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Yeah, I've heard that about caffeine, but it also dehydrates you, so it could possibly decrease the amount of semen. :
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Danielle, interesting about the caffeine . . .I don't drink it (don't like cola, tea, or coffee) but is seems like green tea would work well in this case. You'd get the great CM and the caff. to let the sperm swim fast . . .hmm!!!
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no.. the guy drinks the coffee, not you Elena. :
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Hi everyone

We unexpectedly are TTC this month. We were planning on starting next month, but realized that DH will be out of town during my fertile period (I'll have to look at the abbrev. page by my next post). I think the 18th of July was the day I was ovulating, so I have just a little time to wait and see.

Best wishes, everyone.
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Farmlife, I have heard or read that some women can have increased fertility for a short period after coming off of the pill. Something about hyperovulation? I really don't have anything to back it up though, maybe someone else knows or has heard of this?
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mutterflies! oh, bountiful mutterflies
oh and yes, bountiful bfp's here on the thread. stream ~ you up first? or shall we have a race, a race to post the first in a whole long line of them that catches all of us up and carries us to the pregnant boards.
: I'm bleeding and I still poas this afternoon
<------have I just been blind until today to this one?
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Lesley, my SIL went on b/c pills for a short while hoping to take advantage of that increased fertility when going off them -- it still took her 6 months. Heck, it took me 7 months after I first went off the pill. But you're right, some doctors still recommend doing this. I'm just so against b/c pills after being on them so long -- I'm convinced they do more harm than good (Johanna, I completely agree with your "opinionated" earlier post. ).

I just hope we haven't made the decision for Farmlife more difficult! Hope you're doing okay, Farmlife!

Welcome SaraSprings!

Korin, I can't get your song out of my head! I'm humming it even as I type. Another masterpiece.

Dani -- Keeping fingers crossed for you! And you too, Stream!

Adina -- the countless dragonflies and butterflies must be a good omen. I believe in totems and animal symbols very much. Turtles are a powerful symbol of motherhood, protection, and fertility -- and I saw a whole bunch of them the week I got pregnant (this time around.) So KHA for you!
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no.. the guy drinks the coffee, not you Elena
: OHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhh . . .

Farmlife: Have you finalized your decision? Many good points brought up against BC, but then, I can understand your frustration with the bleeding. I feel like I'm up for using just about anything if it will make my cycles normal. (More on that later!!) BC DID work for me-- I got PG the first month I went off them. Now I think maybe I wasn't really so fertile but that it was the BC pills regulating my cycles. So, that's why I'd consider trying them again. (I was on them for about a year.)

For those of you out of the States and Canada (Katy and Phoebe?), have you looked at www.saveontests.com for PG tests/OPKs? Just wondering if that would be a cheaper route for you?

Stream: Did ya test yet??? :

Well, I got a call from the nurse (she's not the clueless one-- this one is great). My doc wants me to DOUBLE THE PROMETRIUM . . .we're talkin' 400 mg. I'm drugged as it is on the 200 mg . . .ugh. I'll do it, of course, but I'd really rather try the vaginal suppositories first. My doc thinks that the oral is absorbed better-- I've never heard that before!!! She wants to do it because (a) I still have spotting and (b) my prog. level was really low . . .but at 15 DPO, the day I got AF. Weird. At least they want to change the routine here, as the current method seems to be doing nothing.
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Cd 12

Keri - What great news!!! We had also been holding off ttc b/c of a trip to disney in september but........ Good luck!

stream - : sounds very promising

elena - good luck with the extra progesterone! i completely understand why you had to remove your chart, but still, i'm suffering withdrawals!!!

not much new here.....waiting to O.....still no EWCM so i don't think its anytime soon.
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[QUOTE=AdinaL]Hubbys don't alwasy get it. :LOL


sounds like they do on this board
hi sarasprings! hope your stay is short and sweet

chiromama - love your songs! i just got a barry white greatest hits today in the mail and i think some of these are begging to be ttc verses.

I want to thank everyone for there support on the bleeding front. : i'm doing the 5 day run of the 4/day bc pill. I have very mixed feelings about this. KateSt., your words speak to me. Johanna - bc and ttc don't seem to mix for me either.
I've talked to the mw, my old ob, the new ob my mw works with and they all seem to believe in the pill route. My mw listened to me today. I know she hears my concerns about this and I at this point am willing to try anything. THough she had no herbal remedies to offer, she did support my looking for alternatives and encouraged me to use the tea and vitex (thanks for all the info sweetc), while using the wk of bc pills.
I was so sure I wouldn't fill that script but she made sense in some ways. I don't know. Maybe I've just become so run down. I have been bleeding for the better part of 3 1/2 months now. If I total the days up, I've had maybe 3 wks. off give or take a few days. Maybe there is a day with nothing and I think it has ended only to find spotting and full on bleeding later. I need this physical reminder of my loss to end. I, kicking myself for it now, have not been charting temps through this. I wish I had so I could have an idea if I'm ovulating or not. I have trouble believing I am. I told her I just can't see taking bc if all I want to do is make a baby. But I'm not healthy right now. I'm tired. I keep catching colds or battling ear infections. I'm so tired sometimes it hurts to move. I just watched my mother recovery from severe anemia and it has been months and months to build her iron back up. I'm getting nervous about becoming anemic.
Phew. I think about this stuff so much of the time and don't have really anyone here to talk to about it. I did have a good talk with my dh this afternoon. He supports whatever I choose to do and just wants to see me feel better again. I want that too. So I'll take the pills. Meanwhile I will start temping tomorrow, drinking red raspberry leaf will make the liver detox tea tomorrow and the other recipe recommended. I am considering the Vitex.
Thanks for the support! You ladies are wonderful and reading this thread has become such an uplifting part of my day. You have given me the means to seek out the knowledge to get through this in a way that I feel is not blindly being lead. You have inspired me to chart! THank you!
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Miz - I hope your new routine works for you!
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farmlife - I am glad you made a decision, and it sounds like in the end you are comfortable with it. you just can't bleed that long and stay healthy.

Elena - lets hope that the new prometrium routine does the trick! Thanks for the HPT link, there is actually an australian site that sells HPTs and OPKs which I have started using. Just waiting for this month's supply to arrive actually. They are $2 p/test which is much better than the $12-$15 for 2 (or even for 1 some places) that I have been paying and they seem as, if not more reliable. I was using what was supposedly the best brand here and I would get an evaporation line EVERY SINGLE TIME. The internet cheapies have no evap lines and seem reasonably sensitive, unfortunately the +++ line seems to fade as the day goes on, but they do the trick in the allotted time.
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4 Dpo

Sorry ladies... I'm so out of the loop here lately!! We have piano camp this week and I'm one of the assistants. By the time we get home and I get DS down for a nap I'm exhausted and I crash on the couch rather than getting time at the computer.

I'm still convinced I o'd on Thurs./Fri. but I don't think my body is convinced. My skin is breaking out, I'm incredibly moody, and I'm so dang tired. I have zero energy and I'm sure I'm driving DH nuts. The house is a wreck b/c I just haven't "felt" like doing anything.

Also, does anyone know if prenatals have side effects? I started taking them, along w/Vitamin E about a week ago, and I can't help but think the "symptoms" I've listed above are somehow related to this.

Okay, now for personals.

'ing to sarasprings! Welcome and I hope your stay here is short.

phoebekate-: for O!!

farmlife-continued 's for the bleeding.

Stream-: :

's to all the reboots

's 's 's and to everyone!
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Cd 5

farmlife, I'm so sorry your having all the trouble with the bleeding. I've never taken bc pills, so I don't have an opinion, but I'm here to support you.
I did bleed for six weeks after ds, and boy, was that a l-o-n-g time. Please keep us posted on your progress.

Dragonflies and mutterflies, I love it.
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I did test, but remember- this is only a science experiment, so apparently 60 hours is not enough time to make enouch HCG to show up on an equate test. Maybe tonight...
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Hi, can I join?? I just recently got AF back and we are now officially TTC. I will probably be here for a looong time since it took us over 2 years to conceive our ds. I'm still breastfeeding every two hours so I think it might take even longer this time.
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I have just a few seconds to post...

Korin...GREAT song! :LOL

Katy and Stream: : : :

Jenna I hope your stay is short, sweet and full of


OK, so I missed tons of people...I think my brain is on vacation!

I recently found out that yet another friend of mine is pregnant. I'm so excited for her... and finding it more and more difficult to wait to ttc!!!
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4dpo? 5 dpo?

'morning ladies! I agree,

Chiromama - your song cracked me up!!!! I actually cut & pasted and printed it out to show dh ... who had about the same reaction as your man. oh, well. *We* think it's funny and that's what counts!

Jenna! And may your stay here be short, sweet, and fertile!

I'm feeling a little :Puke this morning and very tired ... but I'm afraid to get my hopes up. I've totally convinced myself that I was pg before - complete with morning sickness, cravings, sore boobies, the works and was totally NOT with child My mind is very good at playing tricks on my body and convincing it to act all pregnant and get my very fragile hopes up ... so I'm not listening to it at least for another week until I pee on that magic stick and get the results I'm so hoping for :

In the meantime, I'd LOVE to see a whole mess of on this board!

Here's to fertile wishes and pregnancy dreams!
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cd 2

Good morning ladies !

Broke the news to dh yesterday re:AF. Poor guy - I really had his hopes up, heck I really had my hopes up. It was so *obvious* to me that I was pregnant, how could women ever wonder and NOT know , and then the universe humbled my arrogant *ss :LOL.

Really enjoying reading this book called Mother Shock: Loving Every (other) Minute of It. As much as I want a baby and can't wait to be prego and can't wait to have one in the flesh, I'm sure there will be times I'll long for the days of sleeping in, lounging in jammies and reading, putzing on the computer, having enough neurons to contemplate the universe, etc. So slowly, but surely, bit by bit, I'm learning to be where I'm at and stop chomping at the bit to get somewhere else. Some minutes are better than others :LOL.

Korin - thanks for the song! I can't tell you the hours I spent as a kid with the big headphones on singing to that song with Natalie Wood

Adina - sounds cool about your bed and glad you reached a decision about your asthma - oxygen is a good thing!

Farmlife - wow, can't imagine all you've been through, what a haul! I hope the bc brings you some relief and helps get your body back on track.

Jenna - Welcome! These women are great company along the fertility trail!

Stream - good luck on your science experiment, thanks for donating your urine to science

Anyone I missed and and in whatever order you need them

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cd 38

I was soo sure i was o-ing 2 days ago. I had a reallly soft, high, open cervix, lots of ewcm, increased libido, and hormonal...even possible o pain. than yesterday my cervix started to get a little firmer and my ewcm started decreasing. I was ure my temp would go up this morning but no such luck. so now i don't know if i o'd at all or if my progesterone is just way to low...I am so bummed out...could my temp still go up tomorrow?

fwiw my cervix is still getting firmer and closing today andi have very little ewcm...mostly creamy.

blahhh.... this sucks....how ami eer going to get preganant with 60 day cycles and inconsistant o's?
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