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Leaving for a month..

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So I'm shipping my computer in the morning and I wanted to say goodbye! I didn't expect to ship it quite so soon but we do leave next week so it's off to the UPS store.

The computer will take a month to get there and then I'll be back online. I may be able to use the computer at the library occasionally but I don't know how often so it will be just to check in and say hi really.

Oh and for those who haven't kept up with where I'm going.. I'm moving to Hawaii next week.

I will miss everyone here! I'm going to pray for everyone that we are all safely pregnant by the time I come back and have heard the heartbeats (or seen them) by then!

I've really enjoyed my last week here, I look foward to coming back! Don't have too much fun without me! Oh and save me some nanipoos, extra small Elbees and Kind Hearted Woman diapers!
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Have a safe trip...see ya on the other side!
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Have a safe trip. Hope you like your new home in Hawaii. We'll miss you!
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travel well!
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Thank you! I look foward to getting my computer back! I've really been enjoying this board! Oh and today I took another hpt (hey, I hadn't taken one in a week) and that's the darkest one I've ever seen! :LOL Parts of the line are darker than the control line! We are SO excited as I know everyone on this board is!
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A month! That seems like a heck of a long time to ship a puter. But if you are off your puter that long maybe my little bean will have a chance at some cute dipes- keeping your fingers away from the buy button! lol.... But I will not buy everything- we are investing in our business anyway, so I would be a dead woman if I was hitting the buy button. But at least I have a shot now! lol... Be safe and have a good trip!
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Have a safe move! I will miss you!

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Best of luck with your move, Jenn. We'll miss your presence a lot, I know! Take it easy and we'll see you when the dust clears.
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