discernable by most. she does use some words that make sense- shoes, ball, ect. other times she leaves off the beginning or end of the word- cat is "at" or "dat". i just try to affirm that she is indeed talking out loud, and be supportive of her. and repeat words that i know she comprehends. her comprehension is actually quite incredible. but for whatever reason the language is just not there yet. which is fine, bc if she is anything like her papa, she will talk non stop once she begins. :LOL of course part of the issue may be that i am not listening closely enough to discern the words dd is using- i have a hearing loss, so sometimes that makes it a bit harder.

food- dd is still getting most of her nutrients from nursing. i'd say.... 80-90%, depending on the day. she had a great dinner tonight, but that is unusual. she will have one really good meal every few days. in b/w those times, she just takes bites here and there. the foods she likes changes from day to day, although there are a few constant favorites (olives, sauerkraut, carrots, avacado).
does anyone give their dc a supplement? i know her iron is a bit low (from a wic test), so i've been thinking about it. in the mean time, i'm trying to be more dilligent about taking a multi vit. myself.

clingy ratings have been sky rocketing around here. i can leave dd w/ papa for 30 minutes, and by the end of that she is sobbing. sometimes a video will distract her for awhile, but she often sniffles while watching the video. this makes it very hard for me to take the much needed mama time, but i'm trying to do a bit every day regardless. and the nursing, what she calls "mon-yahs", is pretty constant too, and it's not a hunger thing bc she often stops before anything starts. i'm fine w/ it all, actually, except when i hear her sobbing accross the house. who ever said it recently, dec sun maybe?, that nursing was the best thing they have ever done- i totally agree. no matter how many times dd wants her monyahs, i am always awed by her sweet mouth suckling at my nipple, w/ my arms wrapped around her soft body. nursing is truly a gift from the goddess.

lastly- a tribal mdc mama gathering would be so wonderful. glad sm and punk got to do this together. how neat!!

brain cells running thin, must go.

love to all-
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Haeven's not doing too much talking yet, but you know what, I heard that einstein didn't talk to he was 3, so I'm not pushing her. Maybe she'll be the female einstein.

solsticemama~thank-you for reminding me that I have a strong-spirited little grrl, and that this stage shall pass. She'll definately be kicking some a$$ when she "grows up". I hope she gets along with her sister, and they take over the world together.:LOL
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just when i thought i would have some peace and quiet! i have been adopted by this kitten. he appreared in my house a week ago and is not leaving. i named him finnagin. he's sweet but very attention deprved! anyways..its been a long time since ive been able to keep up with this forum thing-but i got a computer finally! its nice to see that you mommas are still talking. our babies are growing up so fast! elwynn is using his potty lots now and talking talking talking. the other day he got mad because i cleaned off his little chair where he eats and it was a bit damp and he said "its WET!" and wouldnt eat till i dried it off..hehe.he also LOVEs books and always has one in his hand and his new thing is nursing and reading at the same time. he props the book on my boob and reads to his hearts content.sigh.
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hey mammas. i'm tired but well. my house is starting to take shape with my efforts. i'm loving all the pictures they are giving me goosebumps. i have no experiences with dipping and very little talking here with ruby though her understanding and awareness i continue to find incredible. mamafern i'm glad you are here. mamajaza, spirited kids are here to teach us. they got it from somewhere. and you are in transition having two children. i said something the other day to a newish acquaintance that helps me define things from time to time. i believe in the role of the parent what i can definitely and actually control with guaranteed positive outcome is making sure that my children feel loved, and having good food available. everything else is lagniappe.

having two kids is a rich life in a different way that most mothers i know comment on the difficulty of the new shift for us adults. suddenly i was protecting the newborn, the one i wondered if i would be able to love after soaking everything into the first. wow, it comes easily, and alarming since the firstborn suddenly seems large and troublesome. biologically i could not help but feel the pull to protect the littlest, even when i had declared publicly that i would do my best to treat the first the same since the new one had no idea what he was born into. it takes time to adjust for all (though much faster for the kids), and for me the best thing was to just accept further loss of control over little things. this is also when i realized that taking care of myself physically and emotionally was more of a priority than before. i can muddle through any situation with my family if i am healthy and somewhat sane. but if i was down it tended to be hard no matter how great everyone else was.

sorry so rambly, i need to take my own advice and go back to sleep.
p.s. my camera has been inoperable for awhile now. maybe now that i've mentioned it publicly i will go get it fixed.
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Hi mamas! I'm still here--doing more reading than commenting. Love all the pics! Have one here of my own that I just love. Took it on Monday. Just a week earlier, for some reason, Owen seemed to dislike his big brother. It was rather hellish around here because of it too. He would walk up and hit Jacob for no reason and just completely avoid him. I'm glad that's over.
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Still hitting

I thought we were done with the hitting/scratching/pullinghair/biting becasue we had a few good days but clearly we are not done yet. I feel so terrible about it and I know my anxiety is affecting Georgia. Now she is hiting and scratching one particular kid at daycare. His mother is not happy (I am sure I would feel the same way if my kid was on the receiving end) I just thought all of this attachment parenting would lead to a happy well behaved child. I am at my wits end. We had a well baby check up yesterday and our doc suggested that since GA is so advanced verbally (she speaks in sentences and understands everything) that she might respond to some kind of reward system ie when she has a good day at dc or a good playdate she gets a sticker. He said don't tell her ahead b/c that will casue more anxiety in her just reward the good days. What do you experienced momma's think of this? I am going to try to limit the playdates to one on one instead of playgroups for a while. Nothing I can do about daycare but there are only usually 3-4 kids there total.

Another stupid worry. GA has really small feet she wears a size 4 now at 19 months. I also feel like she trips and falls a lot.

DH is away this whole week at a class! This is the first time he has been gone since she was born. I can't even say it is the first time I am alone with her b/c my sister is living with us and she is a big help with the house work. This morning I gave GA the first bath I have ever given her. That has always been his thing. In some ways I am so jealous he gets this week 'off' although I know I am not ready to leave her overnight I could really use the break.

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abranger- i only have a sec. my dd still wears a size 4 too. actually, she can still wear a size 3. :LOL

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thanks mona-

GA actually is wearing size 2-3 teva's still although they are a little small. She is 95% for weight and 50% for height. Weird!
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Re: Nutrition

Zachary gets pretty much ALL of his nutrition from real food. We're a grazing family, and the kids are pretty much picking at fruit and cereal all day. We have one big breakfast as soon as they get up, then they play, take a nap, and we have one more big meal around 3-ish or so, as soon as they get up. Dinnertime is usually just for DH and I, although we've had beggars hunkering over us more often while we eat as they get bigger! We call them "the vultures" because it never fails- as soon as we're eating something, we have scavengers . The "bobby" is pretty much only for comfort now for Zachary. He switches from side to side over and over and OVER again, I think because I'm not making very much milk and he quickly empties one breast and goes on to the next.

Anyway, I wanted to tell you, Mona, that I've heard that lots of AP babies don't eat a substantial amount of solid foods until after 2. Just keep taking your prenatal vitamin while you're nursing!

About hitting: Zach and Julianna hit each other all the time. I don't do anything about it unless one of them is ganging up on the other one a little too harshly. Usually they can stick up for themselves and it works itself out. Don't have any advice, only wanted to let you know that it's normal (I think!).
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speaking of tantrums and small sizes..elwynn has such a temper now. he is a perfect angel them WHAM hes a monster. yesterday his pappa gave him a drink and when he took it away because it was spilling elwynn bit him on the leg! he only likes to feed himself and if i try to help he knocks it out of my hand..ARG! and yesterday i weighed him and he is 18.4 lbs. he is so small for his age. i get worried then i realise he's fine and healthy..but my friends have babies at 3-4 months heavier than him and then i get all sad thinking maybe im not good at being a mom and thats why hes a shrimp..but he is healthy in every other respect so maybe he will just have a growth spurt some time...i hope....he still wants boobie to be his mostly food and i just dont feel like its good for him or me. anyone else feel like weening even though you want to keep nursing? its confusing.
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Originally Posted by MamaFern
anyone else feel like weening even though you want to keep nursing? its confusing.
That's exactly how I feel. Most of the time I love it, but some of the time I don't love it, . And lets just say that my breasts don't look like they used to... I feel guilty trying to take away my son's main form of comfort, but on the other hand I know he's getting older and I wonder if he'll ever wean? Julianna still takes a bottle to comfort herself, to fall asleep, so...? Right now the plan is to let them wean themselves. We'll take a closer look at the situation closer to their second birthdays, but for right now they're bein' spoiled!

PS- my son is a really good eater, and he's barely 20 pounds right now
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ok, i feel a bit better about dd's weight.
i agree that size does not necessarily reveal health, but it is hard when dd's been the same weight for about 10 months!
i took the plunge today and bought some floradix (sp?)- it is a supplement. i will take it and pass it onto dd via bm. i might give some to her directly, but not sure yet.
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Wow, it's been a long day.

You know, I've never thought about weaning Eli. I went to a LLL meeting today and there was lots of weaning talk and I found it a little bit sad. I've got no intention to wean him, I know that he'll eventually stop so I'm not worried about it.

Yesterday, Eli only peed once in a diaper; the rest of the day, he used the toilet! The problem is, I can't seem to get through to him that poop goes in the toilet, too. I've tried holding him there, and showing him mine, but he just doesn't believe me. The other day, he came to get me every time he needed to pee but when he had to poop he walked away and squatted somewhere out of sight. Any ideas?

Eli is a little small for his age, but now he's heavier than he was. He's about 25 pounds! He's still wearing a 12-18 month size, though, he's got huge bones and a lot of muscle mass. He's also got painfully wide feet, for which I will have to special order some shoes in the fall. I'm not even sure if the preschoolians will fit, but we'll give it a shot if I can collect that much money all at once. He's measuring a 5 6E; pretty crazy, huh?
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eilonwy- i am the same in terns of thoughts on weaning. in fact i was wondering to myself this morning how long dd will nurse.... 3? 4? 5? and what will i do if it runs past 4? hmmmm far off thoughts for far off times... :LOL

and yes we are doing some potty learning here too. dd is very comfy w/ peeing in her little potty, as we've had it since she was 4 months old. she does great while naked. but pees/poops freely in her diaper when it's on. i guess she will start to communicate for potty (pee pee or poopies) as we continue down this journey of the potty.

gotta run...
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Lots of chatting it up today, mamas. Everyone's pics are great, such sweet babies and mamas We're off to the PNW tomorrow for about 12 days. It's a combo holiday/work (for dh) trip. I won't have computer access.

No plans to wean anytime soon. Ds is around 29 pounds and some days eats very little in the way of solids but lots of "beuf", other days lots of both. Nightweaning tho is something that keeps coming up for me. I'll have to sit with it awhile and feel into whether it's something ds and I should do.

Shoe size is 7 wide-as-they-make-'em
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Haven't been on this thread in ages. I saw some talk about weight, etc. Ds is 26 lbs. Not sure on his height, he was measured by 3 different people in one week and they all came out differently! One was 35", one was 34 1/4" and the other was 33.4"!! hahahah. So, he's either average...or he's tall. heh. Oh yeah, and he wears a size 7XW shoe!
He's getting WAY too thin though. It freaks me out. He is so extremely picky. He doesn't like much and hardly EVER eats a veggie. I'm trying to raise him vegetarian but I'm beginning to feel desperate to get him to eat something!
And don't even get me started on 'home cooked' meals. waah! I try and try but all ds wants is frozen/store bought stuff. (ie. Meatless meatballs, spinach pancakes, meatless chicken).

I'm sleepy. Ds isn't falling asleep til late these days. He won't fall asleep in my arms anymore and it makes me SO sad. I lay down next to him in bed but he tosses, turns and climbs all over me. Until i fall asleep. rofl.

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its not so much that i *want* to ween him i just get frustrated because he goes from one boob to the other and back and forth and gets mad that i dont have much milk and then he plays with my nipples and nibbles and does acrobatics till i think hes going to rip off my nipples! one night he had the hugest tantrum because i tried to put him to sleep without nursing him. BIG mistake. he yelled..oh how he yelled..and then he was so mad at me that when he finally fell asleep he was still upset i could tell and then he woke up and cried so i went to nurse him and he BIT ME HARD! i think he was still sleeping/dreaming..but i almost freaked out. he nurses a lot at night and i think that if i had night to myself id be happier nursing him in the day. i just need some space!
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Hi, just wanted to let you all know I was still here. And dd too, of course!
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mammafern- I totally understand the mixed feelings. I finaly had to night wean for my own sanity. I really wanted to self wean but I just needed a break from every 3 hours nursings 24 hours a day. I also work 3 days a week so I was a complete zombie. GA now sleep from 8pm to 6 with one nursing around 4-5. I know it was the best thing for us but I still have guilt. I sometimes think the hitting is b/c of the nightweaning ....it's always the mother's fault somehow

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