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Care to share your symptoms???

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Congrats to all of you!!
Can you new preggos please list your earlies sxs for those of us that haven't tested yet but hope to join you?? Did anyone have super early sxs, like 3 or 4 dpo??

My sxs began with a pregnancy dream the night that I may have conceived. I've also had burping, metallic taste, af-like cramps, excessive saliva, lower backache (like with af), and am spaced out and tired. I either have something wrong with me or I'm preggo and my sxs started very early (like 2-3 dpo). I had some of these sxs with DD, particulary the dream, burping and the metallic taste.

I've only had 2 ppaf, the first cycle was 32 days, so not sure exactly when to expect af again and I won't be testing until late next week. I also have creamy CM and only had 2 episodes of shooting pain in my bbs, so I'm not really counting those as sxs but as a whole I sure do feel preggo! If I test negative and still have these sxs next week, I'm going to my Dr to find out what is wrong with me!

We weren't really TTC, but just kind of letting it happen. I will be a bit disappointed if I'm not preggo with all these sxs!
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For me i had excessive CM most of the time,vivid dreams,some food and smell aversions,and some cramping.Really most of my symptoms didn't kick in until i was 7 weeks along and then i had extreme nausea,exhaustion and my boobs are really sore.
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The burping and mettalic taste in the mouth is what I get each time, (around about 6 weeks). That in addtition to the af cramping and tiredness make it sound quite likely that you are. Here's hoping for you
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I am most definitely spaced out and tired!
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Starting at what I think was probably 9 DPO I was very tired. If I did too much I got nauseous. BFing was getting alittle uncomfortable for me. I was also kind of crampy. So I tested the next day and got a faint positive. It wasn't until 5 weeks that I started getting incredibly fatigued and having nausea off and on during the day.

Good luck.
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Before testing positive I noticed I was eating myself out of house and home! :LOL I'm nursing too but didn't know I was pregnant. Even when my tummy wasn't growling I couldn't stop thinking about food! I think that was the biggest give away. I'll be hoping for you too.
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So I'm not the only one! I developed an incredible efficiency for eating us out of house and home .. *LOL* .. I ate like 1/2 a pound of raw snow peas on the way home from the farmer's market .. Dh's comment was "Is there something you're not telling me?"

I honestly WISH I got the burping and metallic taste .. With EVERY pg it seems my first symptom is unremittant gas ... For the first 6 weeks I do NOTHING but fart.

ETA : *LOL* i had to come back and post this in the right place .. I had 3 "reply to thread" windows open and put it in "goth mamas" .. That's my other biggest symptom - complete breakdown of all mental function.
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This one is hitting me hardder than with Rainey- who was born the end of march. With her I didnt even relize I was preggo until the 2nd week in Aug- but with this one I was feeling the green bug before I missed my period, And I have been having cramping too. And when I nurse Rainey it is real bad, also my boobs hurt BIG time and they are like limp water bags- lol... It is pretty nasty- I have a DD cup and they just hang there- Someday after all my kids are born and not on the boob anymore I will be going under the knife to have the bad boys lifted!

I cant even think about a hamburger- makes me want to puke! I am back on my potoato diet for a while

And we own a computer company and I am pretty good about getting my deliveries down everyday- and 2 weeks ago I had 3 people in one week call me to see if I forgot about them I DID! I didnt have them written down anyplace. My brain is mush! But maybe that is a good thing, maybe I will forget this section of the preg. and have more
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Thanks everyone. Today I feel like there is something wrong with me if I"m not preggo. I have so many sxs so early, that I'm getting worried. I broke down and tested, even though I may only be 7dpo, and it's - but obviously I'm not surprised as it's way too early. I just thought since I have so many sxs, maybe there is enough hcg already! I'm salivating like crazy and even the skin on my gums and inside my cheek are sore (weird) along with strong metallic taste. The soreness is what started worrying me. Did anyone get this? I've heard of bleeding gums but they're not bleeding.
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Niha, I think I told you this on the TTC board already, but I TOTALLY suspected I was pg within days of conception. I got the familiar nausea that goes away after nibbling on some food, like I did with my other pregnancies at 3DPO
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I started having tender - no, painful! - breasts at either 3 or 4dpo. I tested at 10 dpo and got a - and then got a positive at 13 dpo - so it's definitely very possible you're pregnant!
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Before I tested I was getting excess saliva, was much hungrier than usual and started waking up at 5am and having trouble sleeping. Last time the nausea only started between 6 and 7 weeks and I only have fleeting nausea now (fine if I keep eating!). Oh, both times I had mild cramping around the time my period was due.

Shannon (in Seattle)

Mother to Frost 7/2001. Due 21st March 05.
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