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Do your sons like Waldorf Dolls?

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I am fascinated by those beautiful Waldorf dolls and really want to either make or buy one for my ds. However, that is going to take a significant investment of either energy and time, or of money (why are they soooooo expensive?).

What I want to know is: is it worth it? I know the philosophy behind the dolls and it sounds awesome but do any of you have personal experience with your sons and Waldorf dolls? Do they play imaginatively with them, project their emotions onto them, etc., or do they just throw them around or ignore them?
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i bought one for my older son years ago and he didn't play with it much. i recently gave it to my toddler and he loves his dolly, plays with it often and sleeps with it. so, i guess it depends on the kid.
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I've made my son a couple of dolls and just recently he's really started to get into them (he's 32 months). One thing I read that sounded plausible to me is that, esp. with boys, you really have to model doll play to get them into it. Otherwise Finn is very interested in tools and machines and appliances, so he doesn't seem intrinsically inclined toward dolls. But I think that making the dolls for him has made me much more "invested" in them: I don't have to try to love them, I truly do love them! So my interest and enthusiasm does seem to have sparked his. He doesn't cuddle them a ton, but he loves having me use them kind of like puppets to pretend to do ordinary activities (mow the lawn, water the flowers, pet the stuffed animals, cook dinner, etc.)

BTW, I wasn't much of a doll girl myself, so it's kind of new for me too.

Also, he loves his dollhouse and all the stuff in there. Making rugs and blankets and even food and dishes or other stuff for the dollhouse out of felt is super easy and fun to do together.
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what are they?

i just bought a little dollhouse for my baby. he loves it. i plan to let him play with raggedy ann and other soft dolls too. i think it teaches them how to be a good "future daddy" as well as how to be loving and kind.

dolls are great, but im not familiar with the Waldorf Doll.

I keep thinking of Waldorf Salad! haha
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Thanks everyone. We're going on vacation w/my parents next week so I'm going to take that time to make one, I think.

Waldorf dolls are soft dolls with basically dots for eyes and no mouths...the idea is that they have neutral facial expressions so the child is able to play with them more imaginatively (doll doesn't always have to be awake, or happy, or whatever)
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I just bought a kit to make one from marthastewart.com.
Here is the link to the page with the kit:

Waldorf Doll Kit

The kit is on sale for $13--not bad.
Though I'm not sure if I'm having a boy or girl, I've always
loved all the waldorf toys and want one around just for
fun. My friends son went to Waldorf school and made knitted
animals, gnomes and pixies. He did play with them until
he was too old for them. Enjoy.

all the best,
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Wow!!!! Thanks, Victoria! That sure beats paying $115 for an already-made one!
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I don't know if you knit, but the knitted waldorf animals are
soooooo cute. I recently did some piggies and have done kittens
in the past. I used to have the pixie instructions, but I think
I'll have to buy the pattern again if I want to make them. If your
interested in the kitten or pig patterns I can e-mail them to you.

This site sometimes has good sales on kits too:

Weir Dolls

all the best,
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I made Waldorf Dolls for my son and daughter when they were 4 and 1. Dd likes hers, but it's not a favorite.

Ds sleeps with his EVERY night - his doll is now over 3 yrs. old and it's his favorite companion. He dosn't play with it. He just cuddles it at night, or when he's feeling insecure. He told me it smells like me

It's so cool to see how much he cares about it and feels it's special because I made it for him
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I don't have boys, but girls, and they respond ambivalently to dolls anyhow. Neither of them is a doll player--stuffed animals are very much more popular at our house, plus trains.
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