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**DONE** Last Week of July -- August Mamas Chat

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We hit page 8 on the last thread so I thought I would start a new one.

Recent topics include

Baby oil, Dangerous?
Cleaning (of course!)
Babymooning and Outlet Shopping, yay or nay
Birthday party planning (my dd will also be 3 in Sept. and I don't have anything planned)
Birth control, specifically the Mirena IUD

Chat away!
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finally, here's a picture of me and my HUMONGOUS belly! i'm making sort of a strange face though... still, you get the idea:

Katje's belly

i'm having 10-minute-apart contractions that are starting to feel like they mean business... i know it could be pro-dromo stuff that goes on for days, but if you ladies could spare a thought in my direction, i'd be grateful...

take care, everyone...

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I did a self check today and could feel baby's head! I don't know if that means I am dialated, I couldn't really tell, but definitely could feel a very hard head up there. Tomorrow night my mw will be doing her homevisit. She doesn't do very many internal exams, so I don't know if she will want to or not. But it is exciting to feel some progress!

I had more energy today, and actually got some badly needed gardening done and other outdoor work. My tailbone is really hurting now. I set up a playdate for ds tomorrow so I can clean the house, etc w/o feeling guilty about not paying attention to him. Lately, unless I am giving him one on one attention, all he wants to do is watch TV. It is becoming a bad habit.

Ketileve-I looked into the IUD, and it seemed like a good option if you are not planning on trying to get pregnant for a few years. The only thing the nurse mentioned who I spoke with said that might be a problem, is at the time I was looking into it, I didn't have PPAF yet. I guess that is when they usually insert them, so she didn't know if she could insert it, if the cervix wasn't dialated at all. I know how you feel though, even though I am fairly certain I don't want any more children, I am only 28, and it is hard to imagine getting a surgery done that is permanent.

Hope everyone had a good day! I can't wait to hear some birth announcements!
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Baby oil, Dangerous?

never heard this before


I am bad, I use Huggies, or water and a washcloth

Cleaning (of course!)

I do almost all, unless the big kids do it. We have a problem that needs to be addressed soon.

Babymooning and Outlet Shopping, yay or nay

Not ready, hate shopping

Birthday party planning (my dd will also be 3 in Sept. and I don't have anything planned)

We do not have a party till age 4 that involves others outside our home.

Birth control, specifically the Mirena IUD

Was set to have this done at 18 months pp last time but my uterus prolapsed. I have no options for bc other than condoms and abstinance.

Back from our weekend away, it was great. Lots of walking, no progress. Will update later as DS3 is in bed crying for me. (DD is a stickler for bedtime)
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I think I have been having pre-labor or early labor all day. Woke up very nautious. Lost big part of mucus plug last night and keep having lots of mucus. I have the runs big time and no appetite. A constant low dull back ache all day that feels like I'm on my period. YUK. Lot's of good strong cntx too but so sparatic. My family is convinced it will be sometime tomorrow but not me. My Dh and I are going to go for a nice walk and then go to bed. That always seems to help me go to sleep easier after a good walk.

Labor Vibes for everyone in the 38th week or beyond!

BTW my friend Lynsey who posts on Mothering all the time said she would keep you guys updated if by chance I do end up going to have the baby soon.
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Hi Ladies,
Katje-GREAT belly shot!

JL-This sounds like pre-labor stuff to me... you could go soon. I have to go back and remind myself when your EDD is... I hope to see your wonderful birth story on here SOON. Take good care of yourself, get those plans in action, and get some rest. Oh, and BTW, my friend who gave birth to a baby girl on Monday started losing her plug about 2-3 days before...

RE:Birth control... Prior to conceiving DS#1, I was on the pill for about 10 years. Since DS, though, we've just used condoms. I haven't even given much thought to the next stage of this-what we're going to do. I'm assuming we'll just still use condoms until we are both satisfied that we're done making more children. I think DH is convinced that 2 will be enough, but I am not putting the possibility of a 3rd out of mind.

Ilove-WOW! The head-means something is happening. That is so exciting. I don't think my little babe is too far down yet b/c I'm still not peeing like I was in the last week or so with DS's pregnancy.

Dodo-Thanks for starting us off.

Hi Magemom!

Nothing new here to report. Got some more stuff done around the house today. Went out shopping in the am by myself (sooo nice). Still didn't get to all the things on my list. But after DS is asleep I basically collapse.
No new cramping, no other weird symptoms to report. Who knows what this week will bring for all of us???

Sleep well, ladies...
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There is soooo much I wanted to respond to, but I forget. I haven't had the energy or time to clean at all in weeks....until today! I have done some major nesting today. The infant carseat is installed and ready to go. The newborn clothes are currently getting washed. The space is being made for newborn things in a previously toddler only bedroom. The cradle is set up beside my bed. I had stocked up on everything (particularly cleaning products or disposable stuff like toilet paper) that I could possible run out of in the next couple of months. Now I just have to actually clean the bathrooms and kitchen and dust and you know stuff like that. I have a feeling I'll be doing that every other day until the baby comes.

Speaking of movies. I saw the Anchorman. I had to get up and pee 2 times. I was in the mood for something silly and funny. That is what I got. If I see anything that has too deep of a plot I will be lost in all the bathroom trips or in my spacey pregnant mind or cry too much in an emotional scene. (hormones, gotta love em) So this movie was perfect.

So how is Mirena different than a normal IUD--it's just smaller? I am curious. I think we're getting on the pill when this baby is a about a year old or so. Listen to me. I say "we". I am the one who will be getting on the pill. Dh is the one who won't have to to worry about condoms anymore.

Good luck with those September birthday parties. I can't imagine attending any social event much less hosting one that soon after my *late August baby.

My feet are soooo puffy today. I think I have reached that point in pregnancy where no matter how much I lay off the sodium or drink drink drink water or fruit or lemon in water or whatever....I will still have puffy feet.

I need some sleep. Goodnight.

Laurie....I'm thinking of you and sending you positive labor vibes!

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Ugh, today was pretty miserable. I feel like I've spent most of the day in the bathroom and have been really crampy. I've also swollen up a lot over the past couple of days. I have those lovely "cube feet", so I've been trying to guzzle water and keep them up (easier said than done, lol!).

We've decided to use cloth in the hospital so I've been busy making some more fitteds. We're prefold people but I think it would be easier (and cuter) to use fitted. I kind of wish I knew what we were having so I could be more gender specific! They're nothing to whip up and you can never have too many diapers!!

Wipes- we usually use a water dampened face cloth, but we've been known to use disposable wipes too (I wash and reuse them though). I've made solution but never think to use it (plain water with some TTO and orange EO and a squirt of baby wash).

Cleaning- yeah, but it never seems to be enough. Nothing stays clean for very long!!

Birthday parties- DS's was in May. We've always had basically a family get together. I figure when he's old enough to make friends of his own, we'll invite people outside the family but we like it this way. It's a chance for everyone to get together.

Birth control- usually abstinance, but I also just pay attention to my cycles and that has worked pretty good for us (not that we've ever avoided trying to get pregnant since I stopped the pill in March of 2001, but there have been times we've tried harder than others ). I'm hoping it takes longer for my fertility to return this time, but I'm not counting on it (my cycles came back regularly at about 4 months PP despite constant around the clock nursing and no soothers or anything else, just mama : )

Shopping- I'd love to go shopping but we're being frugal and we don't *need* anything. We don't have outlet type stores around here . I try to get as much excitement out of grocery shopping as I can so I'm not tempted to go buy stuff, lol! Maybe I'll plan some second hand shopping trips to see what I can find.
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I've heard Mirena is a very good BC choice. I'm kind of considering getting one myself. I got my period back at 6 weeks PP with my DD, but my father died that week, so it could have been stress. I'm hoping it stays away longer this time.

It's a completely plastic device that sits in your uterus and has a very low amount of hormones that it releases. Because it's already in your uterus, it uses such a low dose of hormones that it should not interfere with breastfeeding, unlike systemic hormone birth control methods like the Pill or NorPlant. The CopperT IUD, which is the other version of the IUD that's currently available has metal parts that slowly dissolve and render the uterus inhospitable to carrying a baby. This concept really affects a lot of women's choice about using the CopperT, since it basically aborts the baby after it's been fertilized. There's some concern that the Mirena works in a similar fashion, but because it releases hormones, it's main method of preventing pregnancy is inhibiting ovulation. Many women don't get their periods when they're on the Mirena, or if they do, it's very mild. Whereas with the CopperT, most women experience far heavier bleeding, and sometimes have to discontinue using it, because they are basically menstruating constantly.

I've seriously considered using the Mirena, as I have a nickel allergy, and the CopperT does actually contain a very small amount of nickel. I had to call the manufacturer and speak to about a dozen people before I ever got a straight answer on that. Total pain. But, I was concerned about the hormones in the Mirena affecting my milk supply. This time around, I think I'll take my chances. I'm a seasoned pro breastfeeder though, so I'm willing to go out on a limb.

Laurie! It sounds like you're getting close! I'm so excited for you.. Losing your mucous plug and everything!

DH and I were just talking about this. I didn't go into labor on my own last time, and this time, I'm having tons of prelabor, which I also didn't experience last time. He's getting "worried". I'm laughing my butt off about this one. What is he getting worried about? I'm having a baby! He's had 37 weeks to get used to this. They don't just emerge from your body without any warning. I haven't lost my mucous plug or anything, but I'm definitely having contractions nightly now, and I'm pretty darned psyched about it! Even if it goes on for weeks (which I know it frequently does), it's just so cool to be feeling the power of my body, you know? Tonight I sat on the birth ball and it felt soooooo good. I think I'm going to have to keep that up.

Dodo, do you tend to have parties? I'm a major party thrower, and this is our first year in Tallahassee, so I could actually get away with not throwing a party since nobody knows that I love to throw them so much. But, I just can't bear the thought! I'm planning a medium sized party, maybe 10 kids. In my old town, there were over 20 in our playgroup! It was waaaay out of hand, and everyone threw massive parties - Gymboree, Little Gym, Petting Zoos, you name it, they were biiiiiiig parties. Lots of fun, but exhausting. I like the idea of a smaller party this year. So, my plan is to have most everything done in advance. Order a cake instead of make it myself, have some fun activities set up outside that don't require a lot of supervision on my part, simple food (I'm thinking I might order some barbecue, since my daughter loves eating barbecued chicken), and that's pretty much it. It should be a lot of fun, and it's all about the pictures for later, anyway! LOL. We have terrific photos of Bonnie at her first two birthday parties. I just don't want there to be a gap.

Kimberly, I tried to check out the diaper search link in your sig line and got an error. What should it be?

Okay, I'm going to go take a nice warm bath and then fall asleep, I hope. Should be a nice way to relax my uterus so I can actually sleep for a while, knock on wood. Catch you all tomorrow!
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Oh, and I think most essential oils are fine. This article goes into pretty good detail http://www.consumeraffairs.com/recal...rocarbons.html
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Wow Laurie! Maybe it will be you next. Or maybe Katje or Melissa. Sounds like all of you are going to be soon. We've still got 5 more days in July though. But Katje really is a July mom and Kimberly is all by herself in her babymoon.

Do you think that jojoba oil is safe? When I read about the oil last night, I was thinking that I need to go do some re-organizing in my bathroom. I have some little bottles of essential oils above what will be the we missed a poop (I plan to EC) change station, but then I also have a couple of large bottles of jojoba oil around also that can be assessed. I think I'm going to do some re-arranging no matter what though.

Magemom - you are one of the ones of whom I was enviously thinking yesterday. So you normally don't get to have those week-end cleaning feasts? I'm sorry. My DH will do the dishes, cook, and sweep the kitchen floor if DS had a particularly messy day. But outside of those kitchen things, that's it. He doesn't seem to think that they ever have to be done. I shouldn't complain because his cooking abilities are excellent (I'm sorry for you Kimberly) and he cooks a lot. It just gets frustrating though when he actively tries to prevent me from cleaning things outside the kitchen. Because it doesn't matter if there's sand all over the living room floor or if there's facial hair covering the bathroom sink from him shaving. But when we lived in the states, he didn't have a problem with having a housekeeper come in bi-weekly to keep the place clean without me spending my energy doing it. Now, a housekeeper is not a possibility in any way. We were poor then, but now we're really super poor. So, no shopping for me.

On birth control, I was on the pill until 1999 and we haven't used it since. Still won't. I didn't get my period back after DS until he was around 21 months, if I remember correctly. Nursing will keep us from getting pregnant too soon after this baby is born and then, I would be happy to have a third child. I figure I will not do anything ever again to try to keep from getting pregnant. But, I'm not as young as most of you.

Which, speaking of age, Katje, I always forget to mention this. I've got more skin tags then usual. Normally, I just get them on my underarms. Now I get them around the base of my neck and in the inner bend of the elbows (no idea what to call that spot). I don't like them, so I always cut them off. DH really has a hard time seeing me do that. Don't know if it's bad to do or anything. I had contributed them to age, but maybe I'll start getting less again after this baby is born. Never even knew what they were until you said skin tags and that's a great description for them. Maybe I'll do an internet search on them one day.

Well, it's about time that DS is going to want me back in bed. Have a nice day everyone. Take care - Tiff
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I'm not due until the end of the month (of August, that is), but I'm up in the middle of the night due to cramping and nausea. Earlier in the day I had contractions that were so powerful I actually needed to stop and moan through them. I'm getting the impression that this is going to go on for weeks.

Birth Control -- Let's see. I've never been on the Pill, which is a point of pride with me. With dd, my period didn't come back until she was 18 months old. To be more honest, neither did my libido. This time I'd like to have a little more sex a little earlier on with absolute assurance that I won't fall pregnant. A tall order indeed. Try as I might, I cringe when I think about an IUD. Hopefully a method will surface on this thread that will resonate with me. I too am 28 and am not ready for dh to get the big V.

Katje, your belly is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

Christeeny, I know what you mean about movie choices. I've even rented stuff to get home minutes later to realize that I don't have the attention span required to watch it.

Unlike MommyCaroline, I am dreading dd's September party. I'm not a seasoned hostess, but I have always thrown her a little party. She would be devastated if I didn't. She's very into parties. Luckily, parties in our crowd are still pretty simple. For instance, last year, the weather was nice, so I invited six kids and their parents to a local park, where I served snacks and cake. The challenge is that we all live in apartments that quickly seem too small if there is more than three kids around. Also, after each birthday in the fall/winter season, all the children and their parents fall sick with the same thing. Last year, dd coughed for months after her party. I coughed for one month. I don't want to expose Baby #2 to nasty preschooler illness at such a vulnerable age. In fact, I was originally thinking of celebrating dd's b-day a month early or something, but have since been informed that that is very bad luck -- tempting fate. Oh well, I'm sure I'll figure it all out.

I'm going to stop typing now. I feel disgusting. Does pre-labour feel like the stomach flu or am I sick?
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Hey everyone. Okay, I admit it. I am in shock that I am still preggo. Almost every baby in my side of the family was born in the 38th week (including DS) amd I am now 39wk 3d. I lost my mucus plug at least 3 weeks ago (I don't remember dates) and baby has been engaged for at least that long too. I am so tired of constant contractions, crampiness, backache, and all the other "prelabor" stuff that doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I am feeling very frustrated. I know baby's can be born up to 42wks or even later, but everything my body has been doing says baby is coming soon, but soon never comes. Okay, I just needed to share that. I am not doing any kind of natural induction type things as I really want the baby to come completely when she is ready, I just thought for sure she'd be ready by now.

Birth Control - Dh and I have been together for 6 years. In that time we have only tried to get pregnant twice, and both times were successful the first time. I think I do an awesome job at fertility awareness and it has been 100% effective now for 6 years. If we were to have an oops, though, we wouldn't mind. The military is very pushy about the pill though. I will have to fight off all the doctors, ect. They don't like military wives to leave the hospital without having already started the pill.

Wipes - I did know that about baby oil. I use a solution of distilled water, apricot oil, mild baby wash, and tea tree oil. I just squirt it on the wipe when I need it. For wipes I use 8x8 burley knit terry wipes. They do an awesome job on poo!

Dodo, there is a gastro illness going around like crazy, but sometimes I feel like I have stomach flu from prelabor stuff. Hope you're not sick.

Count me as one of the ones whose husband doesn't really do any housework.

Caroline, that must be so exciting for you to actually see something happening for you! Yay!

to everyone with swelling or general ickies and achies

Yay, Laurie. I hope that your body is going somewhere! Gentle and wonderful labor vibes to you.

Ilove- can you feel the baby's head actually at the top of your cervix, or are you feeling it through the vaginal wall? I agree it's really cool. I've been able to feel the baby's head at the top of my cervix for a while now and it is just so amazing. It's hard to imagine that the only thing between me and her is my membranes. She is so low in my pelvis though that her head seems to hang down into the vaginal cavity. Makes me not at all interested in being intimate b/c I'm afraid of hitting her head. I'm sorry, I know that was TMI, but I was wondering if anyone else had that fear.

Katje, thanks for sharing the picture. You look wonderful! Gentle and wonderful labor vibes to you too.

So last night we discovered that we have water in one of our walls that is soaking into the living room carpet. No idea what its from. That house was built in 99 so it's pretty new. Have to try to get someone out here. I'm so afraid of how much it will cost. The other side of the wall is in a utility closet and there is mold at the bottom of the wall there. So I'm worried that after whatever it is is fixed we will have to remove and replace a large portion of the wall plus the carpet. We bought our house a year ago and it has a limited home warrenty on it, so hopefully whatever this is will be covered by that.

Thanks, Dodo for starting the new thread. I was actually intending to do that today

A friend of DH's has to stay on our couch tonight. Maybe the inconvience it will cause will make me go into labor ironically toniight Talk to you late ladies. Hope everyone has a wonderful week and that some of us get to meet our babies this week.
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wow you guys...I am getting so excited reading all these posts..what a rush so early in the morning!! I think some babies are coming!!!! babies are coming.....

Bears That is so nice your playgourp ahd a shower for you! SO sweet! I love my little village of AP mammas-we meet once a month and they are planning on bringing us meals for a month after the baby comes...we do this for every new mamma and her family and it really works out great. I am a hard one to accept such a beautiful gesture( I hate to inconvience anyone if I can do it myself) but they said the food will be coming wether I like it or not so too bad...lol....

Katje...beautiful belly shot....wishing baby for you....

Melissa can feel the head now too!! I am soo jealous!!!

Laurie...Did your baby come???...sounds like you are reeeeaaal close!!!

Dodo....so how do you feel now???

Tiff...I cannot believe you had to do all that cleaning yourself...not fair....

Caroline sending VBAC'ing labor signs to you everyday...natural birth vibes and no induction vibes for you.....

Carla...Happy dipe sewing....I just bought 8 more kissaluvs fitted on ebay and from a TP Mamma. I am going to Joanne Fabrics today to get some micro fleece to make some liners for the dipes.

Christine..I hear ya on the puffy feet...I am still puffy too.... Thanks for the on Anchorman...we really would like to see that one too...

Kimberly please take it easy.....

On birth control...I was on the pill for many years prior to having ds #1 and I think that is why it took us over a year to get pg with him . It took us 6 months for this one and I had a early m/s 2 months before we did conceive this one so I am unsure that we will use any BC except condoms. I won't use the pill again I know that.

Shopping no more please:...I spent a total of $100 last week on another diaper pail liner, 8 more diapers(such a great deal on the price though!! and they are gently used), 2 nursing bras, and 3 hooded bath towels(wow! why the H*** are those things so expensive?!). I must stop!!!!!

I am up early...went to bed at 9pm last night and slept all night only getting up to pee 2x I think..wow...I was whooped.

DH built an outside firepit in our yard yesterday and we had my brother and family over for pizza and a movie. It was a fun relaxing night.

My appetite is back and I am starving right now...gtg eat.....

to all who are near this week.....so exciting!!!!
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How do you get a cold in JULY!!?? I am really hoping I kick it before this baby comes.
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Hi ladies (warning, really whiney stupid vent)--

I am mostly a lurker, but had to post that I am so jealous of you that sound like you'll be delivering soon. I'm not due until the 23rd and my babies (this being my 4th) are ALWAYS late. I have been really grumpy about this. I know it's stupid, I am only 36 weeks. But it really has been pissing me off that I have sooooo much longer to go. (Alright, I am being silly!) I feel like a whale, none of my clothes fit right. All I want to eat is crap like ice cream, but I can't eat that much crap when I'm pregnant because I put on weight very easily. Me and DH can't decide on ANYTHING- names, godparents. I really really want to nest but I can't stand to let myself nest when I have so much time left. If I do all the nesting now, I will be utterly miserable in my last couple of weeks with nothing to do. And I might be "jinxing" myself if I do things too early. Me and DH are fighting alot, about really stupid things like what to watch on TV. I don't think I can stand another month of this! This is worse than any PMS I have ever had!

Whew! I actually feel a little better.

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Hi ladies! So much to catch up on................
About BC: I'm pretty interested in using an IUD as well. Keep meaning to ask my OB about it but keep forgetting. What about diaphrams (sp?). Any of you use one? The pill is not for us. I've tried it three different times in teh last 10 years and each time gained 20 lbs and felt like a true blue bitch.

Big weekend here. Dh came home Friday at lunch with news of a house for sale locally that the owners don't want to put on the market and which would probably be just the right thing for us. I was floored. Buying a new house, selling ours, moving............these were the last things on my mind. But opportunity knocks. We surveyed the interior of the house Saturday a.m. and are going back this evening to pop off receptacles to check out the wiring and with a ladder and flashlight to check out the nooks and crannies.

Meanwhile, family came over Saturday am and steam-cleaned our carpets, washed my kitchen floor, and entertained DD! What a treat! Very timely, too, b/c a wave of exhaustion hit me in the afternoon and I could barely get out of the recliner. Slept like the dead Saturday night and then yesterday took 2 good naps and nodded off on the couch twice. Couldn't keep my eyes open for the life of me. DH is excited........he thinks my body is going into a deep rest in preparation for the BIG EVENT. I'm just glad that yesterday wasn't the day. I do not want to go into labour feeling that exhausted. I want to go into labour feeling strong, alert and all-powerful.

Bears, how are you doing with that yeast infection? I've been using nystatin on one for a week now. I know the stuff isn't good for you, but we're close enough to labour that I didn't want to fool around and take any chances. Monistat has not been doing it for me durring this pregnancy. And it is a bummer to have to deal with another, isn't it? Must be due to that last hormonal hurrah that's carrying us into this month of final touches.

OK. Better go color with DD. Lots of PBS time for us these days too. Who said she can't stand Baby Bear on Sesame Street? I'm right there with you. He'd make a great dog toy, I think. My dog Roger could obliterate him in an afternoon, I'm sure. Imagine the look on all the little children's faces............


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i wanted mirena, but insurance would not cover. dh got a vasectomy before we found out about miss katie but she's a good surprise

took katie to pedi today and she is back up to 7 lb 5 oz so that is good. she is on her way up to her birth weight. yay breastmilk.

katje-- wow, your belly is definitely voluptuous and sounds like you are cloooooose!!!

melissa-- yay a head!!

laurie-- yaaaaaaayyyyyyyy

oops have to go finish later''

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Originally Posted by mommycaroline
Kimberly, I tried to check out the diaper search link in your sig line and got an error. What should it be?
fixed it
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After my last post, I turned off the computer and went into the other room to vomit. I think that I must have gastro -- for the third bloody time this pregnancy. I feel terrible. I was planning to spend the day with dd but had to send her down the street to daycare because frankly she makes me dizzy.

Mel, when I feel "behind", I spend some time lurking on the Sept. board. I also only want to eat crap right now. Maybe it's got something to do w/ the 35-36 week mark.
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