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mamaharsh- can you move me back to waiting to be ready.
I've just talked to my mw and I'm going to try the : bc pills. I'm taking 4/day for 1 cycle and then seeing what happens. I'm not going to take the usual 2nd course. Meanwhile, I'm going today to purchase the herbs to make the teas.
I can't take this bleeding anymore. I'm fighting with my dh, I'm exhausted. I just have not felt like myself for months.
I just want to be able to try again. I will buy a bbd thermometer when i pick up the bc pills. and then over to the health food store for the herbs. It just all seems screwed up.
She said she has no experience with anything but the pill working and the health dangers of bleeding for so long.
I asked about having hormone levels tested. she doesn't feel they would provide useful info.
Anyway, I could go on and on and well, that won't be uplifting to anyone.

alexis & shorin - where are you ladies? hope you are doing well
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Farmlife, that really sucks! In Feburary (4-5 months after my 1st m/c) I bled for 14 days. My m/w said it was my body still adjusting and trying to regulate itself and she wasn't too alarmed. 2 weeks later I got pregnant (though I did m/c that one, too.)

I feel the same as you do (and other women who've posted) that b/c pills just seem like a counterproductive thing to do. I was on them myself for FAR too long, and attribute my long, irregular cycles to them (if not my m/c's -- but that's just a theory.)

I certainly don't want to confuse you, since your situation is already confusing and troubling, but if your intuition is telling you not to do the b/c pills then don't be bullied into it by a well-meaning (and probably very nice) m/w. I love my m/w, but I still don't agree with everything she says.
That's my 2 cents -- your intuition is your expert (and maybe someone could give you a 2nd opinion.) Hope you don't mind me saying....
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Jesse -- I'm counting down those 8 days with you and Beth! : :

Korin, I've been reading your LJ and I want to give you the biggest
You weekend sounded fabulous and much needed (and I've had many dinners with dh in the past year that were so important and meaningful that I"m bawling in restaurants. )

Lexie -- I'm following you, too.

Velvet -- your friend is a schmuck! (And thank you for empathisizing with me.)

Elena -- Thanks for the reminder that the worrying is only just beginning --- I think the sooner I accept that the better. One of you ladies has a line in your sig about how being a mom is like walking around with your heart on the outside of your body -- very powerful and exactly how I feel -- a certain raw vulnerability!

LisaG and Joi - so sorry af found you both.

Keri -- so happy to see you'll be trying again!!! Sticky baby vibes to you!!
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Okay, so I'm a very opinionated woman.... So I'll try to be as unopinionated as possible. I can't imagine, for myself anyhow, that birthcontrol would every HELP me get pregnant. After taking pills on and off for the last decade I see a definate pattern of them messing up my cycles BAD. They only make your cycles regular because they're telling your body what to do. Once your body goes off of them they don't have anything to tell them what to do anymore and have become dependant on that. So, your body is like "WHA!?!?!?!" Anyway. I think its far better to see if your body can't regulate itself, maybe with the aid of herbs by creating your own hormones (like vitex, dong quai or any of the other wonderful herbs out there). Let your body do the work or, in my opinion, it will never want to do it on its own.

Just my $.02 But then again, that DID sound opinionated, didn't it? Sorry

I guess I'll try the fast thing for this next week. So I don't know how up to keeping up on the boards I'll be.

Wish me luck.
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good luck Johanna! I hope the fast works v. well for you.

farmlife- Not having had to use bc I don't really have any opinions on it.. good luck to you with your decision

Kate always so good to see you & so glad to see that things are going well for you
I posted in pregnant after a loss recently about how scared I am to think about even ttc and I can only guess how hard being pg is...

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Damn- our weekend was BLECH...No GIO, no Fun , no nothin'! No wonder I can't get pregnant! : Shoot.

Then i tried to do some sewing too, and Dern i suck at sewing.

Pulled out my knitting needles, thinking I would give that a try got aggrivated and gave up:
I Did manage to talk DH into hanging the border up in our living room...that was about the hightlight of my life this weekend....
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Howdy all.

So I went to the doc today and got a script for a steroid inhaler for my asthma. I know that it will help a lot and maybe the better managed asthma will improve my chances of getting pregnant.

In other news...someone PMed me about the feng shui thread (which is still here in ttc somewhere...) and reminded me about the no metal bed frame thing.

Soooooo.....Dh and I cleaned our room this weekend and pulled the bed off the bed frame. We have a really tall bed though - so it didn't make too much difference.

And the funny thing is, we both love it. It makes us both happy. Dh even said it was kind of a relief.
So maybe that will help. I will take whatever I can get.

So does anyone have a good symbol dictionary? I have been seeing a ton of mutterflies and dragonflies lately. Big yellow butterflies. And BIG dragonflies, not little ones. When I was walking up to work yesterday There were four right in front of the building. I don't have any good books about this...so I was wondering if you guys did.
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mutterflies? are these butterflies that are mumblers? Hee hee hee.
I'll look and see what i can find.
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To see a dragonfly in your dream, symbolizes changes. It may also indicate that something in our life may not appear as it seems. To dream that a dragonfly lands on your body, foretells that you will hear some fabulous news from a distant friend or relative. To see a dead dragonfly, signifies of bad news.
Dragonfly symbolism crosses and combines with that of the butterfly and change. The dragonfly symbolizes going past self-created illusions that limit our growing and changing. Dragonflies are a symbol of the sense of self that comes with maturity.
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New song.... I feel fertile

I feel fertile,
Oh, so fertile,
I feel fertile and sexy with egg white!
And I pity
Any girl who isn't me tonight.

I feel open,
Oh, so open
I'm hoping about how open I feel!
And so fertile
That I hardly can believe I'm real.

See the fertile girl in that mirror there:
Who can that horny girl be?
Such a fertile face,
Such a fertile cervix,
Such fertile mucus,
Such a fertile egg!

I feel mucus
And an open cervix,
Feel slipping in eggwhite with joy,
For I'm gonna be loved
By a pretty fertile boy!

Hee hee hee
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Originally Posted by chiromama
mutterflies? are these butterflies that are mumblers? Hee hee hee.
I'll look and see what i can find.
LOL! I just laughed out loud in my office-- you're going to get me in trouble!

I just keep on keepin' on. I'm going to take a test tonight, just for kicks. I'm feeling very calm about the whole thing and am convinced that I am pregnant, but it may be too early to register. The test is more of a science experiment-- everything I've read says you can detect a pregnancy 3-4 days after implantation. I think implantation was Saturday, sometime fairly early in the morning, so tonight will be ~ 60 hours. I won't be disappointed if I get a BFN, but I'm really curious how long it will take to get a BFP. And I feel so assured that I'm pregnant that I just *know* that BFP is coming sometime soon!

And it's a wonderful day in our neighborhood otherwise too. DH just had his second interview for a job he really wants and he felt really good about it-- he said while he was talking, they would all look at each other and smile and nod. He would make over 50% more than he makes now (which maybe isn't saying as much as it sounds like since he's a social worker, but we're super-excited)! He should hear this week-- this has the potential of being a headliner week for us!

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good lord you crack me up
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's to all the recent reboots!!
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yay! a new song! it`s been waaaaaaaaay too long!

(and a good 'un , too!)

Stream : I really hope this is it for you!
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yes mutterflies are the ones that fly around mumbling heatedly under their breath. :LOL

sorry typo!!
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I just came from the grocery store, and saw 3 dragon flies, and 2 mutterflies ( they said some nasty things about the ladybugs, by the way!) My Astrologer says that both are harbingers of joy and transformation!!
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BTW - i sent hubby my new song, and he said "um that's kinda gross and almost TMI"
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Hubbys don't alwasy get it. :LOL

I could not believe how many dragonflies I have seen...Usually there are one or two all summer - but I have seen dozens in the theatre. And big granddaddy dragonflies.

Cool...joy and transformation huh? I can do with some of that!
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cd 14 - maybe going to O on the weekend

ok so my temp tanked today which either means I will ovulate on the weekend or I have an implantation dip in a truly whacky cycle... I am leaning toward O on its way :-)

Katy - I just can't say which day I would pick on your chart so I would definitely not be testing now.

Velveteen - SO glad you emailed your thoughtless friend.

FreeRangeMama - so glad that someone else sees a clear pre-O temp pattern and its not just all in my head that I have one.

Lisa - sorry that AF found you

Keri - Yay for TTC now!

joi - I am sending hugs your way

Korin - sounds like the herbs are helping!! and OMG the latest song, you are hilarious

Farmlife - I really don't know what to say other that what a yucky situation! I hope you stop bleeding soon!

Stream - goodluck on both fronts!
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Mutterflies..too funny!

Hugs to all those rebooting! It seems like it has been awhile since we've seen a bunch of BFP's. I'm coming up on the end of my first and only non-temping cycle. I think I will temp up until o and then wait. Yeah right, I can't wait to start temping again. I'm not sure exactly when I o'ed. I'm either 9 or 12 dpo. Very sore and full breasts, but they always hurt before AF. A few days ago I did feel some stretching and tugging, and fullness today. But I seem to always feel weird before AF. So not really too hopeful.

I was reading today in some parenting magazine that caffeine helps sperm swim faster, and it increases the odds of fertilizing an egg. Sounds kind of crazy. Has anyone else heard this?
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