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My girls don't often run around naked (their choice) but we are naked very comfortably around here. We shower together occasionally (me and the 2 girls) to save time and water and a naked body is not a big deal around here. I think it is sad that our society is so uptight myself. Especially for children! I took dd's bathing suit off at the lake a few weeks ago so I could rinse the ten tons of sand out of her suit and these two girls were snickering and pointing and giggling at her and it irked me -- I assume that nakedness is a secret thing at their home. On the other hand some lady (about 75!) was completely naked at the public pool in the bathrooms right before she got into the shower and my kids didn't think twice about it so I guess they are getting the idea. If you were my neighbors we wouldn't mind your naked kids!!
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Hello everyone, I just wanted to voice 2 points.

#1-- I agree the policeman should have had more tact in asking about the children's nudity and bringing up "perverts", because that can clearly worry a child and bring up issues that may be hard to explain to them.
That being said however, I live in a very big city (L.A.), and here in the urban jungle, a naked kid is not generally a sign of natural parenting. On the contrary, it is more often than not (sadly) a sign of child neglect, and sometimes abuse. My best friend's foster siblings were picked up for that exact reason-- the 2 1/2 yr old girl was running around naked. That led to the discovery of her 1 yr old brother, who had been so neglected that he still had trouble sitting up by himself, couldn't walk and was found clutching a quarter full bottle of already turned milk. My best friend's mom took them in as foster children and while they are now doing better, they still have many many emotional problems due to it (hoarding food, lack of attachment, etc).
So I would have to say that in the bigger scheme of things I would rather a natural-family parent be irritated that their parenting is being questioned than to have a situation like that one not come into the light so that the little ones don't continue to suffer. In a smaller community, a naked kid is probably likely a sign of natural parenting, but maybe the police are given generalized "what to look for" training and perhaps that is why they question child nudity in any community. After all, I don't think that neglect and abuse happens only in large cities, there are bad people everywhere; some seek out less populated areas so they'll have to worry less about witnesses to their acts.

#2-- I respect natural parents' right to raise their children with healthy body images by teaching body acceptance, and going naked within their family units in whatever way is most comfortable to them (backyard, inside only, showering together, etc). I agree that there are alot of social ills that would get better or disappear if, as a society, we all had better views of ourselves, our bodies and their functions.
But I want to say that modesty is also a viable option to many people and is also okay. My ethnic background dictates modesty even among family members. It is one of the values that we brought with us when we came to this country, and is one of the many things that makes up who we (my family and I) are and what we believe in. Whether due to ethnic background, religion, or both, I just wanted to let everyone know that there ARE parents out there who are good parents but don't feel comfortable with running around naked. And that that's Okay.
It just seems that most posts were pro-nudity and I wanted to post a differing point, for those who feel more comfortable with modesty. I have seen my mom a few times in various states of undress (topless, in a bra & undies, catch a glimpse of her bum as she came out of the shower), but probably not completely nude. I have never (nor did i want to, nor do i want to now) see my father naked. But they are still great parents and raised me lovingly and taught me to be a good and kind person.
Just like nudity is okay, modesty is okay too. It is really all about what is right for each family.

There are many ways to raise a happy loving family. And I wanted to represent a point of view that had not been brought up. Thank you

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