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Week of July 23-30 - Page 2

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I am officially in labour wish me luck
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Good Luck wwith the c oil.
If Baby doesn't come by friday I am going to ask my husband for a little donation!
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Bryce made his arrival yesterday at 12:08 PM

hes such a sweetie. giving birth was so great! It was an experiance I will never forget. I can't wait to post the birth story, but for now I will say that my labour was 8 hours with 1 hour of pushing, perfectly helthy baby born at home

He lovvves breastfeeding, we make a good team

I will try to post again with the story and some pics, maybe later today! (baby is sleeping with daddy right now, mom just got off 'all night milk machine' shift lol)

I am so in with him. He is so precious! I can't beleive that he's not even a day old yet!


heres some pictures

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