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i don't know... nm
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She told me that they were all gone.
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they are.
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I just got back. Holy cow this thread is HUGE. I've obviously missed the stocking. I hope you all fared well. Whatcha'll get? I'm off to read this thread
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heehee have fun reading the insanity...
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Has any one else gotten an email? Nun here
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Whoo! I got #1!!

It was the one I really wanted too! rock!
Well, I wanted them ALL, but I asked for any medium, but green trim especially and I did want a heavy one, and I like sidewalls...

so I got all that I wanted. YIPEE!
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I did hear there will be 2 more stockings next week And Valor Kids tommorow.... lots to look forward too!
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vk tomorrow! and berry patch over the weekend (smalls)!
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Oh great now I have another place to stalk over the weekend. I am headed upstairs to gather fabric and stuff for sale so I can afford my spree
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Apparently I was too late too, I thought I emailed her quickly but I can't type well and fixed the typos before I sent it, it must have lost me a dipe
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I don't think that cost you your dipe, Caroline I type really fast and pressed send within seconds and asked for ANY of the dipes and I still somehow missed out- so I'm guessing somehow they went within seconds Oh well....
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I still haven't received an email. I guess that means I didn't get one
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Thanks for the reassurance Aley, I guess she must have had ot sort by milliseconds! Oh well, maybe next time!
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