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Need your help to stop smoking

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The big day is coming: July 7 my dh and I are quitting smoking. Please, mamas, don't rail me for smoking. If it was easy to quit I would have done it by now. I find so much wrapped up in smoking that has nothing to do with the physical addiction and everything to do with emotions.

I am pg and have been cutting back. Monday is the day to go cold turkey. I am scared.

I need your support, not admonishment.

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Congratulations on making this decision! You are right about emotional issues and smoking; my mother has tried to quit three times but she gets stressed out and starts smoking again.

We all have some type of addiction or something we do because of stress. Kudos to you for dealing with yours!
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I'm really proud of your for making the important decision to stop smoking. It can't be easy (having never smoked I don't know first hand), and it is a big deal- so first of all
Yay for you!
But you don't need our help to do it. You already ahve all you need deep down inside of you, and don't you forget it!

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No admonishment here! I know first hand how hard it is.

There were a couple of things that helped me kick the habit when I got pregnant:

First, I got (due to a very troubled pregnancy) ultrasounds/sonograms more times than I could remember now! I always got a printout of the ultrasound picture. This, I stuck in the same pocket as my cigarettes. Then, once I had quit, I still carried it around with me for when I got the urge.

for the hand-to-mouth part, which was huge for me, I started eating jicama! Carrots were too hard, crunchy, and substantive for me to eat enough of them to satisfy that part of the craving, and I hate celery. But I love jicama, so I would slice them up into approx. cigarette-size sticks, and toss them with a little lime juice and/or salt or tiny bit o'sugar, depending on the mood. They were in tupperware at work, in ziplocks in my purse, and a big-a$$ tupperware at home.

This all helped, but I don't recommend repeating the one thing that got me to quit that last 1-2 cigs a day. When I was just entering 2nd trimester, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer. I seem to remember it coinciding fairly closely with dd's first noticeable kicks. That was quite the double whammy -- dd was finally really real, and I couldn't imagine doing to her, ON PURPOSE, what was happening to me emotionally. Mind you, my mother had practically none of the lifestyle risk factors for cancer. So I didn't really need to add the big one to my genetic risk (G-ma and aunt died of cancer, too.)

Wow, Indiegirl. Now that I've typed all this out, I'm crying. I started smoking again after dd weaned herself. You quitting, and my telling you my story, really inspired me. Do you want to be my quitting buddy?


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Support here! I'm happy to hear both you and DH are taking the plunge, because I know it's harder when one partner continues to smoke.

If you weren't PG, I'd suggest doing what my Dad did...mega mega doses of Vitamin C. He had smoked for 50 years, tried to quit several times with no luck. Then someone told him to take vit. C and he was smoke-free in three days. Says he hasn't had a craving since quitting 5+ years ago. Unfortunately, I don't think you can safely do this during PG.

My SIL also quit smoking after many years. So I've seen two people close to me do it and I know what a challenge it is. I know you can do it too! Go indiegirl!
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I quit many times myself. Your baby is a great inspiration to quit though!

I can't say exactly which was my last day because I did it very gradually. What finally worked for me was this: I'd make up "rules" about my smoking, like, "No smoking in the car." Then I'd do it as if it was a challenge or contest. Once I no longer smoked in the car, I'd make another rule..."No smoking before breakfast." (It helped that our office had a new no-smoking rule, but I suppose that's true everywhere nowadays.) When I was down to one time of day when I "could" smoke, (after lunch but before I got out of work) something came up and I couldn't get outside to have the cig. so I skipped that day. Then it happened again and my new and final challenge was to not have that one cig. That was 14 years ago.
Good luck to you!!
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Good Luck to You! I found it fairly easy to quit while pregnant, I just thought about the harmful effects and how difficult it had been for me to become pregnant. However, after three of my babies were born I started smoking again (although I was a very light smoker and only smoked outside). For many years I was down to 2-3 cigarettes a day, but just couldn't kick it completely (how in God's name could I have coffee without a cigarette?). Anyway, after dd20 months was born I just never started again, for some reason I finally lost the cravings. It sounds weird but being almost 44 when she was born and having my 1st daughter really made me think about what would happen if I was not around when she grew up and had children of her own. Of course I wanted to be there for my sons too, but it just seemed different with a daughter. My own mother died at 59 from ovarian cancer, she was a life long heavy smoker and she died before two of my children were born. That also weighed on my mind. At the same time I started getting much more interested in eating healthier and using more natural products (this board also had something to do with that). I know this is just my experience and not much help to you, but I never thought those cravings would go away and they did. It has been 2 1/2 years since I quit and it was one of the best decisions I ever made.
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Good for you Indiegirl!!! Everything comes down to learning to love and nurture ourselves, I believe...I wonder if you might like to try a good self-hypnosis/guided imagery/relaxation tape? I can't think of one to recommend, just that this type of thing has been really wonderful for e over the years for stress--like a soothing, empowering and super-easy meditation...
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Hello indiegirl!
Just wanted to let you know that I support you in your decision to quit smoking
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I hope you suceed in quiting. It's so very hard.
Stay away from all your smoking friends for awhile.
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You can do this Indiegirl. As an ex-addict/ex-smoker I am behind you all the way and I know how hard it can be. I finally quit cigarettes when I found out I was pg w/dd. For some reasong it wasn't nearly as hard for me as I had expected it to be. Nothing close to the difficulties I had experienced the many other times I'd "quit." Somehow, not giving myself the option to smoke and making it as simple as that and focusing on my baby everytime I had a craving for a smoke did the trick for me. I really hope things go as smoothly as possible. Believe in yourself and your power to do this.
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How are you doing, indiegirl? You still have support out here in the boonies LOL! Hope all is well!
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You are talking to an expert here! I've quit numerous and unsuccessful times in my life until the last time (2.5 years ago). I've never looked back, not even for a second!

Firstly don't do it because you are pregnant, do it for yourself or you may start up again afterwards.

There is a book that is called "Easy way to stop smoking" by Allan Carr. Saved my life (literally). All I can say is prepare yourself and don't be scared because it will really be easy! You will sit down and read the book in Two days and halfway through already have a great desire to quit.

If you are tired of such a stupid thing taking major control over your life, buy this book and GO GIRL!!!!

PS I'm not making commission on this, honest!

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i second stay away from smoke

i know it is hard to quit, but i second the stay away from friends who smoke, it is Really hard to not want to smoke when others are doing it nearby....maybe you'll get the "all day morning sickness"--it happened to me and i didn't want to drink or smoke at all ever again!! of course the sickness went away, and i still craved the ciggs and drink, but i didn't Need them anymore, and i haven't smoked in a looong time-
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I quit after smoking for 15 years, cold turkey, and never had 1 craving or desire to smoke since. It's been over 2 years. I didn't use a patch or anything. I just stopped. It truely is mind over matter.

This is my QGadet info from quitnet.com :
872 days, 18 hours, 39 minutes and 14 seconds smoke free.

17456 cigarettes not smoked.
$872.00 and 4 months, 13 days, 8 hours of your life saved.

Your quit date: 6/7/2000

I joined Quitnet.com and ordered the book Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking Allen Carr. It's a British book and old and hard to find, I got it from Barnes and Noble, and that book changed my life. This book shows you the reality of what you are doing, and how it really is mind over matter. I smoked and read the book like he suggested, but by the time I had finished the book, I was no longer smoking and never have I had the urge since.

I was a pack and half a day smoker for 15 years. I never had tried to quit before. I have never had any urges.

I know it sounds strange, but its true!! If I can do it, anyone can!!!

Go to QuitNet

get Allen Carr's book and you will be on the road to a new life!

ps: Just this year, I started to be able to smell the earth, the richness of it. It is like candy, I can't breathe deeply enough to get all I want, the earth smells soo GREAT!!!!! And the leaves right now, the dampness, my god it's like a natural high. It's amazing how things smell, and it keeps getting better. I guess it took over 2 years for my sense of smell to come back?
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Re: Need your help to stop smoking

Originally posted by indiegirl
The big day is coming: July 7 my dh and I are quitting smoking. Please, mamas, don't rail me for smoking. If it was easy to quit I would have done it by now. I find so much wrapped up in smoking that has nothing to do with the physical addiction and everything to do with emotions.

I am pg and have been cutting back. Monday is the day to go cold turkey. I am scared.

I need your support, not admonishment.

You go mama! I was a pack a day smoker and KNEW I would quit when I decided to get pg. I got pg, and I quit cold turkey. Threw away all paraphanalia whilst the pg test was still drying!!!

Stayed quit all through pg and nursing happy to say!

Then I went into biz for myself....sigh.....

Started back , not as heavy but still kicked myself every day. So I decided to have another baby, and knew I COULD quit again. This was 4 years later mind you!

I got pg, and it did take me a bit longer than the drying of the pg test to quit this time, but I did, before the end of the 1st trimester, and had a big 8 # 10 oz baby at home. I have been nursing for 2 years now and have stayed quit.

Can do!!!

Good luck! Drink water, chew gum and snack on popcorn
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