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He's not nursing as much as a newborn but he is definitely interested in taking up nursing again. Last week I was wearing a shirt minus the bra and Christopher lifted my shirt up and latched on. I wasn't expecting it at all. LOL! For the most part he stopped nursing at 16 months with an exception here and there. I have a feeling he will start nursing again once his brother gets here. I hope so! I was hoping to tandem nurse when I found out I was pregnant.
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Originally Posted by eilonwy
Anyone else have a toddler suddenly step up and start nursing more than a newborn?

That would be my Zoomba. Now I can't say for sure she is nursing as much as a newborn, since I don't have one around to compare her to, but she is nursing A LOT. She must be burning calories all the time because she constantly has something in her mouth, she snacks and nurses constantly. And she's still tiny :LOL.

MamaJaza, I had the same problem with my FB. Her thighs were too small for the Med but I couldn't stuff the small enough to hold all the pee (we used them for night diapers) I eventually just changed her to a diff. dipe for night time. FWIW, we tried disposables when she was too small for the Small FB and those would leak too. The girl just pees and pees and pees.... :LOL

Today I really cleaned my house.... well most of it anyway. It felt really good. Organize, and clean and declutter. I did our bedroom, kitchen / computer area and the Living Room. So I still have some work to do, but it was a good start. My spirit is refreshed and I am feeling good mamas

Elionwy (and others) if you find some undies for Eli that work, could you please let me know? TIA.
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I've been putting the 2T training pants on him; they're huge in the seat, but he's almost big enough that they don't show any crack... I figure in another month or two, he'll have grown into them. *sigh*
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dd is having her "munyas" more then ever too. i assume it is bc she is going thru a developmental leap, as her sleep has gotten all funky the last week as well. sigh. it was just starting to improve. sigh

i cleaned today too- it felt great, even if dd was upset bc she hates the vaccuum cleaner.

when dd was a newborn we used sposies at night bc all i had was cpf's and plastic gerber pants. and i wasn't into changing her every hour at night. :LOL then we got a great set on tp- hemp, and they still are being used every night. i'm hoping they last thru potty training, but that isn't looking like that will be the case. so then i don't know what i'll do.
i've heard great things about nightly newts, btw. anyone use those?

dd's latest funny thing is walking on her tip-toes. it is a hoot to watch.

gotta run

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Yup--we've resumed nursing full force again. I *thought* we were actually somewhat self-weaning a couple of weeks ago, seeing as we cut out the before-nap nummies, so we were down to morning and evening. Now, he tries to nurse every minute he can and he gets quite vocal if I resist. I *know* he can wait until a little more convenient time (like after the neighbor, who was over visiting for about 15 minutes, left) but he doesn't want to. We went and saw the Wiggles the other day and he lifted my shirt while we were there too. I chalk it up to a growth spurt/developmental growth as well.

Jasanna--how many "layers" hemp fleece are you using? And are you getting full coverage (does the hemp fill out the crotch area) or is there room for it to leak? You may be running into just not having enough. We've used FBs since Owen was 8 weeks old. I have found that while they are awesome diapers, he has far less leaks with a good fitted because of the coverage around the sides where an insert doesn't reach. I stayed away from fitteds for so long for whatever reason and now I'm trying to downsize my FB stash and go strictly fitteds.

Have I told you all that I'm an official diaper wahm? My site should be open for business around Sept. 1 (providing I continue sewing enough to have a nice stock to sell). Not sure if we are moderated in this topic or not, so if someone wants to PM me for my biz addy, then they can post it here, if you want. I LOVE sewing diapers! I love using what I've sewn, too. I have to look into advertising, although I have a great following of customers already, who are patiently waiting for my site to open (I sold a few of my dipes on ebay last week for some extra money and word got out on the diapering boards here at MDC! Yay!).
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clay has nursed more than ruby her whole life. lately he nurses for three times as long, because he just wants to be close. i think the boys tend to be more clingy as well. and yes, he is bigger of course. he's forty pounds and she is thirty. and people ask how i suddenly got skinny when before nursing just kept me large..... it's part of the reason i'm happy with the designated breasts. right one for clay, left one for ruby. that way i can tell if they got their own share, and it has worked out with bedsharing too. clay reports that they taste different as well.

but two (or three or so) will get what they need. the hindmilk is rich in calories. now i'm starting to remember the beginnings.....at some point i even tried laying on my side sleeping, and stacked a swaddled ruby on clay so that they could nurse at the same time, hoping that it would save me a waking. i also remember infants tended to just be on me whether for food or comfort since they are not moving. i just think what a tender time it is for me with a new one and feel for y'all with expanding families.
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brayg, I thought about how many layers I use, and it is essentially 12 layers I'm interested in your diaper site Send me a link
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fbs....are they repelling water? we had this spurt where we'd used too much detergent and it had built up and then they didn't soak the water through to the cpf, but the water ran out the legs. consult the diapering hyenas on the diapering board for how to "strip" your diapers if you think this is the case.

also....i just realized this last week. : but you might try not stuffing the pocket but using the fb as a cover. The umm, fleecey wicking action is great, but sometimes for my dd she'd pee too quickly and the wick would be too slow.

we are doing ok here. erin got out of her bed last night and came to our little bed. then she kicked and kicked and kicked. so i went to her bed. there's a waterproof mattress pad down there and man did i sweat. can anyone talk to me about making one from wool or something a bit more breatheable -- would pul be better?
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Yeah Brayg!! Congratulations I'm interested to know your web address please
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kerc~ i'm lucky because my grama makes everyone a wool quilt in my family, and my cousin never used hers because she put it in the washing machine and then it was ruined. So I got a free felted wool quilt which I sleep on, on top of my sheet with a shower curtain under that. I get the sheet soaked it all sorts of stuff every night, but because I'm sleeping on the wool, I don't feel like I have to wash the sheet. I also put a receiving blanket on top of the wool when I think of it. I'm kind of grubby in the morning, but I don't have to wash endless laundry. This won't last forever, anyways.
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We're back from our trip. It was fruitful because it was challenging to me both on the physical (very hot, tight living quarters) and emotional (dh worked a ton and I had the full on concentration for both ds and dh) planes. But Mukti travelled happily and we felt it was a good trip for our little mandala despite the amount of work involved. Some good connections were made. I met a mama with a little boy just 6 weeks younger than ds. She makes her own dipes and slings, bfs, co-sleeps etc etc. I've told her about y'all and she'll be joining us soon. One funny story from that encounter: her ds calls bfing 'mamadee' and Mukti calls it 'beuf' At one point the two boys exchanged names and started asking to nurse by the other's name for it. A real insight into the language realm of our little ones.

Punk, sorry to hear the rest of your trip was so funky. It was great meeting y'all.

Mona, o shorn one, tell us more about your decision and experience of cutting your hair. What a lovely offering.

Casina I was particularly inspired by one of your earlier posts and want to comment some on it once I reread it. I feel our little tribe is very blessed to have you among us.

Went to see my sil's 10 day old baby yesterday. What a sweet atmosphere there was in new baby land. I found it difficult to remember ds ever being that small and embryonic but I have pictures that tell me it was so.

blessings, mamas
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welcome home Rose
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we are back from our adventures on denman island. it was a great gathering and i helped put on a workshop on radical parenting. there were two babies doing the diaper free thing and i was so impressed! the littlest one, raphiel is 3 months and almost never wets his pants! the other kiddo is 11 months and she is the same, although i did see her pee on her momma..but she was giving all of the signs. it was so interesting to see parents so in tune with their kids..and the fact that a 3 month old will hold a pee or poop till the parent is ready was amazing! the next kiddo i have will be diaper free!im sad i didnt know about it before. it seems so much easier than diapering!
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A wool matress pad! Why didn't I think of that?!? I'm going to have to make one for myself. Wow, what a wonderful excuse to buy some wool and knit! Thanks!

BeanBean has had a diaper and accident free day, starting with the dry diaper this morning. Through two long car trips (1.5 hours each) and a nap, he's been dry and clean, and this evening he pooped in the potty. He's nursing and rubbing his eyes right now . Tonight, I'm going to put him to sleep in underpants. I can't believe my baby is so big!

I wanted to do the EC thing with BooBah, but things didn't work out that way.. Oh well, there's always next time. *sigh*

I'm glad you guys enjoyed your trips. One of these days, I'll do some travelling of my own! :LOL

My sister wants me to homeschool my niece for this coming school year. I'm very excited at the prospect, it'd be just wonderful for all of us. Here's hoping it works out!
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Brayg send me a link to your business. I am still in need of a lot of diapers for the little one. Ladies send me some labor vibes. I am sick and tired of being pregnant!!
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Here's to a happy, healthy, labor!

We are officially out of diapers. Tomorrow, I will put all the medium covers in a drawer, to await the expansion of BooBah's waist and thighs. I think I may still have to buy larges someday-- BooBah's legs are not as skinny as BeanBean's were-- but that day is still far off. I'm very excited, I've had less than 2 months of 2 in diapers.

Is it weird that I want to tie-dye his underpants?! I just want them to be cute, and the only ones that even come close to fitting (not that they do) are plain white.. that's just so boring, after all the fun, colorful diapers!

Hm, both kids are asleep! I should start some laundry!! :LOL
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Yeah Eli!!! And I think that tie-dye undies sound great! I want some! :LOL Actually I was thinking this same thing yesterday. Everyone (mom and other "well meaning" people) keep telling me I should buy some undies for dd. She is no where near where Eli is, but is very interested in the potty and for the last several days has been averaging about 60% or so of using the potty successfully. Anyhow, so I was thinking that I don't want to buy undies - they are soooo boring, either white, or too gender specific for my taste.... and I'm sorry but my kid is NOT wearing Spongebob on her bottom Not to mention we don't have money for stuff that isn't a necessity at the time being.

Anyhow - bring on the tie dye undies. I think that's a great idea

And this is for your Heather :

lots of heading your way for a happy, healthy labor and baby, I wish you the best and for your sake I hope the time is soon :LOL
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ok, my dd is not going to be out of dipes for awhile, but the undies talk brings us to an interesting point... we don't wear undies in our family :LOL so is it really necessary that dd wears them when she gets out of dipes/training pants/whatever?
anyone out there bypass undies?
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Hi everyone
I hate to be a fly by poster; because I never know what is going on. I did read back a page though. The girls started "school" on Monday. I did a lot of research and feel good about the place they are at. It is a loosly based Montessori. Revina is doing well. and Scarlett is doing okay. She cries each time I leave, but not for long, usually she stops before I am out the gate. We are undergoing many lifestyle changes but I can't complain, b/c we are getting a lot of help.
The shelter won't let me use cloth diapers. Used diapers are not allowed to stay in the room and must be thrown away outside immediately. They say it is unsanitary. I choose my battles. A recent win for me was... they tried to say I had to vaccinate the girls in order to stay at the shelter. However, the law says they must provide an exemption; which I told them. They had to check it out and then told me I needed a doctors signature. I said no I don't. More checking and I am right!
No potty using for us. Scarlett will tell me after she poops, but that's it. I tell her she can use the potty and she says "no"! I am not in a hurry for it anyway. She is still my baby!
I guess that's all for now. I'll keep checking in, looking forward to hearing some baby news Heather!
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Well, things have been going much better for us lately. We've been able to get out of the house since we don't have the third baby, and the kids obviously do better tantrum wise/ sleep wise when they're not bored and stuck in the house. We've started a preschool group with some local MDC mamas. We alternate houses once a week and the mama who hosts picks the lesson/ activity that day. All the kids are from 11 months to 2 1/2, and Zach is one of only two boys! I'm hoping being around other kids will get Julianna walking soon- she's the only one who still crawls! It's so nice to be around other AP parents, I can't even express how much I (and the kids) need this! Everyone thinks it's adorable when someone's toddler walks up and asks to nurse in his or her own way- no hiding that they're still nursing, or bribing them to wait. I can do it whenever, and it's a good thing! I actually feel guilty giving Julianna a bottle while I'm there beause she's the only formula fed kid in the group for once!!!

I'm really working on gentle discipline lately. I had been getting so stressed out yelling at the kids all day for getting into trouble and screaming at each other. Now I try to take a deep breath, forget about what they've already done earlier that day to piss me off, try VERY hard not to raise my voice, and talk to them. I try to use logic and reason with them. I try to remember what I want them to learn from what they're doing. If all that still doesn't work to calm them down, I'll put them (mostly Zach) in time-out for a few minutes, completely ignoring whatever they're doing (screaming, kicking, etc). It seems to be helping both my stress-level, and the kids' tantrums! Even when they're just being so naughty, and the last thing I want to do is cuddle them and "reward" them for being bad, I try to remain calm and it really does get better results! You probably all think I'm crazy for losing my cool, but it really does get crazy here some days and I can actually feel my blood pressure rising while Zach is screaming at the top of his lungs, and Julianna's tearing up something, and the phone is ringing, and DH is out somewhere, and we have no money and are running out of food, and the dogs are dirty and un-groomed, and Crystal's bus is pulling up the driveway, and everything seems to be just HORRIBLE... But I'm trying to take things in stride now, and just shrug stuff off, and it is helping tremendously! Don't sweat the small stuff, right? Actually there is a very interesting thread in the Gentle Discipline forum titled something like "It's official- I can not use Gentle Discpline with my child". I thought Zach was one of those kids who just didn't respond to anything less than military-style discpline, but he just needs some understanding, some extra time, and attention.

My kids are certainly learning a lot every day. Totally mind blowing to watch them pick up words on their own, and proudly point to something and name it. Having a conversation with the little one who was just a little rolly-poley bug on the floor this time last year is just awesome!

My insomnia is just awful lately... I'm going to try all the natural remedies available! It's like the more tired I am, and the harder I try to fall asleep, the more my body wakes up and it's just impossible to relax and drift off. I would not wish insomnia on my worst enemy, it really takes a toll on the mind and body. I feel like a zombie after I don't get good sleep, and that's not a good feeling!

Take care, all you peaceful mamas. I'm sending you a cyber hug right now .
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