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She is beautiful Lena!
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Bears glad to hear your appt went well... I am starting to feel like you at this point..maybe I will join you in the being last with a birth story...lol....

Leah bummer about your OB!!! Really research the castor oil thing...do a search in the I'm Pregnant forum and you will read what other mothers experienced on it.....to me it sounds like no fun but I understand the arguements over castor oil vs pitcon induction. Nookie with dh is a good way to help ...but man so not comfortable this far along for me....ouch.....

The EPO(evening primrose oil) is just a crevix ripener not a labor inducer...Caroline are you taking this too? and Carla? it is supposed to be really beneficial for VBAC'ing mothers.......

Kimberly glad to hear you are on the mend!

Lena beautiful baby...beatuiful birth story....

O.K. who is next...????? Blue Moon tomorrow!!!!
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Yep, I'm doing EPO. Vaginal inserts nightly, and have been for the past week and a half. 70% effaced and 1 1/2 cm dilated already, and last time I did none of that in advance. Started my induction at 0 & 0.

I'm also taking 5W, which is black cohosh, squaw vine, dong quai, red raspberry, and butcher's broom. I started that last week, I think. You take them starting at 35 weeks, 1/day for the first week, 2/day for the second week, 3/day for the third, etc, etc, until you're at 5/day until you deliver. I missed the first week, so I started right in on 2/day. I'm taking 3/day right now. I've done a lot of research about the cohoshes, because I've heard they can be controversial, but that seems more related to the blue cohosh than the black.

And, cervical ripening is half the battle, so I would definitely try that route, Leah. Get some EPO and start it vaginally, which is way more effective than taking it orally as it gets right to the heart of the matter, so to speak.

August 6 is a Friday, btw. Which day is it that your doc is leaving? My predicted delivery date is August 7, that Saturday, because we're having our LLL World Walk that day, and I've been pretty certain all along that I wouldn't be there. I'm doing a lot of the work for it, so it will just figure. LOL.

I don't think I'm going to be the blue moon laborer. I feel pretty strongly that I have at least one more week in me. Maybe it will be you, Traci! I am SOOOO rooting for you! You will go into labor, I just know it! You'll have to tell me how that aggressive EPO plan works out. 6 vaginally? Wowsers! Have you been doing any yet? You're going to be soooo slimy. LOL. Why internally, btw? And, you know it comes in different strengths. I have a 500 mg capsule, but a friend is giving me her bottle of 1300 mg to finish out the pregnancy. I wonder what the difference will be?

Okay mamas, we're almost in August! I can't even believe it! Happy labor vibes to us all!
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Yay lena! Congrats! She is so beautiful!
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Originally Posted by foxytocin
And, horror of horrors, my OB informed me that she's leaving for Cancun (last minute plans.........her daughter's joining the practice and this will be their last chance to have a family vacation together) next Saturday, August 6.
Hey, we had similar visits. I am due the 12/13th and my doc will be gone the week of the 8th and not on call the before or after weekend. I wasn't planning on going in before and now guess what? Argh!! I told her it was ok, I really didn't have time to have a baby that week, but come on!
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I use EPO and 5W also and lots of Vit C. Made a huge difference last time with Amelia - my cerix actually changed! This time I don't know because I haven't been checked and I don't have any visits coming up. I do it now because my mw says it makes a huge difference with her HBers and their bleeding. Also, drinking a pg tea (nettles, and things) that I blend with RRL. The tea helps me get all the nutrients I need since eating is the last thing I want to do.

What's with the last minute out of office stuff - my mw is in town at least and doing births but at the end when I go on for ever I need more emotional support. Oh well - can't do much about it now.

well, edd#2 looms tomorrow. Pretty sure no baby. That's ok I have the wedding to look forward to and I am going to have a very large glass of wine.
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Kate: Enjoy the wine!!

Ohhh, Lena, Sara is a cutie pie!! She's soooooo alert!! I seriously think that must be from being drug-free during labor! She's so cute!!!!

Labor vibes to all who need them!!

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Congratulations Lena! She's gorgeous

I've been taking Epo too. I don't know if it's helping (was checked vaginally before I started, but I know it's god for making the incision more pliable) but I'll keep taking it anyway as it's good for you . I'm taking 6 a day but may up it. I'm already more progressed than I was with DS so that thrills me

I forget what else I wanted to respond to; I have a memory like a seive :LOL
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Oh Lena, she is beautiful...

Ladies-I'm getting REALLY excited... Sometimes overwhelmed and anxious about it, but generally REALLY, REALLY excited. Although, I don't feel "ready" for my labor, IYKWIM...I've read much more this pregnancy, feel much stronger about certain choices and decision, but I feel very weak right now. Like I can barely move with my body being so large and my feet hurting and being so swollen... how am I gonna do a labor?I'm not a sprinter, nor am I a marathoner. I just have to keep feeding myself all the positive mental stuff I can. I really, really, really want this labor to be different. But the funny thing about labor is that you never know...

DS & I went out for bagels this morning and he just spilled his chocolate milk on the front steps. Major catastrophe...even though we have chocolate soymilk in the house that I keep mentioning. Not the same as the little individual bottles you can get out... Major tears over here...

Anyway, I'm sort of glad I haven't had a babe yet as I need one more day with DH (one more weekend day) to get some stuff done. We need to pack still, organize, and do the carseat thing... yikes!

Leah & everyone else-What is it with all your practitioners going away or being unavailable????

I am a bit worried b/c my practice is going to be running on 2 OBs. How they do it, I don't know. I have a feeling I'll get the one I don't like... :

Yeah, my memory sucks,too. I'll try to respond to you all after I've had some reading time with DS...
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Laurie is in the hospital!

Hi girls! I am a friend of Lauries and wanted to post and let everyone know that as of 9 AM she is in the hospital laboring. Last I heard she was 5 cm, 95 % and baby at 0 station.

Everyone please be thinking of her and wishing her gentle labor vibes.

I will post again as soon as I hear from her mom or husband! Hopefully it will be soon...
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lena, sara is beautiful....congrats again!

i can't believe so many of you are having cp's that are going to be out of town or whatnot at the last minute...i guess they have lives too, but geesh! thankfully, my dear ole doc is going to be around for the next few months (he had a vacation last month i think or was it the month before?!?)

lol about whoever said their memory was like a sieve, i'm right there with ya! i can't remember anything!

dh's graduation for his master's is tonight, i've been praying i'd wait until after it to go into labor - he'd never let me live it down if he missed it lol...yes, dear it's all about you... lol

anyways, i'm exhausted today, but otherwise ok i guess...
hey anyone know what i can do w/ liquid epo? i had bought it right before i found out i was pg for making ezcema cream, but then couldn't b/c of being pg...now that it's a good idea to use again, i wondered if i could get the same benefits of taking it in capsule form if i put some in juice or something? lol...

and my prayers are with you laurie as you deliver your baby girl - congrats and i hope all goes well!
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Originally Posted by frognladybugmama
dh's graduation for his master's is tonight, i've been praying i'd wait until after it to go into labor - he'd never let me live it down if he missed it lol...yes, dear it's all about you... lol
You are so much nicer than I. I made DH take 18 credits in May to finish up so he DIDN'T graduate on my due date. I didn't want his parents in my home and all that nonsense going on while I was that pregnant or with a tiny babe.

There was a screw up and he didn't graduate anyway. (one class ended up not counting and the other didn't get his scores in on time so he starts back the 25th)
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Best, best, BEST labor vibes to Laurie!!!! I guess the proverbial ball is rolling, huh??? Who will be next????
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Thanks for the update Lynsey! Go Laurie <<<<<<<<healthy, safe labor>>>>>>>>

Sara is beautiful Lena! Congrats again.

Getting my birth tub today! . Now the games can officially begin.

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How about a new thread in honour of tomorrow's blue moon?

Blue Moon, Beginning of August: Chat Thread

See you all there!
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cool dodo....
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