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I wish there were some way to tell when it's time, like "Bing! Ok, it's time to go." I've had several episodes I was ready to go to the hospital but after waiting it out, realized it wasn't time. You think you'd know :LOL . I'm hoping my body is making use of these painful contractions, getting me ready.

I had my 39 week appointment today. Everything is looking ok. I've been super swollen. My feet were unrecognizable yesterday they were so puffy and it was hard to walk as it was all through my legs too. I had to sleep with them raised to be somewhat normal today. I think my rings are a permanant fixture. They were loose when I got pregnant. I see the OB about my VBAC on Tuesday. He seemed really excited about it the last time I saw him in May, so I'm hoping the same enthusiasm is there

I asked today about bringing my exercise ball and using cloth diapers. I was told both are fine. The head nurse had said recently at a staff meeting the fact no one uses cloth diapers any more. She told me they've been using disposables for about 30 years there, but that she missed seeing nice white cloth diapers on a newborn's bottom. She even recommended bringing liners to use, which is something I was thinking of anyway for the mec. stage. I packed some UBCPF in case I don't have enough fitteds, but maybe I'll stick some bleached ones too . Maybe I'll get some people thinking about cloth while I'm in the hospital!

DS has been a handful lately, which is probably the biggest stressor in my life right now. He's started running off on me, which I don't want to deal with at 9 months pregnant (mainly because it hurts to walk let alone run after a toddler who'd twice as fast as me). Today he bolted out of the grocery store through the parcel pick up door and into the parking lot traffic, yikes!! It took every ounce of life in me to catch up to him, screaming for him to stop (and being ignored). It was one of those moments you dont' know what to do, so I scooped him up and we went home. Every day it's something different, not to mention him getting up constantly through the night and nursing aaaalllll the time. I'm so tired and want my energy back!!

Is anyone else super clumsy lately? I can't walk across the room with bumping into something, falling over something, tripping on my own feet, stepping on something, ect.... I spill things like crazy, fall up stairs (fortunately not down yet), drop things, ect... I have no sense of balance at all it seems!!
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Yes! I was going to post that, but I forgot. I am stubbing my toes on every peice of furniture in the house. I think I really hurt my pinky last night. It is purple. It hurts to touch. I am stepping on stuff and stubbig my toes like crazy. I need to tell DH to clear a path for me and keep tripping hazards away from me. He is notorious about leaving his laundry on the floor or the hangers. Both of those things are deadly weapons to me lately.
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My 39 week appt. today went pretty good..I am 1.5 almost 2 cm dilated and CNMW can feel the baby's head and said it is nice and low. I really thought I was doing nothing in the dilation dept...fundus measuring at 36.5 weeks.
She has me starting EPO... 2 in the am... 2 at night orally... then 6 tabs put up there every night..then monday if baby is not here, to start putting them in every 8 hours. She said dh and I need to get to work so that by Tuesday(my due date) baby should be here....she doesn't want induction talk at all, so we are trying to be proactive...my next appt will be next Thursday putting me past 40 weeks. So, wish me luck...I sure do not want to walk down the induction path...killls my VBAC success in 1/2.

Bears ohmi! I totally sympathize with your mamma brain..I can see me doing the same thing.... hope your appt goes well later..let us know...

Carla good luck Tuesday about your VBAC appt let us know how that goes....I am excited to take our CD's to the hospital too..

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Bears, I got a letter in the mail the other day informing me that I completely forgot my ds's 2 yo check up. woops. I need to call and reschedule and explain that I am nine months pregnant and forgetting lots of things. You are in good company with forgetting dates.
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Carla - someone had to bring DS back to us as he ran out of the play area in the mall the other week. That was with DH and I both there (and DD too). Forget running - I pee all over myself. 3 kids in 3 years is seriously damaging.

Glad everyone's appointments are going well. I don't have one until 8/10 and still no baby so I guess we can confirm not a whole lot going on in my world.

As for being clumsy - I have fallen over so many times - esp. when I am squatting or kneeling and the kids run up to hug me - WHAM! I got a pair of shoes for the wedding this weekend - heels - I can actually walk pretty well in them. My ankles and feet look pretty. The rest of me - not so much.

Last belly pic - wow - didn't realize my stretch marks were so bad. I know I am genetically pre-disposed because nothing stops them. I didn't have any until I went past EDD with DS and then there was no stopping them. Belly pic
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almost forgot - DH's ex is worried about SD coming here because I haven't had the baby yet and she heard I was planning a homebirth. She doesn't want SD exposed to that kind of environment. Ironically - when the ex had a baby 3 yrs ago she had SD spend the night at the hospital in the waiting room with her grandparents. Guess who wants to get an emergency injunction to prevent the rest of the summer visitation. This woman is beyond nuts - stills refers to the 3yo as the baby - never heard her use his name - but then has him in a booster seat with a regular seat belt. This lady is the anithesis of AP. Bottles, formula, pacifiers, strollers and play areas. I guess you could say she co-sleeps since she holds the kids (including 9yo SD) in her lap on the couch so they will fall asleep while she is watching tv. Sorry for the vent/rant.
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K8 - I'm with you on the running thing. Just cannot do it without wetting my pants. This was even before pregnancy. Now, I just kind of move slow and then sometimes still wet my pants. DH's neice (8) thought it was really funny that I couldn't run because of this last summer when she came to visit.
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Carla: Don't worry about liners for the meconium. The meconium washes right out, I swear!! Now, the breastfed poo...... oh good grief, that stuff stains sooooo bad!!!
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Kate: Your belly rocks!!!
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The birth of Sara May on July 28th at 5:13 PM. She was 7lbs. 5oz, 20 in. and is doing wonderful. She is a nursing pro and we are now both comfortably at home. I will go post the birth story now
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Ahhhhh!!!!! another baby...woo-hooo!!!!!

great belly pic K8!

How is the mastitis Kimberly?
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Oh that is AWESOME Lena!!! Your birth story is wonderful!!

The mastitis is a little better. I'm wondering if I had a UTI also.... luckily the antibiotic I was on treats both I think a UTI must be pretty common after being catheterized....

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Wow, Lena!! Congrats.
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I am so excited to get back on here and see another healthy baby girl has been born! Congratulations Lena and welcome Sara!

Sound like we may have another one (or two) on the way soon also!

Dh and I finally did our hospital tour at our preferred hospital if we need to be transferred from home. It is also a long walk to the birthing center in the hospital! We felt like we were walking down hallways forever! I am so happy that we chose a homebirth though. The whole hospital setting just did NOT feel right for me at all. I will be so much more comfortable here. On the plus side the rooms are individual rooms so no sharing, and they did have a tub you could labor in. Not very big mind you but at least they had something.

I have been clumsy for well over a month now. Falling over when I go to pick something up...No major injuries to report though.

Next week I cut down my hours at work. I am really psyched! I am going from 28 hours a week to 12!! The amazing (and kind of sad) thing is, I can see most if not all of my clients still in that amount of time so it shouldn't affect my income much if at all. It just shows me how much spare time I have at work right now.

Kimberly, hope you are feeling better soon. I hear mastitis does really stink and to put a UTI on top of it just can't be fun.

Has anyone heard of or have a hug-a-bub or baby bundler. I have heard awesome things about them and bought a hug-a-bub for myself but haven't had a real live baby in it yet, just my teddy bear (practicing ) The bear really seems to like it. I have a client that LOVED her baby bundler though and her sister is still using it, she has had it for almost 10 years.

Bears, that lady would have freaked me right out.

Ketilave, some ex's sure are crazy! This one sounds like a doozy! Thank goodness I don't know any of my dh's ex's!

Ohhhhh, I just had a strong BH!

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Hi Everyone!
I was so thrilled to hop on tonight and read Lena's story... we should have taken bets on this one, right???? We new she was coming!

Ketilave-Great Bellly pic! You're reminding me to get a few more in before I blow!

Went to my doc appointment tonight (my 2nd visit there today . All is well. I am about 1 cm dilated, 30% effaced and she could feel the head. I joked that she was only telling me the dilation to make me feel better...Still feel that this baby is coming soon. Although the little babe could prove me wrong and I'll be the last one here with a birth story...

Well, I have to go to sleep b/c my eyes are closing. Realizing that I have to get into bed at a decent time every night now to have the energy should I go into labor in the middle of the night...

I'll get back to y'all ASAP. Could Laurie be in labor?????
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Isn't Lena's story great? She's absolutely right about being informed and on top of things.......

Kimberly, good that you're feeling a bit better. And Kate, your belly is awesome. Your stretch marks are so nicely parallel, too. Mine are all over the place, criscrossing my old ones.

Minor freak-out here:
Had my OB appt. today and made an offer on the house we're looking at. Big events. The house business can wait, for a few days at least, because we are going to have this baby! The kiddo has finally dropped, I'm dialated to 2 and thinning, and the last 2 evenings have been full of contractions. And, horror of horrors, my OB informed me that she's leaving for Cancun (last minute plans.........her daughter's joining the practice and this will be their last chance to have a family vacation together) next Saturday, August 6. We're officially due on the 4th. The on-call OB for the 6th seems ok (my OB called her for me at my appt. so that I could ask her questions), but not as flexible as my OB and not as interested in the natural course of events. I've had such a great relationship with my OB thru this pregnancy that I really, really want her to help us deliver this baby. I've actually been looking forward to it. And my OB surprised me by apologizing that she might miss our delivery and speaking quite candidly re: how much she really wanted to be part of our own particular experience.
So, basically, we can play it by ear and hope to go into labor before next Saturday, choose to be induced prior to Saturday, or, given that we'll be past due by Saturday, run the risk of being induced anyway b/c we're then past due and then have the birth managed by a stranger. Protocol, it turns out, pretty much means that any baby 1 week overdue is induced. Craziness.
I'm going to try a little nookie first to see if that gets things rolling. (Ought to get something rolling, now shouldn't it? Even if it's just our bed.) My OB suggested castor oil but admits she can't condone it because she doesn't know how or why it works. She also offered to induce us with some sort of vaginal suppository, but there's no way I want to agree to that until I've done some research.
Or, maybe this kiddo will just up and decide it's time already before we add any more foreign substances to the mumbo-jumbo.

I'm sorry for the ramble, ladies............ I'm not real comfortable with the idea of inducing a labor that would probably occur on it's own in it's own sweet time. I'm also not real comfortable with the prospect of having someone I don't trust or know delivering our baby if I can avoid it.

Sigh.....................so anyway, I sure could use some strong labor-starting vibes from you all.

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How exciting! Another baby girl! Congratulations, Lena! Sounds like it went very well indeed.

And, Leah, what a tough situation. I hate that you have to deal with this curve ball so late in the game. Hope you figure it out. Lots of ***LABOR*** vibes coming your way.

So, tonight my playgroup friends threw an MNO/Baby Shower for me. It was a lot of fun. Fondue (our typical menu, YUM!), hanging out, gift sharing, birth story sharing, it was wonderful. Got some stuff I really needed, and nothing silly, since we're all similar types of mommies. A good night indeed.

So, I'm down to only needing one thing. I bought a backpack to use as a diaper bag this time around, and I need a changing pad. Anyone have one they love to recommend? I could use a variety of things, but I'd kind of like one of those cutesie kits. Maybe it's frivolous, I don't know, but I really want one. Who has them on good deals? I bet Kimberly knows!

OH, and I got a Moby Wrap tonight. It's *really* cool. A deep red, that I might end up dying black since I wear a lot of hot pink or purples in the summer time. But, the wrap itself is gorgeous! A friend won it in San Fran at the LLL International Conference last year and has never used it, so now it belongs to me. Woo-hoo! I tried it on with a 20 pounder tonight (6 months old, too! What a healthy boy he is!) and he felt like nothing. I love the way it spread his weight so evenly. Of course, my big old preggo belly was majorly in the way, but it worked pretty well anyway. I think I have my new sling!
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Originally Posted by kimberlylibby
Oh that is AWESOME Lena!!! Your birth story is wonderful!!

The mastitis is a little better. I'm wondering if I had a UTI also.... luckily the antibiotic I was on treats both I think a UTI must be pretty common after being catheterized....

I think you may have had a uti...............but glad your mastitis is clearing up
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Originally Posted by lena_girl
The birth of Sara May on July 28th at 5:13 PM. She was 7lbs. 5oz, 20 in. and is doing wonderful. She is a nursing pro and we are now both comfortably at home. I will go post the birth story now

Yippeee Lena!!!!
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Thank you everyone for all your kind words. I just feel so blessed by my experience I want to rave about the nurse and my doula, but I'll save that for when I am more awake. I just wanted to share two pictures of my daughter. We had to keep her all bundled w/ the hat too b/c she seems to get cold easily anf that hospital was chilly! So here is my angel:

I have read all your posts, but there were so many that I don't remember who said what. I hope everyone is doing well, though. Kimberly, glad the medicine is helping you.

Goodnight ladies, back to bed for me.
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