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I'm Pregnant!!!

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I am pregnant and due in March! Last time I wrote to you I had had my second miscarriage and things are obviously looking up! Things appear to be "normal" with this one and we keep saying the third time's a charm! Take care and I'll write son! COngratualtions to all of you other mother and fathers to be!
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Yeppieeee... Great news, I am glad you feel better about everything this time. This little bean is due in March and My DD is a March 31st baby and I will tell you it is the best time of the year for a baby! It is just hitting spring and all nice out and great for long walks- the only sucky thing is we have M/S in the heat of Aug! yuck.... But I guess it is better than trying to be in labor in mid/late Aug and having a homebirth without any AC- lol...

Congrats to you again, cant wait to hear how the pregnancy is for you! And Welcome to MOTHERING!
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