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Are you guys window shopping for baby stuff yet??

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Well, this is baby #4, and Sebastian is only 15 months. Still, I can't help window shopping for new baby stuff. I am definetely going to ordering some cute CDs as soon as I find out the sex and I might get some other new stuff like a double stroller or a very small ones + a sling
Talking about strollers, I the European ones, so browsing a Danish baby site site I found this VERY weird looking (in a cool way ) Stokke stroller that just came out. I have always been fascinated with innovative designs, but this one is WAAAAY above my price range (they say it will cost 750 bucks in the US)
Here it is. The link does not take you there right away... Just click on "The Children Collection", then choose "United Kingdom" then click on "Stokke Xplory"
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OMG, I have the Xplory bookmarked already! :LOL I don't need another stroller (I have a Zooper), but if I did, that would be it! As for shopping, I am not window shopping, I have already started shopping! :LOL I gifted or sold most of my diapers that would fit a newborn, so I have already started a stash for this little one. Hey, need to spread out the costs, right? Plus, I got rid of some basic baby items earlier this year, like a bathtub b/c I swore we were done for a few years. Plus, this is my first Winter/Spring baby, so I will need some clothing with sleeves, hehe. Oh, and a new sling. Those are the main things. DH always wants me to wait to buy, but then we end up having to go out at the last minute and pick up this and that. This time, I want to be fully prepared.

Dee (a control freak :LOL)
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Haven't done any shopping yet! We wont find out the sex ahead of time so we'll probably do some shopping on the way home! We wont get a double stroller...we sling our babies exclusively for the first six months. I do need another infant car seat...I gave our last one away. I have plenty of slings, but, I'd like to get a hug-a-bub!
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No kidding - this will be our first winter newborn and we have nothing that small that is warm enough. But my DS #1 was born late September and by November it was already very cold in Denmark, so we wrapped him in a wool bag/lift before putting him the stroller. It worked great and we did not need to get him in very warm baby clothes. We have one like this

P.S. I did not know about slings then - we only had a BabyBjorn which killed our backs - and we did not have a car either, so the long winter walks would be too cold for the babies to sit in a sling under our jackets...
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Oh, I'm totally window-shopping!

I plan to CD this one, and we didn't with dd (laundry issues), so I've started looking at those. I want at least one more sling. We won't find out the sex ahead of time so I want some gender-neutral late 'winter'/early spring clothes. I've been looking at the Hanna Andersson catalogue but who can afford more than one thing out of there, lol!
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I admit to educating myself on newborn diapers already but I haven't bought any!

That stroller is the wierdest thing I've ever seen! I could only pull it up in the French version, why is it like that? Do they give an explanation?

I'm looking for a tandem anyway!
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Wow that stroller is funky! I'd be all over it if I lived in the city! As it is, we already have a tandem and the baby will likely be slinged on the go most of the time anyway. We gave away our infant carseat unfortunately but my good friend/neighbor/doula is lending us hers. I admit I've already started buying diapers... I got 2 ADORABLE Tiny Heiny's from Happy Heiny's today. Both in girl prints. lol I figure I just won't wash them until we know, I can always just add them to inventory. lol Aw the benefits of being a diaper wahm! The only thing we really need are diapers, a bouncy seat and clothes. Gretchen was born in Oct so all her 0-6 month clothes are winter so if it's a girl we're pretty set... though I know I'll want to buy new for this baby anyway. LOL Koen on the other hand is a July baby so if it's a boy we'll need all new winter boy clothes. And I want to get one of those cool blanket cover things for the infant carseat. So much better then the bulky and not so safe snowsuit Gretchen wore. I wandered around Babies R Us the other day and it was great fun. Most of that stuff is really not needed but it's fun to see the new things they have out anyway. I 'almost' wish we were into cribs, the bedding sets are so beautiful!
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Well.. we've bought one diaper, does that count? *lol*

I'm woefully unprepared .. We hadn't planned on more, and gave away most of DD's little stuff, especially because most of it couldn't be used unless we were definitely having another girl. My mom went WAY overboard with pink, ladybugs on pink, butterflies on pink, sunshine and bunnies on pink .. you get the idea. (Did I mention I hate pink?!) I've also been poking around for slings.. but we've never used one before, and I'm totally overwhelmed *lol* any tips?
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Originally Posted by Finnsma
I 'almost' wish we were into cribs, the bedding sets are so beautiful!
Same here - they are sooo cute. We are going to get a big nice king size bed instead though: we just can't have 2 babies co-sleeping in the tiny double bed we have right now...

Originally Posted by JennInSeattle
That stroller is the wierdest thing I've ever seen! I could only pull it up in the French version, why is it like that? Do they give an explanation?
We would go tandem to, but they are all so bulky... we will probably do sling + stroller. The Stokke stroller has that shape on purpose. It is so it can work as a high chairs on restaurants/cafes and so it can be taken up and down stairs. Cool weidish design, but not worth 800 dolllars IMO...
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Haven't made any purchases yet, but have started making my list. I am going to need some new clothes for me (winter maternity).

The first thing I will probably buy will be a baby album/scrapbook.

I am going to buy some CDs. That's about all I need for the new baby. I convinced it will be another boy, but if I have a girl, I will be very busy in March buying new girl baby things.
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I'm relieved to find out that I'm not the only one thinking about shopping this early. It's like some bizarre premature nesting instinct (it embraces cleaning out the closets, too). I keep defending myself by telling dh I need to work out my issues imagining us doing EC. I work them out by comparing the merits of various diaper covers. :-)
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I considered starting on diapers but i think i will wait until i know the sex to really get anything.I am almost positive this is a boy.I need a new sling since i traded my old one,one of those awesome portable swings,and probably a co sleeper.My 2 year old is very attached to our bed and i don't think there is much room so hopefully the co sleeper will help.

Currently i am taking care of my own clothing needs since i am expanding.
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That is a cool stroller! I like the bugaboo frog too. I hardly use a stroller though,(not at all in the first two or three months) so I might as well not even bother looking at them.

I've been looking at maternity clothes, slings, and diapers a lot. I definitely need more small dipes and a new ring sling. I think I could go crazy on the slings. I want one of every style. I've only used an ABC, a rebozo, a framepack, and a bjorn before. SO, now I want a wrap (stretchy and woven), a ring sling for nursing, and a pouch ( fleece for cold, cotton for hot) for out and about. Good thing I sew, or I'd be out a lot of money on slings!

I've started making some fitteds and AIOs already. They're so cute and tiny! I din't start sewing dipes until my DS was past a year, so I've only made large and extra large before.
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Oh yes! I've been browsing for Newborn diapers. I also need a new infant carseat. So I'm researching those. I guess I really don't need anything else. I have a load of boys and girls clothes. All my boys clothes are for the exact same season and I have a strange feeling this is another boy. I have so many stroller and slings. But I will admit I've been doing some sling window shopping.
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That is to coolest stroller! It looks tippy though and with a then-three year old, tippy is not what I need (if I had a zillion dollars). My girlfriend has the Tripp Trapp chair and it's very cool too.

As for window shopping... like crazy!! I don't need baby clothes or anything except another car seat but cds? It's all I can do to resist buying them now. They look soooo cute. Plus I want to make some of my own and need a pattern and it would just be wrong to use a leftover sposie as a pattern.
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I started a thread on the diaper forum to find out some of the best nb fitteds and so I have purchased 2 diapers, a KHW and a mudpie babies. I could swear there was a 3rd diaper or cover but now I can't remember lol But I have my list of what cds and covers I want and I will buy some here and there during the entire pg.

This will be my first winter born baby so I have no cold climate maternity or baby clothes. I am definetly window shopping but in all honesty there isn't much I need. A new carseat/stroller, maybe a bouncy seat, some warm gowns and pants and maybe the co-sleeper and a pump. Altho I really think the co-sleeper will be a waste of money as I know the baby will end up in bed with me
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Thanks for that description on the stroller! I too think that tandems are bulky but I could only wear Nathan for a few months.. he was just too heavy quickly, perhaps I was wearing him wrong? Anyway, I've decided to get some Nanipoos, Kind Hearted Women and XS Elbees for this new baby so far. I'm sure I'll get more but those are my top picks at the moment! lol

We need just about everything BUT the carseat! Nathan's still in his infant car seat so we haven't sold it but it just about to move in to the bigger front facing one. So we're thankful to have that. We do co-sleep so we won't need a crib but Dan's grandmother is insisting Nathan needs a crib because neither Dan nor his grandmother wants both babies in bed with us (what about me??). At what age can most kids get out of cribs??

I have a feeling this baby is a girl and we have no girl clothes and hardly any clothes at all because I've just held 3 garage sales in a row to get rid of all this stuff! lol Due to the move to Hawaii we can't take any furniture with us so we'll at least need a swing but I'm keeping my pump so I shouldn't need that right now.

So much to do.. that's why God gives us 9 months to prepare! :LOL
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Oh Jen don't FF Nathan yet! He is much safer RF until 30lbs. Find a good convertible (such as a britax) that RF to 30-35 lbs and then FF him when her hits the RF weight limit.
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PS I don't think 9 mths is nearly long enough. But thats because I am the one doing the finances and trying to juggle everything lol
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At what age can most kids get out of cribs??
DD starts out in her crib at night. About 3 mos ago, when she was 19-ish mos, she started climbing out! We converted it to the toddler bed so we don't have to worry about that anymore.
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