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velveteen - what a horrible thing for your friend to say! : sorry you had to hear that!
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now, I know this might not be how other people believe, but I believe that the babies we will have are all souls waiting for the perfect time. Maybe there's not a soul waiting for each one of us yet, or that soul is waiting for perfect timing. 2 different *sensitive* friends I had said I had babies (2) waiting but they were waiting until things were a bit settled to come to me. I can't tell you enough how much peace that brought me. The only time I've been stressed about my lack of conception has been my friend getting pregnant. And I'm feeling MUCH better.

I do NOT, however, think God is just saying no to me having a baby. At least no God I talk to. :
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please put me in the waiting to be ready
thanks crystal
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That is messed up Velvet. Sorry about your insensitive friend.


Last day of Clomid. Already getting really heavy duty amounts of CM...
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Gosh, Velveteen, what a terrible thing for your friend to say. I think I'd want to just take her by the shoulders and shake some sense into her, and I'm not a violent person at all (just scolded dd today for ruthlessly stepping on bugs!).

So I went through my 15 past charts last night and determined that I have never had midcycle spotting, except for ovulatory spotting on my first couple of cycles off the pill. So I still think there's a good case to be made for what I experienced yesterday being implantation spotting. BUT, just now when I went to the bathroom, there was some brownish blood on my underwear (just a bit) and when I wiped (same), and (this is the part that threw me off), a little clump o' something in my underwear. At first, I wasn't even sure it was from me b/c it's so unlike anything I'd seen before when spotting. I suppose it looks a little like if you have small clots with your heavy bleeding. It was a perfect sphere, about the size of a peppercorn and black/red in color. I mushed it up a little (this is when I was still trying to verify it came from me!) and it was definitely some kind of tissue-- sort-of stringy and colored my fingers red, but wasn't really bloody. Sorry for the graphic details, but it was so strange! My last LP was a full 13 days without spotting, so I don't think that's what this is. But I'm not as confident that it's implantation anymore either. Just weird!
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Hi everyone ,

In the 2WW -

Trying to pay no attention to the 2 pee sticks I bought yesterday :LOL, almost was tempted to buy the three pack, but with utmost restraint I said

AF due Tuesday or Weds so I'll try to hold off until Wednesday am. Doc wants to put me on progesterone as soon as I get a BFP. Hopefully it will be kinder to me than Shannon's dose : Heck, hopefully I'll need it soon

everyone!!!!!!!! Here's to lots of :

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Okay, enough about me.... lets talk about me..

I was reasarching in my prescription for nutritional healing book today. Looking in about yeast infections brought me to other issues... like hypothyroidism. Well, it was alwas suspected but my blood levels don't show it. Well, I talked to an ND and he said that doesn't show a whole lot because one person's normal might be another person's low. I can't even begin to tell you all the symptoms I have for hypothyroidism. This includes low temperatures. Last fall/winter I was temping and I have one whole cycle listed that has no temperature higher than 96.9, and that was really high for the cycle. Most temperatures were anywhere from 95.4 to 96.7 and ranging everywhere in between those temperatures. According to my book under 97 (taken under arm) is a sign. BLEH! Symptoms also include gaining weight, anemia, yeast infections, flaky skin, low temps, depression and lack of fertility. Yeah. That covers me.

So, now what? No cash to go to a ND. Regular doctor won't take me serioulsy because of blood test results. Even if they did, what would they do? Give me all sorts of drugs to treat the symptoms, instead of the problem? Most likely.

Someone shoot me.
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Johanna, the meds to supplement thyroid function are really no big deal and they are cheap. They are a synthetic version of the hormone and work quite well (I am hypothyroid--as is one of my dogs) One of my first clues that my levels are not right is if I'm cold when others are not--not just body temp, but I tend to feel chilled alot too, especially hands and feet.
On the natural side, you can take a good kelp supplement, if you see an improvement, then spend the money on a ND.
Oddly, the first clue we had that Havoc was hypothyroid was the size of the litters he sired were going way down--even with the same mom. We'd done the same combo 3 times and always got 8 pups, then did it and got 3, sure enough his levels were low and his litter sizes went back to normal with supplementation.
Farm life, I think it was you who asked what can I do here? Well, I'm sitting on this computer alot and really glad I bought a laptop with a DVD player in it! Other than that, I've been reading a lot.
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farmlife3 - what about some of the herbals, like Vitex? i'm not too familiar with it but i think it helps regulate your cycle?? i'm sure someone here is taking it and could fill you in more.

melknee - i can sympathize with you about the long cycles. its frustrating when people who were still in the 2ww when i had AF are already O'ing! :

i'm so sorry velveteen - that was such an insensitive thing for your friend to say.

stream - if it was brownish then usually that's old blood - do you think it was just leftover from yesterday's possible implantation spotting???

adina - i've been reading your LJ and although i don't have any comforting words for you, i just want you to know that i, too, think about you often. of course, i hope everyone here gets a BFP, but there are definitely some of you here (and you are one of them) that i really wish it would happen for soon.
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I faint positive on my LH test strips today. A full 4 days earlier than last month. Last month I had 3 days of light then a dark.

If you look at my chart from last month and notice we didn't get pregnant, do you think I should have my mw set up labs to have my progesterone tested since dd is nursing?
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cd 12 and no idea...

I am on cd 12, and I have NO idea what my body is doing. Arrghh. We will keep GIO every other day until I get a rise or AF. Off to my normal Dr this afternoon to talk about when to get my followup u/s done.

Sara - thanks for keeping the thread this week! I hope the week goes ok with your work/childcare situation

Laura - oh my, what an awful situation

Velvet - how do so many of us have so many friends with foot in mouth/insensitivity disease?

Stream - no idea what that lump was... strange. I am still KHA for you

Katy - DH is 6'7" (yes you read right) with size 16 boots. Our house is tiny, I can relate to your problems there, and DDs sleep patterns mean I wake very erratically too...
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farmlife, The "liver detox" tea was a mix of licorice root, dandelion root, and burdock root. 1TBS (equal parts each) per cup of tea. Boil for 10 minutes to make a decoction. Drink 3 cups per day. I added peppermint also, to make it taste better. This tea had the added benefit of making my skin look great!

The other tea that helped my spotting was a mix of red raspberry leaf, red clover, oat straw, and alfalfa. 1TBS (equal parts each by weight) per cup of tea. Steep for 5 minutes. Drink at least 3 cups per day. I added peppermint to this too and made 8 cups at a time in the morning. Drank it iced through out the day. I still am drinking this - its really good for building your blood and strengthing your whole reproductive system.

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Velveteen: Your "friend" is . . .wow . . .I dunno . . .not a friend. It made me think of this headline I saw in The Onion . There was a photo of a boy in a wheelchair. The headline said, GOD ANSWERS BOY'S PRAYERS and then "NO," SAYS GOD. It's funny in a satirical newspaper . . .but to have someone actually say and believe that is crazy.

Sara: I hope Nate's week goes well!!!

Laura: Wow-- I can't even begin to guess what you should do. I do know, however, that your anger is completely understandable. It's just so hard to understand the choices that other people make sometimes.

Jodi: I love that you're officially moving your status!!!

farmlife: Have you had your estrogen tested? I think that would be my first step before taking the BC pills. I can say that I DID have good luck with them, but my cycles were normal/regular before using them, too. I've considered going back on them to see if they'd get me back on track (I'd lose out on TTC months, of course) but I don't want to mess with them yet. Also, I did not have any bad s/e except GREAT SKIN for once in my life . . .but since you experienced negative effects, I think you're doing the right thing to wait.

Christine: YAY for your normal cycle in June!! How were your cycles prior to Jacob? Are you nursing? And yes, I'd absolutely, absolutely love the info on the tea . . .you can post/PM or e-mail me (Mizelenius@yahoo.com) if you like. Thank you! Also, I'm so sorry about Ocean.

Joi: Your chart, your temps . . .I dunno. I am hoping there is a happy conclusion to the madness!!!!!

Johanna: What kind of insurance do you have? Can you switch docs? I wonder if you went to an OB if you'd have better luck getting the meds you need? And ACK to the infection . . .how long will it last?

Stream: Hmm about the spotting. Spotting is bad for me, but only because I always get it. Since it seems to be a one cycle thing, it either means nothing or something good!

Lisa: Can't wait 'til ya test!

Megan: Your LP looked really, really good last month. Maybe things are just getting back in balance? Maybe the short LPs are a thing of the past? In any case, the test wouldn't hurt.

phoebe: I wonder if it's the no nursing. Maybe, like with Megan, your hormones are getting themselves sorted out?
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Christine: Thank you for posting the recipe!!! Do you think it would be unwise to take it with other herbs? I'm taking Fertility Blend until O this cycle. Also, where do I get the herbs to make the tea? Is there a good online store? Do I take the tea throughout the cycle? Thank you!
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Hi all! my weekend away was fabu!

seren... I'm so sorry. I hope you are giving yourself plenty of love and finding peace.

Joi... Well, I'm at a loss. Call me if you need to .. do you want to go knit tomorrow night? I have to pick up my new needles there anyway... And I can show off the yarn I dyed friday night.

Johanna, I can order supplements for you at cost.. I may know of something that could help hypothyroid. I'll check my books at work tomorrow.

So, Here's a new thing.... I had bleeding after sex. this has NEVER happened before. (not even when I lost my virginity - a hundred years ago) It wasn't overly 'vigorous'.... I had PLENTY of fluids (actually, I had lots of creamy CM all day - well lots for me). It was very strange. My cervix was pretty high and soft also... It was some minor spotting - but bright red - and it seemed like a lot since it was mixed with semen (or 'life force' as Ryan puts it). there was even a tiny tiny spot today. I'm only on CD 10 today... so what do you make of it?
I do think the herbal remedy my MW/ND has me on is helping my CM. I have definitley been more wet this cycle. so we shall see.

Oh, and the hotel was awesome. we never made it to the bed... sex was on the hard stone floor by the door. The spa tub was a nice thing to wake up to ( I decided not to go in after GIO last night.. wanted to give the swimmers a chance!) We went for a walk on the beach, and had some really great conversations. (see my LJ later) Oh, and my MIL paid for it. So this weekend, my life officially rocks.
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chiromama - sounds like a wonderful weekend
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move me over to waiting to know ....

: .... let the two week waiting begin! :

It's late and I'm really just writing to subscribe, but promise to catch up with you all tomorrow morning. In the meantime ..... Here's hoping for a super POSITIVE week!
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Korin, glad to see you had a good weekend. Hope the blood is a good sign, though not sure what the heck it means.

Your Anais Nin quote is incredibly powerful.
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thanks anna. it makes me smile!
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cd 20

Hi all!
Just back from a nice distracting weekend away with my mom! Fun visit, went to theatre, art galleries etc. only 8 days until I can test !

sorry for , BFNs , insensitive friends and weird cycle stuff!

I will catch up in more detail tomorrow.

to all!

ETA: My dw, Beth just asked...when can we test...do we still have to wait two weeks? she's the best!
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