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OK, I tried the muffin tin. The first day it was a bit hit!! I got up and prepared a twelve muffin pan with acceptable snacks. We had carrots (steamed), hummus, dried cherries, watermelon, brown rice cakes and almond butter, etc. When I brought it out you would have thought it was her Birthday. She did a little dance and dove right in. After a few bites she was of course finished so I put it back in the fridge until the next request. So far so good. For the next request (about 10 min. later) I brought out the tray, feeling very proud of myself for having solved the slave to the kitchen problem. Unfortunately this time she used her new favorite word - uhunh!

I just wish she could tell me what she does want to eat so I wouldn't have to guess. I know she would eat a popcicle so I'm tempted to juice everyting in the fridge and make pop pops out of it. At least that way we would both be appeased.
Here's the deal. I know she's not a picky eater in the respect that she will eat and enjoy a variety of good foods, almost all veggies and fruits and grains. Could it be a need for more control or is she testing me? Any thoughts?

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Maybe she wasn't hungry?

Or maybe she was bored? Of course this is a time when babes "test" us. So who knows?

Maybe she just wanted to play.
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