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switching forums

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Everytime I try to use the pull down screen at the bottom of the page to try to switch forums my computer locks up and I have to re-boot. Any suggestions?
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Wow. That's a new one on me. I'll check the vB forums and see if the problem has been reported. Get back to ya soon.
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I still can't use the bottom pull down box to switch forums without having my computer freeze up and having to reboot. Have you found anything out about this yet?

TIA, Beth
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Hi Beth

I searched the support forum for a similar problem report but found none. But I decided to hold off filing a support request until I'd finished the software upgrade and see if the problem is still there for you.

I've done most of the upgrade - the part that would affect the forum jump feature has been installed. So give it a try now and let me know if the problem is still there.

By the way are you on a Mac or a PC? What browser do you use?
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Cynthia, I tried it again a few minutes ago and still can't use the forum jump box without freezing up.: My ISP is MSN and I can't remember the name of my browser but I know it isn't Netscape, I think it is the microsoft one but I'm drawing a blank on the name. I'm sorry to be bugging you about this, but I'm so used to using it that I forget and seem to be constantly locking up my screen. You'd think I'd learn after a while.:
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Internet Explorer is the Microsoft browser, also referred to as IE.

The guys at vBulletin believe the problem is in your browser. The only way I know to fix a browser problem is to reinstall it or download the latest release of it. Would you like to give that a try?
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Last night I had a bit of a problem with the computer freezing up and when I would try to log back on it would tell me that my computer didn't have enough memory and I should close out other open windows (I didn't have any.) That problem eventually fixed itself, and when it did I found that I could use the forum jump again.

Thanks for all your help, though.
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Oh goodie!
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I know this is not a solution but it may be at least practical for now ~ being a mom, it's probably good enough

Look at the top of the page, the links that go MDC forums > welcome to... > etc. Click on the first one (MDC forums), and that will get you the whole list. Or on another one to just get a selection. Once you're used to it, it's probably just as easy, at least till you get around to reinstalling software andthesuch (late 2012??). I do it that way all the time ~ which probably just proves what a dork I am

BTW when something like this happens, do a "cold reboot," i.e. not just "restart the comp" but turn it all the way off and then on again. Microsoft is notorious for leaving all kinds of memory managament things running when just restarting.

Cynthia, when I click on a thread while holding Shift (to open in a new window), the existing window also changes to the new one. Not that it bothers me (I do the rightclick instead and that works fine), but I wonder if, when several posters have these little "ickies" going on, the software itself is a bit buggy (and I have a recent, newly installed version of IE on here. Wow, I am a dork : )
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