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Unique Girl Names??

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Hi everyone!

This is my very first offical posting, so first I want to say hi and just that I'm so excited to find this group!
I'm due the first week in March 2005 with our 2nd child and can't think of any girl names, we are 90% decided on Asa for a boy ( Hebrew for "phyician"). Our 3 year old daughter's name is Nya and we just can't find anything as simple and perfect as that......my husband thinks that means we are having a boy.
If anyone has any girl name suggestions I'd love to mull them over. Thanks so much and hello to everyone!
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Hey- congrats on the new little one- I have a thread going right now on baby name sites, it is in this forum. My DD's name is Rainey Faye (I happen to think it is the most wonderful name ever- lol...) But we didnt find it until after she was born and I handed FIL a baby name book and I told him to read names to me and when he said Rainey I was in love- then the next day he went online and would call us every 5 min with a list of middle names and when I heard faye I knew that was it! I did want to name her Adria- but Scott didnt like it, and I am glad now, I think my little Rainey is a Rainey all the way.

Other names I have hear that I like:
Kimberly (that is my sister name but it is one of my faves)
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Hey I am in Washington (Olympia) and I know there is a good tribal area around the NW. So let me know if you ever want info on playdates or anything
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Let's see...we know litle girls named

Ruby Rose
Roísin (Gaelic -- pronounced RO-sheen)

A girl's named I love is Saiorse, pronounced SEER-sha. Also Gaelic. I probably spelled it wrong.

And one that we were considering when pregnant with our first was Ila (pronounced EEE-la), "daughter of earth" in Hindi, which I loved.
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My DD's name is Chandra. It's sanskrit for "Moon or outshines the stars". I believe it's also the name of a Hindu Goddess.
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If we have a little girl her name is going to be Kessa, Kess for short.
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Names I like: Zea (pronounced ZAY-uh), Naila (German), Nora.

Personally, I think you are very brave to ask for suggestions. Naming is such a private matter. Everyone has opinions.
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