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Introducing myself (m)

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Hi, i just found this site a couple weeks ago and I love it! So glad I found you all. I've been sort of posting/lurking on other sites (I think I recognize a few of you, my screen name is Trillian on a few sites...) but I think I will feel more at home here.

I'm a SAHM for now, mght go back to teaching violin at home in a few months, or pursue somethng else entirely. Since it took over 7 weeks to establish full b/f and we still have issues (my dd needs a nipple sheild, ds sometimes won't stay latched) I am feeling inspired to become a LC. The ones I worked with were wonderful and I couldn't have done it w/o the. I'd love to be able to help other mamas like that some day.

Anyhoo, just wanted to say "hi!"
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Welcome! Another Maya here
I have fraternal twin boys who are 16 months old, Orion & Quinn.

Congratulations on the inspiration to be an LC - I do not know what I would have done without my doula IBCLC's and consultants! whew...

Are you on TCOYF? I use my middle name there...

Glad to see you here~

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Hi Maya! I didn't know a single other Maya growing up, now I hear that name everywhere!

I love your boys' names!

No, not on TCOYF. Maybe I should check them out?

See you around the boards!
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I also came here from another board - INCIID. Loved it there while I was trying to get pg, but afterwards, just felt my parenting style wasn't the same.

Anyhoo..welcome and hope to chat with you more!

G/G twins Avery & Natalie 10/14/02
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