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The tea is fine all cycle long and there should be no problem with taking it with Fertility Blend. I think that Fertility Blend has Vitex in it? Vitex helped my after the m/c and is good for luteal support. I am not taking it now, though. When did your spotting start? After your daughter was born?

I get the herbs at a herb store here in town, but our co-op grocery store also carries them. Do you have a natural foods store where you live?

My cycles before and after Jacob were around 24 days (I ovulate early and have shorterish LP), no spotting, or just a day of spotting lightly before AF. After the mc they have been really wonky... until recently. I was surprised how long it took my body to get back to "normal." Jacob still nurses briefly a couple times a day.

Thanks for you kind words about Ocean - her due date is coming up soon... I would love to be pregnant before than and so thought that I would be pregnant by now. I guess most of us here thought we'd be pregnant by now!

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Thanks everyone for the great advice!! Seriously. The funny thing is I have been listening to my own body a lot more than I had been previously. I've already started losing and I feel control of my body is finally coming back, albeit slowly. I actually am doing my best right now to limit proteins (I'm strict veggie but its so easy to get too much soy) and stick to fruits/veggies/grains And whole ones, at that. Now I didn't know that about the fruit. And I know I need to especially limit fruit because of my whole yeasty thing. My MIL hooked me up with a 7 day cure she had in the cabinet. THANK GOODNESS! But My hands and feet are really cold even though, day to day I'm a furnace. Like I mentioned my morning temps are unusually low. Blah blah blah, I could almost guarantee that Its my thyroid plus some immune function stuff... In fact, anyone know any thing that helps immune support? I have lymph nodes that swell on the back of my head from time to time (when I feel really worn down) and have other things happening to me that are signs of immune issues.

I really really think I need to detox, but I don't know where to begin. Well, not having money for food should help! LOL! I think I might try to fast this week. We're broke and I'm not babysitting, just looking after my boy. So maybe it would be a good time. Just some teas?

Welcome back you weekend-get-awayers!

Korin, I hope all that good CM is a good sign! C'mon! MEDITATE TO OVULATE!! This is my new mantra, you know. I think I'm going to make it into a T-shirt and/or a bumper sticker! If you could check the whole thing with the prices to see if I can get some thyroid helper stuff I'd appreciate it. I'll start taking my kelp again (I've been slacking since I ran out of vits).

Thanks again everyone!!!!!

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Joanna, a couple weeks back I posted a detox soup recipe, and since I am a computer dunce, I don't know how to re-post it. I turned the book back into the library, but you might want to check it out "Stay Fertile Longer" They had a lot in there about hormonal balance, teas and other helpful things. The soup was meant to be taken for at least three days to detox, up to a week along with filtered water.

Korin, is it possible at all that you might have a polyp on your cervix? I had one, and though mine didn't bleed, I hear they do that sometimes. Hope you had a great weekend!

Miz, I was totally blown away by my friends remark. Am I not worthy of another child, or what? I emailed her back, perhaps not the most tactfully, that I didn't think God had anything to do with my not being pregnant. I'm a good person, why wouldn't God bless me also with a child? I think its human imperfection, a slight hormone imbalance, its NOT that God said "NO". I was so angry over this remark.........it threw me, like someone slammed me in the chest.
Hopefully, she's just scanning for something to explain my struggles....I hope she doesn't beleive that.
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I've had Middleshitz (or whatever that is called) pain today. That's good but painful news.
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Jesse....Welcome back! Sending you lots of vibes!!!!!!

Chiro...You're in OR too? Seems there are quite a few Oregonians on this board.

Still trying to figure out this ovulation/timing thing. Had ferning days ago...that went away and my temp dropped. Yesterday had the big time ovulation pain and cervix was high/soft etc. Ahhhh...to O or not to O...that is the question!

Oh hey...does anyone have any thoughts on whether to continue Vitex through the entire cycle or only take it from day one to ovulation? I know I've seen posts...I just can't find them.

Have a wonderful week everyone...I'm off to work.
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Originally Posted by Velveteen
I emailed her back, perhaps not the most tactfully, that I didn't think God had anything to do with my not being pregnant.
I'm so glad you told her that. It's ridiculous what people think they have a "right" to tell people who are struggling with TTC.

And, not to get too into religion here, but my personal belief is that we aren't puppets . . .God doesn't control us or our bodies. I read on someone's blog that she feels bad everytime someone says "God answered my prayer for a baby" because what does that mean for her . . .that God doesn't think she's worthy? That God only answers some people's prayers? I tend to agree . . .I don't think God is Santa Claus. I think things happen, and while positive thinking/prayer/spells (whatever you want to call it) can help alter the Universe, it's all just a big mystery, and God is there to give us the strength to get through it.

Tamara: We cross-posted . . .I know some people take Vitex throughout, but then stop once they get a BFP. I'm going to be taking my prescription progesterone after O, so I'll stop taking my Vitex (in Fertility Blend) at O. Here's a good site: Vitex Recipe
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Katy, your chart is looking good . . .but I've changed from advocating early testing to on-time testing to NO testing. That's right. Those BFPs I got in the a.m. which turned into AF in the p.m. totally messed with me. So, my vote is to wait.
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I'd say wait as well! (But I'm never good at taking that advice myself!) that said, it is the best advice...wait as long as you can....
I'll look at your chart later & get back to you.

ETA: Katy! I looked at your chart and my best advice would be to wait a while longer... maybe 4-5 more days? It's good to see a nice high temp for a consistent 7 + days before testing, IMO. to you as you wait!

Celtic thanks for the good wishes pain + open cervix = O to me! temp drop good...some people O when the temp drops, others when it rises again...
ferning I've heard isn't the best method for those of us using frozen, as it has a long time horizon...but I could be wrong!

back to work...
prog. supplements making me sleepy and nauseous! (too early for it to be anything else, right?)
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6 Dpo.......


My temps always drop way down for 3 days before O, then around 5 or 6 DPO it drops again to the coverline or below for one day. Seems to be a normal pattern for me.
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Back on the wagon! Waiting to O!!

Hi ladies! Guess what? Dh and I talked last night and we have decided to not wait until the fall to TTC again. The main reason I had was that we have planned a trip to DisneyWorld in the fall and I really wanted to enjoy myself, not have m/s, not be worried about another m/c. But, I decided that since my parents are coming with us, that if I had m/s that they could help and most likely I will be so excited to have m/s. So, put me on the Waiting to O list!!! I could have kicked myself for not deciding this last month because I had incredibly ewcm, which I wasn't getting before I got pg earlier this year. If I had gotten pg last month, I would have been past the 1st trimester by Disney. : Oh well!

Someone posted last week that the color of your menstration can be a sign of fertility. I have noticed that my color has changed dramatically since I had a m/c. It used to be dark red, almost blue-ish, not it's more bright and orangy-red. I'm hoping that is also a good sign. And my cycle has become 27-28 days, but I dont' when I am o-ing since I tooka break from temping.

OK I'm rambling. Just excited I guess.
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Well, pisser! Started cramping last night and dreamed I got my period and voila, it's in the early start phase. Grrrrr :

I was *so* sure - all these cool signs, dh dreamed I got a positive test, pregnant ladies and babies all around, dreaming to beat the band, and so on and so forth.......... crap! Although I suspect that expecting to get knocked up first time out like last time was a little unrealistic.

Well it's just me, , and a stack of books on parenting and motherhood, ah the mysteries of the universe - the older I get, the less I know, but fortunately the better I'm getting at not freaking out about it...........

Take care everyone and who WILL be the first to break this "loosing" streak?! Somebody, please

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Welcome back Keri!!! glad to see you here...I know what a difficult decision this can be post m/c...

And A big Lisa...I'm so so sorry that found you... especially after all those wonderful signs.

I agree we need a BFP around here!! who will it be?
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Welcome back coleslaw!!! Hope this trip is short!

Lisa - I am sorry that af found you.

Nothing new to report here....still waiting to O. Done with clomid.
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Trying to catch up.


Sending lots of and to everyone!
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Subscribing... to all who need them.
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Thanks for the hugs ladies.... it's grey and rainy here today (OH), got into the office and my one client of the day had left a message yesterday cancelling because she's sick.......... probably just as well.

Johanna - wanted to add my $.02 re: thyroid and soy. About 3-4 years ago I started doing the Zone eating plan and was really hammering the soy - protein powder, bars, etc., particularly since I don't handle dairy well. Lots and lots for probably about a year. Then about a year ago my OB discovered an enlarged thyroid, and long story short I'm on synthroid now. I think soy can be fine for some people, but I can't help but wonder if my large intake of it over a long period of time whomped my thyroid I was also amazed at how much better I feel on the synthroid - always thought I was just tired and groggy in the morning because I stayed up too late or ate something I shouldn't have. Anyhoo - just wanted to share that with you.

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Well AF is here after pussyfooting around long enough.

Korin~ I would LOVE to, what time?
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still waiting to ovulate


(I am keeping everyone in my thoughts, and reading most things, but I don't feel like posting a lot -- sorry.)

Belly Blessings!
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Thread Starter 
Just popping in for a moment...

I've updated the list with all the changes I've seen so far and any pm's I've gotten, so if you are still in the wrong place, please PM me! Thanks!

Today is a bit crazy. I had to take Tom to the airport at 6:30 this morning (half hour each way), then Nate and I stopped at home depot and picked up some caulk 'cause Tom told me the shower was dripping into the kitchen again. Ugh! Nate thought it was cool to go to the store in his pajamas

Now he's at home with the neighbor's daughter while I rush around madly at work trying to get several days worth of work done in a few hours.

for everyone who needs one. I WANT SOME WHILE I'M DOING THE ONE THREAD... So, get on it ladies
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Lexie.. I've missedyou.. you're not around your LJ much either... where are you??
Joi. I'm sorry you're bleeding, but at least you're out of limbo.
Keri, Welcome back! Hope you're stay is short this time, and sticky!

It's cool and foggy here today,a welcome relief after last weeks heat wave. I'm just waiting to O. It seems the herb combo is helping, cause my cervix is soft and open (usually doesn't happen till the day I O) and CM has become wetter than usual. We shall see. I'm over getting excited. I just am.

Middleschits? Megan, you crack me up.
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